Tampa Bay Buccaneers Next Head Coach: Hue Jackson, Anyone?

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers Next Head Coach: Hue Jackson, Anyone?
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After losing four of their final five games, the Oakland Raiders made the choice to fire head coach Hue Jackson earlier today.

"[Reggie] McKenzie is going to gut this place," an angry Hue Jackson ranted. "He wants to bring in his own guys. No job is safe right now."

Jackson comes from an offensive mindset, one that looks to pound the ball down your throat, rack up big yards, and wear an opposing defense down.

The Raider offense ranks 9th in total yardage, 11th in passing yards, and 9th in rushing.

However, Jackson's 7-4 start up and "pretty" offense wasn't enough to keep McKenzie hoping.

Jackson's dismissal might've all come down to the poor, pitiful, and lackluster play of the silver and black defense, one that tells another tale. 

A real ugly one.

Ranking below 27th in most major defensive categories, Oakland couldn't really stop any offensive force. The ragtag Raider mentality also pushed them to the top in penalties and yards awarded with the yellow hankies.

But in my opinion, McKenzie is just another man who has given up on a future leader. Jackson took a Raider football team that really had no hopes for success and led them into their final game with playoff chances on the line.

Hue Jackson is a man of accountability. He is true to his word but will make sure that his word and his message get across.

Should the Bucs even consider Hue Jackson?

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I think that Jackson's situation was quite similar to Raheem Morris' firing. Many people in the NFL, general managers and owners in particular, lack a necessary patience that is required when rebuilding.

Morris was labeled as a "friend" when it concerned his players while Jackson has been an angry yet passionate leader.

Raiders safety, Michael Huff, described Hue Jackson as the epitome of Raider football. He was the tough stuff that Al Davis looked for and believed in. He was their leader.

"We know that when we follow him, we can do everything that we want to do."

Huff went on to describe Jackson's central message as accountability. If players botched a play, tape would be gathered and played for the entire team.

There were no secrets. There were no cute friendships. There was no bull.

Hue Jackson wears his emotions on his sleeve, and on his face. He puts it on the line and lays it out there for all to see.

When asked about his team not making the playoffs he simply said, "I'm pissed at my team."

Hue Jackson has that prophetic yet mean mentality that the Glazers are looking for. Toughness, accountability, and control.

Did Jackson let his team slip up with such a porous defense?

Yeah, you could say that.

But was it Jackson that held the other player by his jersey? Did Jackson push the wideout as he jumped up for a sailing ball?

Absolutely not. 

At the end of the season, especially with one that has no playoff appearance, it falls on the players.

But it's the coach that always gets the boot.

I could definitely see Jackson suiting up in a Buccaneer collared T-shirt. 

I could easily see Hue Jackson coming into One Buc Place and revamping a young team with so much potential. 

These old, washed up coaches don't interest me. I hope they don't interest the Glazers.

Hue Jackson would be an interesting option. 

Let's wait and see.

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