NHL Concept Jerseys: Best NHL Concept Art from Around the Web

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NHL Concept Jerseys: Best NHL Concept Art from Around the Web

The hockey jersey probably affords the most artistic creativity of any major sports uniform. Perhaps not known to the casual hockey fan is that there are entire blogs on the web dedicated to showcasing hockey concept jerseys or "fantasy jerseys."

While most of these jerseys never actually make it onto the ice (or do they?), they give us an opportunity to see some plausible examples of what future NHL uniforms could actually resemble. It's not far fetched to think that a lot of the artwork showcased on these blogs could have an effect on the direction and development of future jersey designs.

Often these concepts take a classic jersey and give it a modern twist with the new RBK Edge jersey system. As I stated in a previous article, NHL Jerseys and Nostalgia: Part I and Part II, having an old jersey in today's uniform template can give a lot of life and freshness to a retro look. This is something we've seen more of in the league in the last decade and will likely continue with the Heritage and Winter Classic becoming more and more popular.

Other times an artist can take a concept in a completely different direction and come up with a look that seems like it doesn't even belong to that team, without resemblance to a past or present jersey design. In either case, the results are fun to see and to speculate about.

I've tried to incorporate as many teams as possible, and truth be told, there's enough work out there for this article to be written over again three or four times. Yet I wanted to have as much of the NHL represented as possible so that people could find their favorite team and offer feedback.

Would these jerseys work? Are they compatible with what the fans are used to seeing? As always, feel completely free to let me know what you think. I'd be intrigued to find out what fans of original six teams like Detroit and Toronto think about completely new jersey directions.

Here are 25 noteworthy NHL concept jerseys from around the web.

Disclaimer: The presentation of this artwork is intended to credit those responsible for designing it, and to further enhance the reputation of their work.

Please follow the links provided for larger images.

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