NHL Concept Jerseys: Best NHL Concept Art from Around the Web

Bobby Kittleberger@robertwilliam9Correspondent IFebruary 14, 2012

NHL Concept Jerseys: Best NHL Concept Art from Around the Web

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    The hockey jersey probably affords the most artistic creativity of any major sports uniform. Perhaps not known to the casual hockey fan is that there are entire blogs on the web dedicated to showcasing hockey concept jerseys or "fantasy jerseys."

    While most of these jerseys never actually make it onto the ice (or do they?), they give us an opportunity to see some plausible examples of what future NHL uniforms could actually resemble. It's not far fetched to think that a lot of the artwork showcased on these blogs could have an effect on the direction and development of future jersey designs.

    Often these concepts take a classic jersey and give it a modern twist with the new RBK Edge jersey system. As I stated in a previous article, NHL Jerseys and Nostalgia: Part I and Part II, having an old jersey in today's uniform template can give a lot of life and freshness to a retro look. This is something we've seen more of in the league in the last decade and will likely continue with the Heritage and Winter Classic becoming more and more popular.

    Other times an artist can take a concept in a completely different direction and come up with a look that seems like it doesn't even belong to that team, without resemblance to a past or present jersey design. In either case, the results are fun to see and to speculate about.

    I've tried to incorporate as many teams as possible, and truth be told, there's enough work out there for this article to be written over again three or four times. Yet I wanted to have as much of the NHL represented as possible so that people could find their favorite team and offer feedback.

    Would these jerseys work? Are they compatible with what the fans are used to seeing? As always, feel completely free to let me know what you think. I'd be intrigued to find out what fans of original six teams like Detroit and Toronto think about completely new jersey directions.

    Here are 25 noteworthy NHL concept jerseys from around the web.

    Disclaimer: The presentation of this artwork is intended to credit those responsible for designing it, and to further enhance the reputation of their work.

    Please follow the links provided for larger images.

Anaheim Ducks

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    Here we have a complete overhaul of the Anaheim Ducks' current look. However, the jersey is more than just a new direction; it's an extremely well thought out and put together design.

    Color schemes and piping are all interesting, yet pleasing to the eyes, and are done in the traditional throwback style.

    The only down side is the lack of a nod to Orange County, which is hard to do with a team name like "Ducks." Nonetheless, it's not enough to keep this from being a great concept.


    Winner of the PuckDrawn Anaheim Ducks Rebranding Competition

    Concept by: Chad B. Stilson

Boston Bruins

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    A modern twist for a team who has compiled a lot of great classic style jerseys over the years.

    This is one of the few concepts I've seen where a ripping claw mark actually makes sense and looks sophisticated. It is certainly a fun deviation from an otherwise great, if familiar, look.


    Created by: Glen

Buffalo Sabres

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    The logo here stays true to the buffalo-and-sabre original design with a more classic stripe pattern and no vertical piping.


    Created by: Ross Talor

Carolina Hurricanes

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    The Carolina Hurricanes are a relatively young franchise if you don't take into consideration the heritage they possess in the form of the Hartford Whalers.

    Most concepts that pop up are a nostalgic glance into the past and a fading hope that we might one day see the Whalers' blue-and-green jerseys in the league again.

    The new logo here is fantastic, especially considering the third jersey maintains the original Whalers "W" crest.


    Created by: Micah Loyed

Colorado Avalanche

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    The city of Quebec wants a pro hockey team again, and here's to hoping the team will come back as the Nordiques even if the Avalanche aren't the team to move there.

    Like the Whalers' logo, this one is treasured among the hockey community and would be the first thing on peoples' minds if Quebec were to seriously consider establishing an NHL franchise again.

    The adjustments made to it here are excellent as they maintain the original feel while adding a modern twist.


    Submission for the PuckDrawn NHL Expansion Design Competition

    Created by: Fabio Bura

Columbus Blue Jackets

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    The more significant adjustment here is obviously found in the changes to the logo, as the creator adjusted it enough to warrant a name change to the Crusaders instead of the Blue Jackets.

    It's a neat idea and fits well into the Blue Jackets' color scheme and jersey design.


    Created by: Roccot

Dallas Stars

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    This concept manages to capture the colors and feel of the North Stars' jersey and meld it with the Dallas Stars' current shoulder logo.

    A look like this one would make an excellent Heritage or Winter classic uniform or even a more permanent third jersey.


