WWE: The New John Cena Sucks T-Shirt and How His Haters Are Missing the Point

Tom Clark@tomclarkbrFeatured ColumnistJanuary 2, 2012

photo by smackdownsportvideos.com
photo by smackdownsportvideos.com

Just when you thought it couldn't get any sillier.

Everyone’s favorite boy scout, John Cena, the most embattled WWE Superstar of all time, is reportedly upset about a new t-shirt that the company is currently selling.

You’ve seen it.  It’s the soon to be infamous “Cena Sucks” shirt.  Two words say it all in this case, and not since Austin 3:16 has one catchphrase so completely defined a WWE Superstar.

Sorry, kids, but it’s true.

It’s old news, the fact that the WWE crowd has such a massive love-hate relationship with Cena.  We have all heard the ever-present “Let’s go Cena, Cena sucks” chant for so long now that it’s expected.

At this point, John expects it.

So, the news that he is supposedly upset at the disrespect aimed in his direction by this piece of merchandise is not only surprising to me, it’s also a little disappointing.

Disappointing, because if anyone on the WWE roster is professional enough to understand how the business works, it’s John.  He’s been around long enough to know that fans are going to do what they do, and even though he has worked hard to receive a certain reaction as a baby face, the fact is, the end result is not up to him.

In other words, Cena is Stone Cold in reverse.

Austin did everything in his power to heel out in the beginning.  He flipped off the crowd, he cheated, he had an incredibly vicious mile-long mean streak, and by all rights he should have been the most hated man in the company.

The problem of course, was that fans had already decided what they wanted.  They loved Austin, and that was that.  They loved him so much, that they flipped him off in return, and suddenly it became a salute of respect between Austin and his fans.

A grown man giving the middle finger to an audience, and getting a deafening chorus of cheers for it. That one still cracks me up.

The exact same thing has happened with John, except somewhere along the way, the rewind button was pressed.

Cena has done everything in his power to baby out.  He’s clean cut, he smiles all the time, he’s a tough guy who always overcomes the odds, and he’s extremely loyal to his fans.  What does he get in return?

You guessed it.  A sea of middle fingers, and a deafening chorus of boos.

But, again, that’s old news.  Cena is public enemy number one in the eyes of so many fans, a fact that WWE has tried over the years to change.  A lot.  And, nothing has ever worked.  

John is hated.  And, he knows it.

But the notion that it bothers him to the point that he’s having a problem that WWE is capitalizing on it with this new t-shirt just does not make any sense.  John is a WWE lifer, and he should be past all of this by now.

Maybe that is what’s disappointing me so much on all of this.  It’s not that John supposedly views the t-shirt as disrespect, but that fans are actually buying that nonsense in the first place.  

Brace yourselves, Cena fans.  You are getting worked.

The heel turn that everyone has been waiting for may not be happening today.  It may not happen tomorrow.  But, it will happen.  One of these days, Captain America is going to turn heel, and when he does, he will likely have one of these t-shirts in his hands, as proof that the company he has worked his a** off for, completely turned against him.  It’s perfect.

But, what about the Cena haters that are out there?  What is their opinion of this anti boy scout shirt? Well, they love it, of course.  They can’t get enough of it.

The thing sold out.  That’s how much they love it.

But, brace yourselves, Cena haters.  As much as you don’t want to admit it, you too are getting worked.

This new wearable declaration of your hate for John is nothing but a tool to get you onboard.  The same fans who would not be caught dead wearing any of Cena’s multicolor shirts are shelling out 25 bucks a pop to now wear his name.

These fans have now become walking billboards for the very guy they would love to see just go away. They are giving him free advertising.

And, the best part is that John is most likely getting a cut from the sale of this new item.

So, go ahead, wear that shirt that tells John how much you think he sucks.  Show it off to your friends, hate on him until it hurts, and try not to think about the fact that you’re doing nothing but putting more money in his pocket.

The only thing we can hope for at this point is that the majority of John’s detractors understand this and are simply just having fun.  After all, it’s become trendy to boo the guy, why not just have a laugh and wear the shirt because you know that you are as much a part of the show as Cena is?

Sounds silly, right?  With all of the craziness that has surrounded John Cena and the love/contempt that fans have for him, I believe we passed silly a long time ago.