Fixing the WWE Top 50 Superstars List

John Nizinski@@jniz73Analyst IIIJanuary 9, 2012

Fixing the WWE Top 50 Superstars List

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    The current WWE superstars voted on a list of who they felt the top 50 greatest WWE superstars are. While the list for the most part contained the top 50 superstars of all time, the order was a little askew.

    Here is—in my opinion—the corrected order of the list of the Top 50 WWE Superstars of All Time.

    (Note that I am not adding or dropping anybody, just fixing the order.)

Honorable Mention

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    These honorable mention's were not on the original list and are superstars that probably could have made the list.

    The honorable mentioned superstars who got snubbed from this list are George "The Animal" Steele, Ultimate Warrior, Scott Hall, Owen Hart and Christian.

50. Dory Funk Jr.

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    Original Spot: 46

    Dory Funk Jr. is the Brother of Terry Funk and credited with the invention of the Texas cloverleaf submission hold. 

    Dory is a former World Heavyweight Champion, having once held the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. His title run is the fifth longing reigning NWA World Heavyweight Champion of all time.

49. Nick Bockwinkel

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    Original Spot: 44

    Nick Bockwinkel mainly competed in the American Wrestling Association (AWA). He is a former multi-time AWA World Heavyweight Champion and co-holder of the AWA World Tag Team Championship.

    Many of his peers considered him an excellent wrestler to wrestle against because of his technical ability and ring psychology. He also cut some of the most unique promos of his time because of his calm charisma.

48. Jack Brisco

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    Original Spot: 41

    Jack Brisco was a two time NWA World Heavyweight Championship.

    Jack and his brother Gerald Brisco were multi-time NWA Tag Team Champions.

47. Bob Backlund

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    Original Spot: 47

    Bob Backlund  has the third longest WWE Championship reign.

    His in ring career spread out for about 30 years.

46. Killer Kowalski

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    Original Spot: 50

    Killer Kowalski once literally ripped someone's ear off in a wrestling ring.

    He also trained WWE superstars Triple H, Kofi Kingston, and Chyna.

45. Buddy Rogers

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    Original Spot: 35

    Buddy Rogers was the original "Nature Boy" and the inspiration for Ric Flair.

    Rogers was the first professional wrestler to hold the WWE (WWWF) Championship.

44. Fabuloius Moolah

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    Original Spot: 27

    Most Prominent NWA Women's title holder for over 30 years.

    Because of the weak Diva's division now and in history, I moved Moolah lower.

    However, that is not to put down the impact that she had on the industry but more because it is hard to compare her to male wrestlers.

43. Pat Patterson

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    Original Spot: 30

    Pat Patterson is credited as being the first Intercontinental Champion.

42. Rick Rude

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    Original Spot: 48

    Rude was an ideal heel with perfect charisma. He had the physique that men wanted to have and women wanted their men to have.

    "Ravishing" Rick Rude was one of the best superstars on the mic and was a four time World Champion.

41. Gorilla Monsoon

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    Original Spot: 36

    Gorilla Monsoon was one of the best super-heavyweight wrestlers. He also had an even better announcing career.

    The position by the staging area just behind the entrance curtain at events is known as the "Gorilla Position."

40. Junkyard Dog

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    Original Spot: 37

    Junkyard Dog "JYD" was a huge fan favorite because of his charisma and upper-body strength.

39. Jake Roberts

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    Original Spot: 39

    Roberts had the gimmick that the current WWE brand is lacking.

    His dark charisma and promos with the use of snakes made him a wrestling icon.

    He is credited for inventing the DDT.

38. Jeff Hardy

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    Original Spot: 45

    Jeff Hardy has all the talent in the world but has not been able to stay clean.

    I moved him up from his 45 spot because I think he has earned that, but he could be much higher on this list if he was able to stay clean.

37. Sgt. Slaughter

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    Original Spot: 42

    One of the most popular character wrestlers, Sgt. Slaughter is a one time (WWF) WWE Champion

    Sgt. Slaughter was a beloved face and also was able to be a heavily hated heel.

36. Billy Graham

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    Original Spot: 38

    "Superstar" Billy Graham inspired wrestlers like Hulk Hogan and Triple H, and helped change the face of professional wrestling as he made it more about the character than the actual wrestling.

    He had one of the most impressive physiques of all time.

35. The Iron Sheik

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    Original Spot: 31

    He is known for ending the near six-year World Wrestling Federation Championship reign of Bob Backlund. He also is the guy that Hulk Hogan defeated for his first title.

