Holly Rowe Video: Watch the ESPN Reporter Elbow Her Way to an Interview

Timothy RappFeatured ColumnistJanuary 4, 2012

Do not get in Holly Rowe's way while she is gunning for a post-game interview, people. As evidenced in the above video, she will take you out.

And you can't blame her, given it was her job to interview Brady Hoke immediately after Michigan's 23-20 overtime victory against Virginia Tech in last evening's Sugar Bowl.

But the form she showed in pushing past the journalist in her way was impressive. Let's analyze how Rowe's technique would have been graded in several sports.


NBA Grade: A

What we have here is Rowe showing you how you box out on the block. As sideline reporters go, Rowe has one of the better post games around.

Of course, Erin Andrews has been known to be the victim of a lot of clutching and grabbing in her days as a sideline reporter.


NFL Grade: A+

This is solid man coverage right here. Rowe forces the receiver toward the sideline and locates herself brilliantly between the quarterback and his initial target.

She gets bonus points for this as it doubles as a nasty stiff arm.


Rowe does well to turn and look for the ball—in this metaphor, Hoke is both the quarterback and the ball, but work with me here, people—ensuring that no one will flag her for pass interference.


NHL Grade: A-

That's how you hip-check, people. If the other reporter took issue with Rowe's techniques, she should have dropped the gloves.

Or in this instance, her tape recorder.


MMA Grade: B

That is a devastating elbow from the standing position. Frankly, this isn't impressive on Rowe's part so much as it is the case of the other reporter failing to protect herself. Rowe saw her opportunity and pounced.

And that's what professional fighters—er, reporters—do.


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