January Transfer Window: Ranking the 10 Most Ridiculous Transfer Rumors

Andrew Jordan@@Andrew_JordanSenior Writer IJanuary 13, 2012

January Transfer Window: Ranking the 10 Most Ridiculous Transfer Rumors

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    The January football transfer window is always filled with surprises. Yet sometimes there are just some rumors that really take the cake due to how ridiculous they are.

    Even though there are some rumors that are smart, others do nothing more than put clubs and players into strange situations.

    Recently I wrote an article discussing how insane the transfer window can get and that we should avoid using speculation on these moves. The media, however, will not stop creating these articles, knowing that it helps generate excitement during this period.

    Here are the 10 most ridiculous rumors to date in this January transfer period.

No. 10: Diego Forlan to Barcelona

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    Diego Forlan is still a talented footballer.

    Yet at the age of 32 and after barely playing for either Atletico Madrid or Inter Milan in 2011, there was a rumor out of Italy saying that Forlan was going to join Barcelona during this winter window.

    Forlan was going to join Barca due to the broken leg that David Villa suffered at the Club World Cup last month, which basically rules him out for the remainder of the season.

    Despite Barcelona's struggles, why would they pick up a 32-year-old striker that is cup-tied with Atletico Madrid to replace the best striker in the world? Forlan has suffered injuries throughout 2011 and has struggled when fit with Inter.

    Forlan would not be able to make a positive impact with Barcelona in a crucial spot and would only hurt the club even more.

No. 9: Robert Pires to Arsenal

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    Robert Pires was a fantastic midfielder for Arsenal back in the early 2000s.

    With the recent news that Thierry Henry was joining Arsenal on a short loan from MLS, speculation arose that Pires could also join his former club.

    Thankfully Pires has dismissed these rumors, stating that he is only training with the club and is not going to re-sign with the club with which he spent his best years of his career.

    Considering how rare Arsenal sign or keep players that are over the age of 30, this would have been a really interesting transfer. It's best for all parties that he is not joining the Gunners.

No. 8: Andy Carroll to Newcastle

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    Andy Carroll has struggled mightily since his £35 million transfer on deadline day last year from Newcastle to Liverpool, which is the most expensive transfer ever for an English player.

    Carroll still looks like he has a future with Liverpool despite his poor play, yet a popular rumor arose before Liverpool's Carling Cup match with Manchester City that Carroll was going to leave Liverpool and go back to Newcastle for £10 million.

    Carroll has struggled with Liverpool, but it's bizarre to think that Liverpool would sell off a striker that they paid a heavy amount of money for, not for a fraction of the price they paid a year after purchasing him.

    Carroll is also a relatively young player, and Liverpool know that he has a tremendous amount of potential. They know that they need to be patient with Carroll because he certainly is a long-term investment for the club.

No. 7: Demba Ba to Paris Saint-Germain

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    Demba Ba is one of the best strikers in the Premier League this season. He has scored a remarkable 15 goals with Newcastle and is poised to star with Senegal in the upcoming African Cup of Nations.

    Ba was a free transfer for Newcastle last summer and has been a phenomenal player for the club. Yet The Daily Mail used a deceiving headline, saying Ba "would love to play for PSG."

    Ba really said:

    "Join PSG? Yes, why not? It's possible. I've always supported PSG. It's a club that's enticing. But it will be difficult to do that in January." 

    "I'm in Newcastle, fans like me, and then the transfer market will be closed when I go back (from the Africa Cup of Nations), so I'm not focused on it."

    "My first goal is the Africa Cup of Nations then I want to continue playing good for Newcastle."

    There is a strong chance that Ba will be playing European football with Newcastle next year. He has already become a star with the club and even said in the article that he wanted to continue playing for Newcastle.

    I highly doubt he is going to move during this transfer window or over the summer.

No. 6: Luis Suarez to Real Madrid

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    Luis Suarez is a Liverpool star. He has been a key member of the squad throughout the last year and it's obvious that he is a cherished player there.

