WWE: The Doctor's SmackDown Recap List of 94 Things We Learned, Loved and Hated

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistJanuary 7, 2012

DURBAN, SOUTH AFRICA - JULY 08:  The Celtic Warrior Sheamus during the WWE Smackdown Live Tour at Westridge Park Tennis Stadium on July 08, 2011 in Durban, South Africa.  (Photo by Steve Haag/Gallo Images/Getty Images)
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Normally every week, I do a recap list for Raw, but I had the chance to do one for SmackDown, so I decided to go ahead and do it.

This week's show was an interesting one as it seemed to give attention to several recurring feuds as well as develop some new ones.

Daniel Bryan retained his title in a match which seemed to be the start of a heel turn for Bryan.

Tamina and Natalya had a great match which looks to be the beginning of something for the two of them. Last week they had an encounter but this week, Tamina got the win.

Epico and Primo defeated the tag team champions Air Boom in a non-title match and Cody Rhodes retained his title against Booker T.

Jinder Mahal, Sheamus and Wade Barrett had an altercation which left Sheamus down in the ring, and Hornswoggle won a pointless match against Heath Slater which saw Justin Gabriel make the save for little Horny after the match.

I write these lists as the show airs so I apologize for any misuse of tense. Please sit back and enjoy the 94 things we learned, loved and hated from this week's SmackDown.

