WWE Fantasy: Monday Night Raw, Jan. 2

Michael BroughtonAnalyst IJanuary 2, 2012

WWE Fantasy: Monday Night Raw, Jan. 2

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    Hi, welcome to this week's edition of Monday Night Raw fantasy. These weekly shows are made to show what we want to happen in WWE. This is my first post as new general manager alongside Will Owen. I am still getting used to the process so bare with me.

    As it is my first time, please comment with any criticism. Also please rate the show out of 10 below, because it is a competition of SmackDown (Kevin Berge) vs Raw (Will Owen and myself)

    Now, on to the show.

    The intro rolls, and we are ready for Monday Night Raw! 

Opening Segment

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    To start the show, Sheamus comes out to a parade of boos. He gets in the ring and grabs a microphone.

    Sheamus: Tonight I will be in the main event just where I should be. I am the best the WWE has to offer and the face of this industry. It doesn't matter who I am facing tonight, I will win. Week in and week out, I prove myself yet you people continue to disrespect me. I am the first and only Irish-born WWE champion. IDING DING DING

    Jerry Lawler:Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention. I have received an email from the anonymous Raw general manager. The email says: Sheamus, you may want to wipe that smirk of your face, because tonight, you will be facing Kane!

    Sheamus immediately looks shocked and begins throwing a tantrum. 

    Sheamus: This is the issue here on Raw. I am continuously held back by inconsiderate spotlight stealers, like the Anonymous Raw GM. Raw General Manager, you are nothing but a coward! DING DING DING

    Lawler: The Anonymous Raw GM says: Listen Sheamus, if you continue to run your mouth you will face severe consequences.

    Sheamus: Do you think you intimidate me? You can do anything you want, because you will never b—DING DING DING

    Lawler: The Anonymous Raw Gm says: I warned you Sheamus. Tonight, your match with Kane will be a first blood match!

    Sheamus: Are you serious? You are making a big mistake fella. You can't hide behind a computer forever! 

    Sheamus leaves the ring with a look of disbelief on his face.

Match #1: Hart Dynasty vs Will Regal/Mason Ryan

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    Tyson Kidd and DH Smith come out together to a pretty nice reaction. After they get in the ring, Will Regal comes down the ramp with a microphone and accompanied by Mason Ryan.                                        

    Regal: You foolish, foolish men. Do you realize who you are stepping in the ring with? I am an accomplished veteran, a former Intercontinental champion, and the 2008 King of the Ring. The man standing next to me is a complete and utter monster. He will not give in to your pleads, as he will destroy both of you. There is no turning back now though. Your fate is sealed.

    Regal and Smith start out the match. They lock up, but Regal is immediately thrown down. Instead of getting up, Will quickly crawls over to Mason and makes the tag. Smith runs at Ryan but is hit with a huge clothesline. Ryan picks up David and lands a fall away slam. Smith pulls himself up, but Mason immediately nails him with a boot to the head. Now that David is down, Regal asks to be tagged in. Will quickly locks in a headlock on the grounded competitor. Regal continues to apply the lock as we head to a commercial break.

    When we return from the break, Smith is still fighting his way out of Regal's headlock. David gets to his feet and continuously hits Will's torso with elbows. Regal lets go and stutters back. He tries to hit Smith with a clothesline but is reversed into a power slam. Smith uses the ropes to help himself up. Once he is on his feet, David Hart nails his patented vertical suplex. Ryan tries to run in, but is met with a big boot from Smith. Regal is still down and Tyson is begging for the tag. Smith drags Will into the corner and makes the tag. They hit the Hart Attack and Kidd makes the cover. 1....2....3!


    Mason roles into the ring to tend to Regal as Kidd and Smith celebrate. Regal finally gets to his feet and climbs out of the ring. As he heads to the locker room, Regal argues with Ryan over their loss.

Promo #1: RVD Backstage

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    Backstage, Josh Matthews is with RVD.

    Josh: Rob, you are down 2-1 with Shelton in your best of 5 series for #1 contender to the United States championship. If you lose tonight, it is over. Are you nervous?

    Rob: Josh, I am never nervous. I am Rob Van Dam. I have been doing this for years, and have gone against adversity before. I was the only wrestler to announce when I will cash in Money in the Bank, because I don't need an advantage. Tonight is no different. I don't care how much I am down, I am not out. I will tie up the series tonight and then I will hold all the momentum. The United States Title will be mine. It is just a matter of when and where.

    Josh: Thanks for your time Rob. Good luck out there.