    Iron Sheik was one of the best heels of all time.

34. Gorgeous George

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    Original Spot: 13

    Gorgeous George was a wrestler during the First Golden Age of Professional Wrestling which took place in the 1940's and 1950's.

    George had a flamboyant and charismatic character that made him one of the biggest stars of this period.

33. Freddie Blassie

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    Original Spot: 28

    "Classy" Freddie Blassie was arguably the greatest villain in professional wrestling history. He was a master at being able to antagonize the crowd.

32. Batista

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    Original Spot: 49

    Batista has accomplished so much in a relatively short amount of time.

    Over the past ten years he could easily be seen as the top World Heavyweight champion.

    He was apart of the stable "Evolution" and surprised everyone with the amount of success he was able to achieve as a singles competitor.

31. Big Show

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    Original Spot: 40

    For the "largest athlete in the world," Big Show is very athletic. He has been a steady superstar for many years now and for the most part has been at the top of the food chain.

    One of the most physically impressive wrestlers of all time.

30. Kane

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    Original Spot: 43

    In my opinion, the most underrated WWE Superstar of all time is Kane.

    He is a 7-foot monster who is as athletic as the cruiserweights that step into the ring.

    A masked Kane is one of the most iconic superstars and best characters of all time.

29. Ted Dibiase

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    Original Spot: 26

    DiBiase was a champion in many different wrestling promotions, holding thirty titles during his professional wrestling career.

    The Million Dollar Man and his evil laugh is one of the most despised characters of all time.

28. Terry Funk

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    Original Spot: 22

    Towards the end of his career Terry Funk became the hardcore legend that he is known as today. He inspired many younger hardcore wrestlers including Mick Foley.

    Funk has also appeared in basically every top wrestling promotion.

27. Jimmy Snuka

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    Original Spot: 32

    "Superfly" Snuka flying through the air is of the most memorable things in WWE history. 

    He is credited for introducing the high flying style to WWE and was the first ECW Champion.

26. Lou Thesz

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    Original Spot: 21

    Lou Thesz was an 18 time World Heavyweight Champion and his combined Championship title's reign time is the most of all time.

25. Randy Orton

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    Original Spot: 29

    Randy Orton has already had a storied career and is still young.

    Expect him to keep moving up this list as he continues his career.

24. Jerry Lawler

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    Original Spot: 20

    Jerry Lawler has held 164 titles in his career and is currently the announcer on Monday Night Raw.

23. Roddy Piper

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    Original Spot: 10

    Rowdy Roddy is a WWE legend with as much charisma and intensity as anybody to step into the ring. He sits at the 23 spot and not his original 10 spot because he has never been the world champion.

22. Kurt Angle

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    Original Spot: 34

    Kurt Angle could be the best technical wrestler to ever wrestle in the WWE.

    If Kurt hadn't left the WWE he would probably be pushing the top 10.

21. Mick Foley

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    Original Spot: 33

    Foley is a weird one, both as a wrestler and on this list.

    He has proven that you do not have to be in peak physical shape in order to be successful in professional wrestling.

    People feel that Foley is in the top 10 and others feel he is lower.

20. Edge

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    Original Spot: 19

    Edge started with a successful tag team run, then moved on to singles competition and was successful there too. Which usually is not the case.

    Unfortunately his body has broken down and his career had to be cut short.

19. Dusty Rhodes

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    Original Spot: Tied 17

    Dusty Rhodes is a three time NWA World Heavyweight Champion and nicknamed the "American Dream."

    Some could argue that Rhodes, not the Rock, is the true "People's Champion."

18. Harley Race

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    Original Spot: 6

    Race is a seven time World Heavyweight Champion.

    Harley Race basically invented the dirty style of wrestling. Picture any dirty wrestler that exists and Harley Race was probably dirtier. 

17. Bruno Sammartino

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    Original Spot: 24

    Bruno Sammartino is the longest reigning WWE Champion of all time, he held the title for a total of 11 years in two reigns.

16. Ricky "the Dragon" Steamboat

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    Original Spot: 7

    If you enjoy wrestling matches that are wrestled to perfection, I recommend watching Ricky Steamboat's matches.

    Randy Savage and Ricky Steamboat put on some incredible matches.

    Steamboat stayed as a face his whole career.

15. Curt Hennig "Mr. Perfect"

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    Original Spot: 15

    His peers consider him to be one of the greatest in-ring performers of all time.

    Mr. Perfect is arguably the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time and was the longest reigning champion in the '90's.

