Oakland Raiders' Lines Need Help? Part One: O-Line

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Oakland Raiders' Lines Need Help? Part One: O-Line

When you look at the Oakland Raiders' starting linemen, many think 210 percent bust, but after the end-of-the-year emergence from Mario Henderson, I don't believe Oakland needs to try and pick up a big-name, free-agent tackle with money we don't have after last year's straight up two stupid pickups: Javon and DeAngelo "I like to look at the quarterback's beautiful eyes while I get burned all day" Hall.

Now, even though the emergence of Mario Henderson isn't completely true until he keeps doing it on a consistent basis, I say let's see where it goes.

Alright, well that's the left tackle, now let's look at the rest of the positions. LG Robert Gallery...I know how the popular thing to do is to complain that he should be a LT, but hell, if he keeps playing as nasty as he has the this year, I don't care if he plays D-line.

So Left Tackle and Left Guard are good, now let's look at Center. Jake Grove is a solid center, and I believe he will get even better. He only gave up two-and-one-half sacks, which I can deal with.

Let us not forget that Jake and JaMarcus didn't have many miscues either, which I found to be remarkable because it just seems like something my Raiders do after the last couple of years.

Even if you don't want Jake, we have a potential starter Chris Morris in the wings. Yes, he is undersized, but if you don't remember, he was with first team for a while, even when John Wade was uninjured during training camp.

So that's LT, LG, C. Now let's get to those two problem spots.

It all depends all which Cooper Carlisle we get: the one from the first year or the guy we got last year. But based on his career, I think he is fine and will regain his status as that guy you don't hear about because he does his job well enough to open the hole but not make the hole a gap, and that's when you're a star.

So LT, LG, C, and RG are done. Now it comes to the spot that I look at and say, "What Happened..."

Paul McQuistan was suppose to be our guy this year, but Lane Kiffin, really the only thing I hated that he did, basically said no. For those of you that don't know, Paul McQuistan was our RT when Green went down last year, and he played well enough to earn his spot.

Mainly, I don't understand how Cornell Green, a man who has basically begged to be benched for two years, is still the starter. When McQuistan gets off injured reserve, he better get his starting spot at RT.

So that is why the Raiders' O-line needs no help...And Micheal Crabtree please, Mr. Davis.

Part two will be D-line.

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