Philadelphia Eagles: Johnnie Lynn Fired, Juan Castillo Next?

Giorgos KassakosAnalyst IJanuary 8, 2012

Juan Castillo is waiting for Reid's judgement regarding his future.
Juan Castillo is waiting for Reid's judgement regarding his future.Getty Images/Getty Images

The Philadelphia Eagles announced that cornerbacks coach Johnnie Lynn won’t return to the team for the 2012 NFL season. After only one year with the team, Lynn will seek his future elsewhere.

It was clear that changes were about to take place after a disappointing season. Even Andy Reid was under pressure, but Jeff Lurie announced he will keep him as the team’s head coach. The rest of the staff, though, is not feeling so secure.

The defense has been under fire all season long. With the defensive line being the only exception, every other part of the defense has been heavily criticized and named responsible for the team’s bad performance.

Lynn was fired because the Eagles’ secondary failed to improve in 2011, despite the addition of Nnamdi Asomugha and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. That might be the first falling piece of a domino effect.

The Eagles might want to clear the coaching positions so their new defensive coordinator can bring the people he wants to work with. With all that speculation about Steve Spagnuolo’s return, this scenario can’t be denied yet.

Reid might choose to move Castillo and not dismiss him. Castillo has been a loyal affiliate, and this can save his job. It’s very possible to see him moved as a secondary coach or, most likely, as the linebackers coach. Mike Caldwell, the current linebackers coach, was for the first time in that position—like the fired Lynn.

I can think of one more scenario, but it’s beyond optimism. How about Castillo being given an opportunity to select his coaches? Last year, he was chosen as a defensive coordinator because he didn’t have a problem to work with the staff already employed. If Castillo keeps his post (and he should, if you ask me), it wouldn’t surprise me if he chooses his assistants.

Eagles fans are feeling anxiety in anticipation of Reid’s decision, and the next few days are probably the most interesting period of the Eagles’ offseason. Stay tuned.