    Rob: Save your breath Josh. I don't need luck.

Match #2: Beth Pheonix and Kaitlyn vs Melina and Kelly Kelly

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    The next match is a divas tag match. Beth and Kaitlyn come out first, followed by Melina and Kelly Kelly.

    Melina and Kaitlyn start out. Melina immediately locks in a head lock, but Kaitlyn quickly rolls out and hits Melina with a suplex. Kaitlyn immediately wraps her legs around Melina's torso and squeezes down on her ribs. Melina tries rolling out, but can't seem to get out. She then starts connecting with a few elbows to Kaitlyn's face. Eventually Kaitlyn lets go and the two women try to pull themselves up. Kaitlyn runs for a clothesline but Melina takes her out with a leg sweep. Kaitlyn lands on the second rope. Melina then hits a double knee strike right into Kaitlyn's back. When Kaitlyn finally gets up, Melina nails her with a spinning face buster. Melina is in control and irish whips Kaityln into the corner. Melina tags in Kelly and holds Kaittlyn down in the corner, while K2 hits a running dropkick. Kelly goes for the hurricanrana, but is caught by Kaitlyn and power bombed down to the mat. Kaitlyn goes for the pin. 1...2...Kick Out!

    Kaitlyn argues with the referee but gives in and makes the tag to Beth. Kelly tries to get up but the Glamazon hits her with a running boot to the stomach. Beth then heads to the top rope. When K2 gets to her feet, Phoenix hits a diving clothesline and goes for the cover. 1...2...Kick Out!

    Beth looks a little annoyed but continues her attack. She picks Kelly up and hits a shoulder back breaker. Kelly is helpless as Beth picks her up and hits the Glam Slam. Instead of making the cover, Beth locks in her Glam Slam submission maneuver. Kelly has no where to go, and taps out. 


    Melina tries to help Kelly to her feet as Beth and Kaitlyn celebrate. They walk back to the locker room, taunting Melina, who is visibly frustrated.

Match #3: RVD vs Shelton Benjamin (Best of 5 Series with Shelton Leading 2-1)

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    RVD comes out first to a great reaction. Benjamin is out next, and he has a mic in his hand. 

    Shelton: Listen RVD, I respect you. You are a former WWE champion and a seasoned veteran. However, right now you are standing between me and a United States title shot. I will not let this opportunity pass. Rob, your time is up, and tonight I will finish off what I started. 

    RVD laughs and the bell rings. 

    The two lock up in the ring, and Shelton hits a knee to the gut of RVD. After a few punches, Benjamin bounces off the ropes and knocks Van Dam down with a clothesline. Benjamin bounces of the ropes again, but this time hits a jumping implant DDT. When Rob gets up Shelton goes for the kick to the gut, but RVD catches his leg. Benjamin spins out and hits a picture perfect dragon whip. Benjamin picks up Rob and hits the Shell Bomb into the corner. Shelton backs up and hits a running clothesline of Van Dam while he is groggy in the corner. As RVD staggers towards the middle of the ring, Shelton nails him with a Bridging Northern Lights Suplex and goes for the pin. 1...2... Kick Out.

    Instead of arguing, Benjamin goes back on the offense, hitting a T-Bone Suplex and going for another cover. 1...2..Kick Out!

    Shelton looks shocked but doesn't stop his attack. He backs up into the corner and waits for Rob to get up. When RVD gets to his feet, Benjamin nails a super kick. He goes for the pin. 1...2...Kick Out!!

    Shelton is outraged. He begins to argue with the referee. After a long time arguing, Shelton turns his attention back to RVD. However, Rob has recovered and hits the Van-Daminator. Rob gets to his feet and bounces off the ropes for his patented Rolling Thunder. Instead of going for the pin, Van Dam immediately gets up on the top rope for the Five-Star Frog Splash. He hits it and goes for the pin on Shelton. 1...2...3!!!! 


    RVD slides out of the ring and does his signature celebration. The fans are going crazy as Shelton lays helpless in the ring. RVD is still celebrating as we head to a commercial.

Match #4: Drew McIntyre W/ Layla vs Alex Riley (Non-Title Match)

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    When we return from the break, Drew McIntyre and Layla are in the ring.

    Drew: Earlier tonight, Mason Ryan and Will Regal lost to the Hart Dynasty. However, unlike them, I will make the Empire Alliance proud with a win here tonight. I will beat Alex Riley and later tonight, Sheamus will win his first blood match. Tonight I will prove why I am the greatest United States Champion in history, and unfortunately for Alex Riley, he will suffer a terrible fate.