14. Rey Mysterio

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    Original Spot: 9

    Rey is probably the most successful cruiserweight and high flyer in the history of the WWE.

    He has become an icon and will go down as one of the most popular and unique wrestlers in WWE history.

13. Andre the Giant

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    Original Spot: 8

    Andre was obviously not the best technical wrestler because of his huge size.

    However, if you ask many wrestling fans if they could see one person wrestle, many would say Andre the Giant because he is the "eighth wonder of the world."

    He was the first inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame and a one time WWE (WWF) Champion.

12. Eddie Guerrero

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    Original Spot: 11

    Eddie Guerrero's career got cut short, but before that he put together a stellar career. He basically showed that the cruiserweight division should be taken seriously and opened the door for smaller cruiserweights to be able to win the world titles. 

    When comparing Eddie and Rey Mysterio, (two men considered the underdogs) I took in their charisma and their wrestling. Eddie was one of the most entertaining people in the history of the WWE.

11. John Cena

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    Original Spot: 16

    Hate him or love him, the dedication and accomplishments that John Cena has had make him arguably in the top 10.

    By the end of his career expect him to move up this list.

    John Cena has carried the WWE for about 10 years now and still remains the top guy in the company today.

10. Chris Jericho

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    Original Spot: 25

    Jericho beat Stone Cold Steve Austin and the Rock in the same night.

    Absolutely deserved to be higher than 25 on this list.

    He is a six-time world champion, undisputed WWF champion once, WCW Champion twice, World Heavyweight Champion three times and a record nine time Intercontinental Champion.

9. Randy Savage

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    Original Spot: 14

    The Macho Man is an icon and one of the most popular wrestlers of all time. His in ring talents matched his charisma and outside of the ring personality.

    Savage held twenty championships during his professional wrestling career.

    Randy Savage deserves to be in the top 10.

8. The Rock

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    Original Spot: 5

    The Rock is the "most electrifying man" in sports entertainment and the best professional wrestler of all time on the mic. He is also a nine time World Heavyweight Champion.

    The Rock may have been the greatest of all time if he didn't ditch the company to pursue an acting career.

7. Triple H

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    Original Spot: 12

    Nothing should be taken away from Triple H's accomplishments because he is married to Stephanie McMahon.

    Triple H has had one of the most successful singles career as he won the WWE title almost as many times as Ric Flair and was part of two of the best stables of all time, DX and Evolution.

6. Ric Flair

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    Original Spot: Tied 17

    Ric Flair's personality and in ring ability combined to give him one of the most decorated careers of all time. He is credited with being a 16 time world champion.

    Flair is no longer in the WWE and is in another company, but fans still chant "WOOOO" when someone gets a chest slap.

5. Bret Hart

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    Original Spot: 4

    Bret Hart is arguably the best technical wrestler of all time and was a dream opponent for any wrestler.

    He is the self proclaimed "best there is, best there was, and best there ever will be" and has held a total of 32 Championships in his career.

4. Undertaker

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    Original Spot: 2

    Some people (Mike Inglese) will argue to the death that Undertaker is the greatest of all time.

    He deserves to be in the top 5 because he has had one of the best careers including being undefeated at WrestleMania. 

    Undertaker in recent years has been the face of the second brand (SmackDown) of the WWE and is an eight time world champion.

3. Stone Cold Steve Austin

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    Original Spot: 3

    Stone Cold Steve Austin was the face of the "Attitude Era," which is seen by many as the peak of professional wrestling.

    He is an icon that was at the top of the company when it was filled with the most talent ever.

    Vince McMahon said Stone Cold is the "Toughest S.O.B in the history of professional wrestling" and it would be hard to refute that.

2. Hulk Hogan

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    Original Spot: 23

    It is a disgrace that Hulk Hogan was number 23 on the list that was made from the current company. It is possible that without Hulk Hogan, the wrestlers today would not even exist.

    Hulk Hogan is responsible for globalizing the sport of professional wrestling, and everybody in the world knows who Hulk Hogan is. 

    While he may not have been the best technical wrestler, he was as popular as any wrestler in his prime.

1. Shawn Michaels

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    Original Spot: 1

    The original list was spot on with their number one choice. Shawn Michaels has been able to deliver the best matches throughout his whole career and never lost a step.

    "Mr. Wrestlemania" is the best all around wrestler of all time.

    The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels has been involved in the Pro Wrestling Illustrated "Match of the Year" 10 times, including seven years in a row in the last seven years of his career.