    Created by: Mike Majeski

Detroit Red Wings

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    We've seen a lot of the same from Detroit over the years, which is a good thing considering their rich heritage. There's no need to change a good thing.

    At the same time, it would be refreshing to see the Red Wings go in an entirely different direction like we see here. The color scheme is of course maintained, but the logo and sleeve design get an overhaul.

    The red on the away jersey is particularly well placed. I don't think any Detroit fan would be disappointed to see this sweater every ten games or so. Please correct me if I'm wrong.


    Winner of the PuckDrawn Detroit Red Wings Rebranding Competition

    Created by: Ryan Muraro

Los Angeles Kings

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    This design was submitted (and won) for an expansion team concept art contest and therefore is intended to represent a possible future scenario for the city of Las Vegas.

    However, this concept is an excellent design and could transcend the city of Los Angeles just as easily as anywhere else.

    The Los Angeles Kings haven't had much color in their history, and a jersey like this gives us a chance to see how a more colorful scheme could work itself out. The idea of playing off of a deck of cards in and of itself is brilliant.



    Winner of the PuckDrawn NHL Expansion Design Competition

    Created by: Andy Hall

Montreal Canadiens

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    The Canadiens are hockey royalty and possess the richest heritage of any team in the league. No one ever gets bored with Montreal's jerseys, and if they wanted a fresh look it would've happened by now.

    Though it's still fun to think about what a new-look Montreal sweater would look like.

    This jersey is more blue and less red than the familiar Canadiens jersey, with some extra piping on the sleeves and midsection of the jersey. This is a great look overall and a plausible third


    Created by: Brian Brideau

Nashville Predators

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    This is a sleeker, simpler rendition of the Predators' new jerseys. Personally, I like this concept better than Nashville's actual jersey, especially in the road white.

    It's a similar idea with better execution, as this sweater stays truer to the original and relies on the heaviness and detail of the logo by complimenting it with a simpler jersey design.


    Created by: Mike Majeski

New Jersey Devils

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    Like the Canadiens, the Devils haven't done much to change their jerseys over the years, and no one would criticize them for that.

    A few simple tweaks, though, and you end up with this great looking uniform, which holds the character and feel of the original sweater. A huge difference is the absence of a circle as part of the crest logo.


    Created by: Mike Majeski

New York Islanders

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    Most fans hated the original fisherman jersey, not so much because of the logo, but because of the wavy and hard-to-read text, with equally confusing piping.

    This jersey uses that same logo, with a much more aesthetically settling look.


    Created by: Roccot

New York Rangers

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    A more meaningful incorporation of the Statue of Liberty embodies the culture and history of New York City far better than the Rangers' current look.

    These jerseys not only have a fantastic logo, but also incorporate a great use of the Rangers' current color scheme. It's a new direction to be sure, but certainly a well thought-out design.


    Submission for the PuckDrawn New York Rangers Rebranding Competition

    Created by: Johnny Griswold

Ottawa Senators

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    This jersey gets a little closer to Ottawa's original design and does so with a spinoff of the original logo and a much more refined jersey scheme.

    These could serve as new home and away uniforms, with room for third drawn from the Senator's current lineup.


    Created by: Dave C

Philadelphia Flyers

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    A new crest and less orange makes these jerseys easier on the eyes and gives us just the right amount of unfamiliarity.

    The original crest can still be found on the shoulder, and the front logo gives the jersey a distinctly Winter Classic appeal.


    Created by: Mason II, Matt M, and Ryan (HJC)

Phoenix Coyotes

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    Not only is this jersey a unique move away from the Coyotes' current uniform, it is also simply a much better design and look.

    The logo and color scheme are far more palatable and would mesh better with Phoenix's current third jersey.


    Created by: Yannick and Stephane

Pittsburgh Penguins

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    There are a lot of Penguins concepts out there, but perhaps none so unique as this one.

    Our familiar gentle skating penguin is now residing on the shoulder, having been replaced by a much more ferocious looking rendition.

    The yellow uniform plays okay off the logo, though with a little too bright of a shade.

    The logo itself gets the most points here.


    Logo by: elogodesign.com

    Created by: ML Designs

San Jose Sharks

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    This was submitted as a WHL expansion team concept.

    However, it certainly fits the bill for the San Jose Sharks, doing a great job with a familiar, yet re-worked logo. A third jersey with the infamous shark fin protruding out of the water is also a nice touch.

