Chicago Bulls: Why Derrick Rose Is a Nightmare to Guard on the Fast Break

Bob Bajek@bobbajekAnalyst IIIJanuary 10, 2012

Chicago Bulls: Why Derrick Rose Is a Nightmare to Guard on the Fast Break

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    Guarding Derrick Rose isn't just a nightmare one-on-one or in the half court. Guarding him on a fast break is even worse.

    The Chicago Bulls point guard demonstrates his elusiveness and power in this exciting NBA play. Many opponents don't know what to do or can't keep up with him.

    Here are some reasons why the NBA's MVP makes even seasoned veteran ballers quake in their Nikes when he is leading a fast break situation.

Derrick Rose Is Really Fast

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    Saying Derrick Rose is fast is a huge understatement.

    D-Rose has rocket engines for legs.

    When Rose gets a steal on a poor pass, he is immediately kicking it to another gear and leaving everyone in the dust.

    Rose is tough to slow down if he is in front of you. He is nearly impossible when he has a head start!

Derrick Rose Is Strong at the Rim

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    Derrick Rose isn't just fast, but the NBA's MVP also displays toughness around the rim.

    Rose never backs down from the rim, even if the Miami Heat's LeBron James and Dwyane Wade are strongly contesting the shot. D-Rose went to his left hand and still makes this layup as James fouls him. 

    Give Rose some props as King James and Flash are elite defenders.

Derrick Rose Can Slam with Power

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    Not only do opponents have to worry about Derrick Rose's amazing speed, they have to think about his aggressiveness at the rim.

    Many guards would go for a layup in a fast break situation, making it easier for defenders to contest or block the shot.

    Not Rose, as he also utilizes thunderous slams like this one past LeBron James.

    Rose can go to the hole and slam it in with so much authority it's no one's business.  Against the Sacramento Kings and Boston Celtics, Rose showcases some pretty sick reverse jams.

Derrick Rose Can Find the Open Man

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    Defenders worry about Derrick Rose and his amazing scoring abilities so much that they can overlook his Chicago Bulls teammates.

    As the NBA's top point guard, Rose does an admirable job keeping his teammates perfectly active in a game.

    This makes defending Rose on a fast break a catch-22: should the defense provide a double-team on Rose or stay one-on-one so there aren't easy passes?

Derrick Rose Is Simply a Beast

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    No matter which way you slice it, Derrick Rose is an absolute nightmare to defend on the fast break.

    He has burning speed, toughness, excellent passing and can make powerful slams.

    Expect to see countless more of these highlights on ESPN before D-Rose hangs up his Adidas shoes and calls it a career.

    Bob Bajek is a Featured Columnist for the Chicago Bulls. He is also a freelance reporter, and can be followed on and Twitter.