    Alex Riley's music hits, and Alex comes out with a microphone in hand. 

    Alex: Listen Drew, I've had enough of you. You come out here each week and run your mouth. Tonight, I will put an end to that. I am coming for your United States championship and I will take out anything in my way. So I suggest your little girlfriend doesn't decide to interfere because I'm not afraid to give her a beating along with you.

    Alex climbs into the ring and Layla slides out to ringside. The bell rings and the two lock up. Alex backs Drew into the corner, but McIntyre grabs the ropes, forcing Riley to let go. The referee is pulling Alex away when Drew hits Riley with a clothesline. The scottish superstar quickly hits a double knee arm breaker. McIntyre irish whips Riley off the ropes and follows it up with a Tilt-A-Whirl Gutbuster. While Alex is down, Drew taunts the crowd. However, when McIntyre turns around, he is met by a huge clothesline from Riley. Both men are down.

    When they get to their feet, Drew goes for a running clothesline but is reversed into a hangman's flapjack. Alex then hits a series of running drop kicks before nailing a back suplex. Riley is going crazy and Drew tries to get up. Seeing that her boyfriend is in trouble, Layla gets up on the apron as a distraction. Alex goes to knock her off, but she jumps down just before he reaches her. When Riley turns around, he is hit with a running knee to the head. Drew signals it is time for the Future Shock. He goes for it, but Riley rolls out and pulls Drew into a clothesline. Alex then hits a front headlock face buster and goes for the pin 1..2..Kick Out!

    Riley throws Drew off the ropes and nails a hip toss into a neck breaker. When McIntyre gets up, Riley hits a spine buster and immediately picks Drew up for his finishing move, You're Dismissed. Alex gets him in the fireman's carry position, but McIntyre rakes the eyes and goes for a school boy pin. 1...2..Kick Out!!

    McIntyre then nails a huge boot to the face of Alex Riley. McIntyre goes up on the top ropes, but Alex takes out his legs before he can jump. Riley climbs up on the turnbuckle and picks up Drew. Riley hits You're Dismissed off the top rope! He makes the cover. 1...2...3!!!


    Riley celbrates for a minute or two, but then grabs a microphone.

    Alex: Drew, I am getting a shot at your title, and after New Year's Revolution, I will be the new United States Champion.

    He leaves the ring as Layla tends to her boyfriend. 

Promo #2: Randy Orton

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    Randy Orton comes down to the ring with a serious expression on his face. He immediately grabs a microphone.

    Randy: I am a 9-time world champion. I am the youngest World Heavyweight Champion in history. I have done it all in this business. I have taken out legends such as Mick Foley, Sg. Slaughter, Undertaker, and Hulk Hogan. I have proven that I am the best competitor to ever step in the ring. Yet, I have somehow become an afterthought. When people speak of the upcoming Elimination Chamber match, they speak about Rey Mysterio, Sheamus, and Wade Barrett. They seem to forget th---

    The Nation of Domination's music hits, and Mark Henry comes out.

    Mark: Randy, Randy, Randy. You must not realize that I am competing in the Elimination Chamber match. I am the world's strongest man. I am the most intimidating man in all of the WWE. Do you really think that you can stop me? I have beaten you before, and I will make sure I do it again. You will be lucky if you can walk out of the arena after New Year's Rev---

    Tyler Black's music now hits, and he walks down the ramp with a mic in his hand.

    Tyler: You guys are so ignorant. Neither of you will walk out of New Year's Revolution with the WWE championship, because I will win! I am younger, hungrier and simply better. I am easily the most talented superstar in all of WWE, and I will prove it come January 8th.

    Tyler goes to climb in the ring, but Randy immediately grabs him and hits his patented second rope DDT. However, when Randy turns around, Mark hits him with the World's Strongest Slam.

    Tyler and Randy lay motionless as Mark leaves the ring. Henry stares down both men as he backs away from the ring. Mark turns around and walks back to the locker room without ever turning back. 

Match #5: Chris Masters vs Skip Sheffield

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    Chris Masters comes out first, to a pretty large amount of heat. Sheffield is out next, looking intense and angry. The bell rings and the two locks up.

    Sheffield immediately goes on the offense, pushing Masters into the corner and connecting with a few punches. When Masters gets out of the corner, he goes for a clothesline but misses, and Skip hits a hard double axe handle. Chris gets up, and Sheffield nails another powerful double axe handle. Then Skip hits a few rolling belly to belly suplexes. Masters tries fighting back with a few punches, but is immediately knocked back down with a huge clothesline. Skip then picks up Masters and connects with a vertical Gourdbuster, then goes for a pin. 1...2...Kick Out!

