NFL Playoffs 2012: 3 Ways New Orleans Saints' QB Drew Brees Becomes Best in NFL

Zayne Grantham@ZPGSportsContributor IIIJanuary 7, 2012

NFL Playoffs 2012: 3 Ways New Orleans Saints' QB Drew Brees Becomes Best in NFL

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    The New Orleans Saints' Drew Brees is often referred to as a great NFL quarterback.

    This is due to his accuracy, leadership and intelligence.

    Brees is known as a threat in the passing game, especially in today's NFL where it is all about the high-flying offenses.

    However, Brees is rarely mentioned as the NFL's best quarterback.

    That title has always gone to either Tom Brady or Peyton Manning in past years, and this year it seems as though Aaron Rodgers is the QB at the top.

    Brees has done nothing but win games and put up great numbers since he came to New Orleans in 2006, but he is consistently overlooked when this conversation of "who the best QB is" comes up.

    In 2011, Brees may have stated his case for becoming the NFL's best quarterback.

    He set the NFL record for passing yards, 5,476, and completion percentage, 71.2, in a single season.

    Brees led his Saints to a 13-3 record, their second NFC South crown in three years and a third straight playoff berth.

    Brees broke many other records throughout the season and stated his case for the NFL's MVP.

    He may not win the MVP this year, and will probably still be left out of the conversation for the best quarterback in the NFL, but he can use the 2012 playoffs to cement his legacy and become the league's best passer.

    Let's take a look at three reasons why Brees can become known as the best quarterback in the NFL after the 2012 postseason.

Win Playoff Games on the Road

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    Drew Brees and the Saints have the same goal as every other playoff team, and that is to win the Super Bowl.

    Brees has a great chance to show everyone how good he is this postseason because in order for the Saints to win the Super Bowl, they will have to win two road playoff games, assuming the Green Bay Packers win their game in the divisional round.

    If Brees and the Saints get past the Lions on Saturday night, then they will travel to San Francisco to play the 49ers.

    Next up would be against the Packers in Green Bay.

    Many quarterbacks have won playoff road games, but Brees has yet to do this with the Saints, and many people believe that he and the Saints cannot win on the road.

    Some questions Brees' ability to play outside of a dome and in the weather.

    If Brees is able to lead his team to the Super Bowl, then it will be obvious that he and the Saints can beat quality opponents on the road in high-pressure situations.

    This would only increase Brees' resume and his chances of being known as the NFL's best.

Defeat the NFL's Best QBs

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    Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers are most often recognized as the NFL's best quarterbacks.

    In order to win the Super Bowl, it is likely that Brees would have to beat one, or both, of these quarterbacks.

    Brees has already beaten future Hall of Fame quarterbacks in the playoffs like Kurt Warner, Brett Favre and Peyton Manning.

    If he was able to add Rodgers and/or Brady to that list, then it would be undeniable that Brees is the best the NFL has to offer.

    He has already beaten both of these quarterbacks in the regular season before, but the playoffs are a completely different situation.

    The fact that Brees would have to beat these guys either on the road or in a neutral location would only add to the impression that it would make.

    Brees would have to be known as the best quarterback in the NFL if he essentially took out the best the game had to offer on the way to his second Super Bowl ring. 

Win the Super Bowl

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    Drew Brees already has one Super Bowl championship under his belt, but if he were to add another to his resume this postseason, then no one could deny that he is the best.

    We have already discussed that in order to get here, Brees would have to lead the Saints past the NFL's best quarterbacks on the road.

    Not many quarterbacks are able to win one Super Bowl, much less two.

    If Brees and the Saints win the Lombardi Trophy in Super Bowl XLVI, then Brees would undoubtedly become the league's best quarterback.

    He would have the stats and rings to prove it.

    Brees already holds some of the most important records a quarterback could hold, but a win here would cement his ballot to the Hall of Fame.

    Even if Brees somehow ends up not playing Rodgers or Brady, and wins the NFC Championship game at home, this would still fortify his spot as the best quarterback in the NFL.