    It's very hard to see Suarez leaving the club (especially in the short term), yet The Daily Mail reported that Suarez was going to leave Liverpool in a £30 million transfer.

    Despite the suspension for racially abusing Patrice Evra and Suarez' checkered past, Liverpool are not going to sell their best player.

    Especially to a club that already has some of the best forwards in the world in Cristiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema and Gonzalo Higuain.

No. 5: Wayne Rooney Leaving Manchester United

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    Wayne Rooney is a very talented striker and despite his history with wanting to leave Manchester United, it is very unlikely that he would leave the club now, considering his massive contract and his relative happiness with how the club is performing.

    Yet after getting dropped for United's 3-2 loss following a night out on Boxing Day, the rumor mill's started speculating that Rooney would leave.

    The Independent reported that due to Rooney's night out and the tension that arose between the striker and Sir Alex Ferguson, Rooney was going to get transferred out.

    Thankfully, United and Rooney each decided to announce that the striker was going to stay put.

No. 4: Didier Drogba to Queens Park Rangers

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    Didier Drogba is still one of the best strikers in the world, yet his stats have been down this season due to a concussion that he suffered at the beginning of the season.

    Even though Drogba's days at Chelsea appear to be numbered, there is a rumor out that has the star moving to London rival Queens Park Rangers.

    Now QPR do have a nice amount of money, and you can absolutely expect Mark Hughes to spend during this transfer window.

    In all honesty, though, why would Chelsea allow a player of Drogba's caliber to leave to a rival club in their own city?

    Drogba moving to QPR makes no sense whatsoever.

No. 3: Alexandre Pato to PSG

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    Alexandre Pato is one of the emerging stars in football.

    He has been with AC Milan throughout the last several years, he has been a key part of Milan's squad and certainly should be with the team for many more years to come.

    However, not everyone seems to understand this.

    Rumors started to break out after Pato said that he was not happy with Milan's manager Massimiliano Allegri, which caused people to believe that Pato might leave Milan for PSG.

    Pato was also viewed as the odd man out with Carlos Tevez' potential transfer to AC Milan, and only after talks broke down between the two yesterday did Pato finally come out and squash these rumors.

    Hopefully this is the last we hear of these Pato rumors for a while.

No. 2: Fernando Torres to Barcelona

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    I don't know what to really say about how flat-out ridiculous this rumor is. Fernando Torres was once one of the top strikers in the world, but has fallen off the map at Chelsea since his record-breaking transfer last January.

    In what has to be one of the funniest rumors ever, Spanish daily Mundo Deportivo decided to have some fun and created a fake transfer rumor that said Torres was going to move to Spain in exchange for three of Barcelona's most talented young players: Montoya, Roberto Sergi and Cuenca.

    What made this rumor so unbelievable was that the rumor was released on December 28, which is the Spanish equivalent to April Fool's Day.

    In fact, once translated the title says "April Fool's 2011: Fernando Torres, Barca in exchange for Montoya, Roberto Sergi and Cuenca!"

    Unfortunately, people thought that the rumor was true, with multiple sites saying Torres was leaving to join the Catalan side even though the rumor was false. 

No. 1: Frank Lampard to Manchester United

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    Frank Lampard is one of Chelsea's greatest players and is an enduring symbol of the club. Even though he is 33 years old, Lampard still is one of the best players on the team despite not being a full-time starter.

    However, The Daily Mail came out with a ridiculous rumor that will go down in history as a transfer that will never happen.

    The rumor was that Frank Lampard was going to leave Chelsea during this transfer window and head to rival Manchester United.

    United's midfield is probably the weakest part of their team, but why would they buy an old player such as Lampard? The midfield doesn't need an overpriced, old player to join the club.

    To make matters even more bizarre, Lampard came out the day before and said the following:

    I'll always be completely committed to Chelsea because they're my club and I love playing for them. I like to play 90 minutes and can't hide that and I don't think the manager would expect anything else.

    In all honesty, this rumor makes no sense for anyone involved. Thankfully this rumor has been rebuffed by Sir Alex Ferguson, but it certainly won't be the last ridiculous rumor we will hear this month.

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