A Bitter-Sweet Ending for Jason Taylor and the Miami Dolphins

Mark LoiselleContributor IIJanuary 1, 2012

Jason Taylor says good-bye to a great career
Jason Taylor says good-bye to a great career

Defensive end Jason Taylor concluded his 15-year career on Sunday with the Miami Dolphins (6-10) and it involved a huge victory at home against one of his former teams, the New York Jets (8-8), with a final score of 19-17 .

The Miami Dolphins had nothing to lose in this game and crushed the Jets' playoff hopes. The Dolphins finish the season winning five of their last seven games. With Reggie Bush absent in this game due to a right knee injury, there had to be a force on the ground and it came from former West Virginia Mountaineer Steve Slaton. He filled the void in the backfield, racking up 55 rushing yards. 

Dolphins' quarterback Matt Moore yet again finds a way to survive throughout battles. He tallied 135 yards, one touchdown, and two interceptions. Even though Matt Moore's performance was unattractive, he received some help from receivers Brandon Marshall and Davone Bess.

Throughout this 2011-12 season, the Dolphins have recorded a total of 13 interceptions. On New Year's, they brought their "A-game" intercepting Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez three times. 

Mark Sanchez's performances late in the season were terrible. Sanchez continued to put the Jets in an unknown territory. He has been inconsistent when the empire needs him most. 

The New York Jets lost their last three games. A rough ending and a bad start to the new year with some questionable calls and actions on their sidelines. Sitting in the farthest bench away from the vision of the field appeared an angry Santonio Holmes. With the Jets losing by nine points there was still time on the clock to make a comeback and he basically made an "all she wrote" kind of action.

The Miami Dolphins need to rethink this season over. After starting off the year with a horrendous 0-7 record, the Dolphins had to turn it around and did, giving their season a whole new twist. As for the Jets, they need to find their identity within their franchise, whether it be dumping Mark Sanchez or a coaching change. Both teams need changes throughout their organization. We will see what each team has in store for the off-season.