WWE: The Reason Why Randy Savage Might Not Be Inducted into the Hall of Fame

Jacob WaringAnalyst IIIJanuary 12, 2012

It's that time of year again in the WWE, where they announce to the WWE Universe who is being inducted into the Hall of Fame. We all cried tears of joy when we found out that the recently retired Edge was going to be inducted. We either were very joyful that the Four Horsemen are finally getting there place, or we were a bit annoyed of the fact that none are being inducted individually.

Yet wrestling fans were collectively wondering if a certain 80's wrestler would finally get inducted into the Hall of Fame. He's a man who once said he was the tower of power, too sweet to be sour and too hot to handle and too cold to hold. In the world of pro wrestling, he's been everywhere from soaring with the eagles to slithering with the snakes. The man I speak of is none other than Macho Man Randy Savage.

It's common knowledge to all wrestling fans that Savage's induction to the Hall of Fame is long overdue. Every year there is a Hall of Fame ceremony and it's another year added to the tally of Savage not being inducted. Some fans are clearly mystified, as Savage was and still is considered one of the best to ever grace the WWE.

Some conspiracy theorists seem to point to a rumor that Savage had a sexual relationship with a then-14-year-old Stephanie McMahon, which, understandably, would draw the nasty side of Vince McMahon out. Those said conspiracy theorists point to that reason being the determining factor behind Savage's continuous snubs from WWE in regards to its Hall of Fame.

Of course, that terrible rumor is just a rumor that has no supporting evidence. It's a myth that only naive fans would foolishly believe.

Other fans simply believe Vince McMahon was disappointed and angry of the fact that Savage left the WWE for their bitter rival, World Championship Wrestling, thus a reason for the snub. That sounds reasonable except for the fact that Savage was given an on-air farewell by Vince McMahon following his departure and the fact that McMahon also had paid tribute to Savage in a Time magazine article.

So it seems the myth of Savage being kept out of the Hall of Fame due to petty reasons or something unspeakable is debunked. Yet why was Randy Savage not been inducted to the Hall of Fame years ago when fellow 80's wrestling icons Roddy Piper and Hulk Hogan were? Why didn't the WWE put off Edge's induction to the Hall for a few years and have Savage be in the spotlight one last time?

The fact of the matter is that the WWE might not have a say or choice in the matter. The answer is provided in an interview done five months ago by Slam! Sports featuring Savage's brother, Lanny Poffo. When asked about his brother's exclusion from the Hall of Fame, he had this to say:

“Yes, we talked about it,” Poffo said. “As a matter of fact, what he was, remember when the Von Erichs got into the Hall of Fame? That was the first time he’d mentioned it, and my father was still alive. We celebrated his birthday, and at this point my father was coherent. He says, ‘The Von Erichs are in the Hall of Fame? I’m not going in, ever, into the Hall of Fame unless it’s the Poffos, Lanny, Randy and Angelo.’ That’s what he said. We didn’t cremate him against his wishes and we’re not going to go into the Hall of Fame against his wishes either.” - Slam! Sports

There you have it, as the reason is simply Savage, and now his brother, honoring the wishes of their father. The fact is their father, Angelo Poffo, never once was in the WWE and had a short stint in WCW. Lanny Poffo had a unremarkable career in the WWE and the only reason he was there was due to his brother.

It's possible that the WWE only believes that Randy Savage is deserving to be in the Hall of Fame while his brother and father are not. Savage put off being inducted into the Hall of Fame until the WWE agreed to include the entire Poffo family, and the wishes are still being carried by the family even after Savage's death.

There are still a few months until WrestleMaina and the Hall of Fame, which means there is still a chance that Savage will be announced as the next inductee to the Hall. There is even the possibility that the WWE has already worked out an agreement with the Poffo family and are waiting till next year when the rawness of Savage's death wears off and it'll be more meaningful.

Hopefully, one day Savage will be inducted and we'll all say, "Ohhhhh yeahhhh!" when he is!