Brady vs. Rodgers vs. Brees: Why Matt Flynn Proved Aaron Rodgers Isn't the MVP

Caleb HartleyCorrespondent IJanuary 1, 2012

Is he as crucial to his team's success as Brees or Brady?
Is he as crucial to his team's success as Brees or Brady?

As I was watching the Packers and Lions game, I felt as if Aaron Rodgers' presence was hardly missed. Matt Flynn put on a clinic.  Of course, he wasn't going against the 1985 Chicago Bears defense, but still...480 yards through the air and six touchdowns.

There was a lot of commotion being made about Peyton Manning's absence and the Colts' horrendous season, and how he should be considered MVP.  I disagree with that, but if you were to take Tom Brady off of the Patriots, then they would be as good as the Colts.  

What Rodgers did last year with a depleted roster during the Packers' Super Bowl run was much more impressive to me than what he has accomplished this year.  His numbers are amazing, but so were Matt Flynn's.  If the Patriots fall behind 21-0 to the Buffalo Bills without Tom Brady, what do you think would happen?  It wouldn't be pretty.

This isn't a knock on Flynn, but it is very high praise for the talent that surrounds Rodgers on a weekly basis.  

New Orleans without Brees would also be in a world of trouble.  Matt Flynn played out of his mind today, but at the same time, he showed the rest of America just how good Green Bay's TEAM is.

It's seemed Rodgers has had the MVP locked up since October, but if you really look at it from every angle, I just don't see it being that clear cut.  This week just reinforced that notion.