    The sun as the backdrop of the shoulder patch does the job of capturing the feel of the the sunny California weather.

    I can't see how the prospect of something like this replacing the Sharks' current look could be at all disappointing.


    Created by: Johan Wikstrom

St. Louis Blues

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    A Winter Classic concept is fun for any team, and this one for St. Louis looks great while also appearing plausible enough to convince you it could exist someday.

    The jersey uses the Blues' classic color scheme and goes with simpler lettering, along with a throwback Blues' logo on the shoulder.

    This is simply a great design and really brings out the "feel" of the Winter Classic.



    Created by: Tom Vopni

Tampa Bay Lightning

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    The idea here is to take a new logo and put it on the old jersey style with a more interesting sleeve design.

    The result is pretty sleek and gives a nod to both decades of the Lightning's existence.


    Created by: Jack

Toronto Maple Leafs

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    Anything that captures the culture and history of the city a team plays in is good for a jersey. With that in mind, the addition of the CN Tower to this Maple Leafs' concept is fantastic.

    The Leaf logo itself is still present, now in a darker shade of blue and more prominent on the shoulder then the crest.

    Toronto is yet another heritage-rich hockey city, which has kept them from any drastic jersey or logo changes over the years. Again, not a bad thing, as it can make a fresh look seem all the more interesting.


    Winner of the PuckDrawn Toronto Maple Leafs Rebranding Competition

    Created by: Johnny Griswold

Washington Capitals

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    I've always been a fan of the Capitol building logo, so it's possible I'm a bit biased here.

    Biased or not, this jersey would make a very plausible third for the Capital's current color scheme, as the team wore a similar alternate sweater from 1997 to 2007.


    Created by: Kyle

Winnipeg Jets

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    Perhaps the most anticipated logo in hockey history was the reincarnation of the Winnipeg Jets' crest.

    While the league did a great job with what they came up with, I believe some of the concepts on the web far surpass it.

    This design is a favorite of mine among many out there. The logo is more intricate and jumps out at you in a more interesting way. Absent is the maple leaf and navy blue found on the real Jets jersey, which is a little disappointing.

    Then again, the whole idea behind a concept jersey is to create a variation on a theme, while maintaining the integrity of the original.

    While this is more on the variation side, it doesn't take away from the originality and quality of the design.


    Winner of the Puck Drawn Winnipeg Jets Design Competition

    Created by: Jacob Webster

Winnipeg Jets Part II

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    As I've already stated, the Winnipeg Jets have a lot of great concept art floating around the web. This one retains the color and concept of its real life counterpart.

    A crucial element of the Jets' jersey was the red maple leaf, which is included in this design. Acting as the alternate logo, the Winnipeg Jets word-mark shows up as a patch on the left of the front of the jersey, which brings more life to the crest.


    Created by: www.fraserdavidson.co.uk

Winter Class Concept: Philadelphia Flyers and New York Rangers

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    Usually we don't see brand new logos for the Winter Classic like we do with this concept. 

    A complete overhaul is a fun thought, and it's done here with noticeable attention to detail. The Rangers' logo represents the team name rather than the city, while the Flyers' logo represents the city more so than the team name.

    A sheriff's badge on the Rangers crest and the Great Seal of the United States holding hockey sticks behind the Liberty Bell are both brilliant logo concepts. We could only hope to see something this creative in the NHL someday.

    Both jerseys are unique, and both bring a new, complex look to two otherwise simplistic (though treasured) uniforms.

    Submision for PuckDrawn Winter Classic Competition

    Created by: Anthony Lamberty

Winter Classic Concept: Philadelphia Flyers and New York Rangers: RBK Edge Style

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    New logos once again don the familiar colors of the Rangers and Flyers. However, we now see them on a more streamlined RBK Edge style jersey.

    The logos are now both team-focused, with a Flying Pegasus and a Rangers' badge. The design of the jerseys themselves are somewhat simplistic, though faithful to the typical RBK Edge piping and sleeve design.


    Submision for PuckDrawn Winter Classic Competition

    Created by: George Phillip

    Beyond the Blogosphere

    Again, there are too many concepts around the web to name, and I would be selling you short if I didn't encourage you to go check out some of the other work people have posted online

    It's truly an interesting way to see how your team's colors and logos could play out in another look. It's certainly true that this is a level of hockey "nerd-dom" that some might not be willing to engage in.

    For the rest of us, we'll continue to appease the right side of our hockey brains.