1. WWE is playing up Orton getting injured last week with a video package to start the show
2. I just noticed Yoshi Tatsu in the opening graphic for SmackDown, has he always been there?
3. Wow, All Lilian needs for that skirt is a poodle
4. In all seriousness, she has not aged a day since she first came to WWE, good looking woman
5. Booker vs. Cody for the IC title is up first
6. Booker and Cody are having the best of their three-match series
7. Cody kicked out of the scissor kick
8. He hits the beautiful disaster for the pin and the win
9. Good match with a lot of back and forth
10. Booker stays in the ring and gets a nice ovation before walking to the back, I don't think he will back on commentary tonight
11. They play a video hyping Jericho's return, I am still interested in seeing where they go with that
12. After the commercial they show Cody and Dustin in the back having a little chat
13. Cody tells Dustin he should not even think about putting on his face paint for one more run
14. Cody actually tries to say he will be more of a success than Dusty
15. Cody can hold a million titles, but he will never be able to break the barriers Dusty broke
16. Ryder is quitting as Long's assistant general manager
17. Long reminds him he was only assistant TO the general manager
18. Somewhere David Brent is smiling
19. Ryder says Long is getting Santino
20. Drew McIntyre walks in and Long makes a match with him and Santino with Santino getting the job if he wins
21. Aksana just walked in, that reminds me, I have to find my copy of Dick Tracy
22. I think WWE is trying to turn her into the new Maryse, I think Maryse has her beat in the looks department
23. Don't get me wrong, Aksana is gorgeous
24. Daniel Bryan plays the douchebag in a segment with AJ and Alicia
25. I guess vegans with no television still like to "celebrate" after they win
26. I am not liking where this heel turn is going
27. Hornswoggle vs. Heath Slater in an over the top rope challenge is next
28. I still find seeing Sheamus and Slater next to each other to be very creepy
29. Sorry, gingers
30. At least you have Karen Gillam, that's something to be very proud of
31. Hornswoggle wins by pulling Slater over the rope by his hair
32. Slater attacks but Gabriel makes the save
33. We could be seeing a feud between the former teammates unfold
34. It's about time either of these guys had something to do
35. DiBiase comes out to face Hunico with Camacho, is that how you spell it? (Yes. - ED.)
36. Are any Samoans offended that they are trying to pass off Camacho as a Mexican, he is Haku's son, for Christ's sake, play that up
37. Hunico and DiBiase are having a much better match than I would have expected, not sure why I went into it with low expectations, they are both talented
38. DiBiase needs new entrance music though
39. Hunico wins with a really cool looking submission/pin maneuver
40. Why WWE did not decide to have Hunico and Camacho still be allies with Epico, Primo and Rosa is beyond me
41. Wade Barrett is out to take more credit for putting Orton on the shelf
42. Barrett says he told the doctor not to bother announcing the medical update, he would take care of it
43. Since when the hell do they do that?
44. Whenever they show that clip of Orton at the bottom of the stairs I am aways impressed with how fast he managed to get down there and lay down before the camera could see him
45. Hearing Barrett say the words "Barrett Barrage" makes them sound so much classier
46. Sheamus comes out and confronts Barrett and asks why he is acting like a horse's arse
47. Jinder Mahal is out for some reason
48. A brawl breaks out which ends with Sheamus getting both of the heel's finishers
49. I think if they want Mahal to work as a heel they need to play him up the way they did The Iron Sheik; make him hate America and America will hate him
50. Santino vs. Drew Mcintyre is next
51. Drew pulls off a nice move when Santino tries to do a backwards leapfrog in the corner and gets a jumping boot to the gut for his troubles
52. Santino wins to become the new Assistant to Teddy Long
53. This might sound strange, but am I the only one who thinks Drew McIntyre always looks like he is in a shampoo commercial?
54. Excellent, Air Boom vs Primo and Epico is next
55. Lot's of quick moves, double teams and back and forth
56. Rosa is really doing well as a heel manager, she is annoying the hell out of me
57. I feel bad for Rosa for having to be a glorified pole dancer, but I guess you stick with what you are good at
58. Big Show is interviewed backstage about his upcoming title match
59. Bryan walks in and does his douchey voice again as he mocks Big Show
60. Bryan acts a little tough when Big Show puts his hand on Bryan's shoulder
61. If they book Bryan as a tough heel and not a wimp then I guess it could work, but I am still in favor of keeping him baby face
62. Natalya vs. Tamina is up next
63. They play some great videos about their father's careers
64. Great back and forth match which ends with Tamina getting the win after the Superfly splash
65. Best Divas match I have seen in months on TV
66. There was a decent pop when Tamina went to the top rope, nice to see some fans do care about good women's wrestling and WWE legends
66. Tamina could be getting a push; this is two weeks she has gotten the best of Nattie
67. Nice to see Duggan's Rumble Rewind win get a showing on both Raw and SmackDown; he was awesome
68. Mark Henry comes down for commentary during the World title match
69. He gets into a yelling match with a fan at ringside, kind of funny to see
70. Big Show looks pumped as he enters the ring
71. Cole says he feels uncomfortable with Henry at ringside
72. Henry says Bryan is a great talent of the midget division; there will be some pissed off little people
73. Cole asks who would win in Hornswoggle vs. Daniel Bryan
74. Henry rips into him hard for asking such a stupid question
75. Matthews was probably loving that exchange
76. That just made me like Mark Henry so much more than I already did
77. Ha, he tells Matthews to shut up when talking about the Big Show
78. He is scaring the crap out of the announcers and I am loving every second of it
79. Bryan and Show are having a much better match than I expected
80. An add for Scorpion King 3 airs during the commercial, is anyone surprised it is straight to DVD?
81. At least Billy Zane is working again, he was great as himself in Zoolander
82. Back from commercial and Henry is still blasting the announcers, this is great
83. Bryan jumped off the top rope and Henry just slaps him in the chest to knock him down
84. Henry gives Bryan credit for kicking out of a spear from Show
85. I like when heels are realistic and actually acknowledge when someone else is tough, even if they still say they will destroy them two seconds later
86. Bryan turns a choke slam attempt into a submission combination which ends with a LeBell Lock
87. Show powers out, looks at Bryan, winds up for the WMD and Bryan bails
88. For some reason the way it looked when they did that was really funny
89. Bryan gets Henry to shove him so he gets the win by DQ
90. He gets booed as he grabs the title and tries to celebrate like he did when he first won it
91. Show looks really upset as a bloody-mouthed Bryan walks away with the title
92. We go off the air with Bryan kissing his title on the top of the ramp and Henry and Show arguing
93. Entertaining show given that nothing really special happened in the way of surprises or title changes
94. Daniel Bryan is going to have to really try and make this heel character work, because heels his size rarely work out that well
95. I am going to go watch the episode of Frasier where Woody from Cheers visits on Netflix and then go to bed; good night everybody

Thanks for reading and please fell free to share your thoughts and additions to the list below.