WWE: Why Is WWE Suddenly Losing Interest in Hyping Up Its Shows?

Shalaj Lawania@_Apex_Predator_Senior Analyst IJanuary 6, 2012

As a person who enjoys watching the likes of CM Punk and Daniel Bryan in main events, the WWE ratings drop doesn't please me. At all.

I believe a major portion of the blame lies with WWE itself.

Let's ignore D-Bryan's horrible booking lately (the recent 20-second Mark Henry interruption on RAW still amazes me). I've seen WWE hype a lot of matches that don't deserve to be hyped—John Cena vs. The Miz for Wrestlemania and then Extreme Rules and then Over The Limit.

That was fine. I mean, WWE is supposed to market its matches.

Even R-Truth got his fair share of buildup up to Capitol Punishment, and that helped the audience recognize the star. My surprise started with Vengeance.

Vengeance got one of the worst buy rates in history, and frankly, it didn't deserve that. I know it was a victim of too many PPVs in a short timespan and a bland card at best, but the show was a good PPV in general.

When was the last time the ring broke, and we then had a WWE title match in a broken ring? That's enough to break some records itself, yet the officials never actually made anyone look forward to Vengeance.

It was more like: "Cena will fight Del Rio again, Mark Henry will take on Big Show and Punk and HHH will team together. Watch if you like the card, or don't."

If you remember Hell In A Cell, the amount of hype we got for a rare Triple Threat Hell In A Cell match for the WWE title and the infamous slogan "John Cena goes to hell!"

I'm not a stickler for having feuds and promos shoved down my face, but I believe this is one reason why the WWE isn't getting good business. The Rock's return to Survivor Series deserved much greater fanfare, and the recently concluded TLC was hardly promoted despite having a Triple Threat TLC match, which featured in WWE's Top 25 matches of the year.

Add in a Zack Ryder victory and a Daniel Bryan surprise, and TLC was a good PPV. But two weeks before TLC, we didn't have a match yet and hardly anyone excited for the tables, ladders and chairs aspect of the PPV.

They did create a promo with David Otunga for TLC, but it aired on the shows just once.

Then I remember how much hype Capitol Punishment got for being held in the nation's capital and how many Obama promos they created with R-Truth yelling, "This is a conspiracy!"

And I just wonder why they don't do it anymore. As fans, we need to be pumped up and excited for what is to come.

Of course, a reason this may be happening is because of the time and effort it takes to run the WWE Network, and also probably because the organization want the shows to live up to or surpass expectations—but you need to attract customers to actually make them watch.