    Skip doesn't stop his ruthless beat down, nailing Chris with a huge powerslam. Skip goes for another cover. 1...2...Kick Out!

    Still on the attack, Skip bounces off the ropes and hits a big splash. Instead of going for the pin, he continues his attack on Masters. Skip backs up into the corner and waits for Masters to stand up. When Chris finally gets to his feet, Skip hits a monstrous clothesline from hell, and makes the pin. 1...2...3!!!


    Instead of celebrating, Skip grabs a microphone.

    Skip: Masters, for weeks you have verbally bullied Triple H and I will no longer allow it. Hunter's wrestling days are behind him, so you think it is okay to mess with him. Well now I'm here to stop you. I am Hunter's new personal bodyguard. You will no longer disrespect the chairman of WWE. He is the boss, and you will adhere to everything he says. If you try to protest, I will give you a beating ten times worse then the one you received tonight. However, don't think this is over. I will see to it, that you are punished for what you have done. I will not stop, until you suffer for the crimes you have committed! Also, I am not alone. I will be assisted by the unstoppable force known as Vladimir Koslov. Together, we will finish you! 

    Sip walks back up the ramp without ever looking bank, and Masters still tries to stand on his feet.

Promo #3: Rey Mysterio Backstage

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    Backstage, Josh Matthews is with Rey Mysterio

    Josh: Rey, you will be defending your title against 5 other men inside the elimination chamber at New Year's Revolution. What is going through your mind as you prepare for this kind of match?

    Rey: I'm going into this match like I would any other. I'm not a big guy, but I have heart and passion. I am always against the odds, yet I stand here as WWE Champion. After New Year's Revolution, I will still be your WWE Champion. 

    Josh: Don't you think it will be hard to defend your title inside satan's structure with 5 other competitors?

    Rey: This isn't my first time in an elimination chamber match. I understand the pain you must endure to come out as champion. But I will go through all the pain in the world if it means I can hold on to the WWE Championship. This title means everything to me, and I'm not losing it anytime soon.

Main Event: Kane vs Sheamus (First Blood)

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    Kane comes out first to a pretty solid reaction. Sheamus is out next and the boos are deafening. Sheamus walks slowly and hesitates before stepping in the ring. He is visibly intimidated by Kane.

    The bells ring and the match is underway. Kane immediately hits a few uppercuts on Sheamus, backing him up against the ropes. Kane clotheslines Sheamus out of the ring and follows him to the outside. Sheamus tries to scurry away but Kane grabs him and tosses him into the steel steps. While Sheamus is down, Kane goes under the rings and grabs a chair. Kane is about the sandwich Sheamus' head between the steel steps and the chair, but the Celtic Warriors slides out of the way. Kane lifts the chair up again, but Sheamus hits him with a low blow. Sheamus picks up the chair and nails Kane in the forehead. Sheamus picks up Kane and powerslams him straight into the steel steps. Kane is down and Sheamus uses the time to taunt his competitor. The Great White then picks the chair back up and waits for Kane to rise. He goes for another chair shot, but the Big Red Monster catches the chair. Kane tosses the chair to the ground and starts pounding Sheamus with punches. Kane hits a sidewalk slam, before bringing the steel steps back into play. He pulls the steps apart and slides Sheamus' head in between. It looks like Sheamus is about to get his skull crushed. However, just as Kane is about to connect with the steps, Barrett attacks him from behind.

    Wade hits a pump handle slam as Sheamus gets to his feet. Wade grabs the chair and nails Kane repeatedly in the back. Kane is helpless as the two continue their assault. Barrett holds a chair to Kane's head, and Sheamus hits a huge Brogue kick. Surprisingly, Kane has still not drawn blood.

    Sheamus looks under the ring for a weapon and comes out with a steel pipe. Barrett holds Kane down as Sheamus continuously hits the Big Red Monster with a steel pipe. Barrett goes for his finishing move, Wasteland, but Kane slides out. When the Sheamus and Barrett go to attack Kane, he grabs both men by the neck for a double chokeslam. However, the two men reverse it and hit him with a suplex.  Kane is knocked out as Barrett goes for Wasteland again, but this time connects. Sheamus then grabs the chair from earlier in the match, and Wade find another chair under the ring. Both guys wait for Kane to get up for a conchairto, when suddenly the lights go out....

Main Event (continued):Kane vs Sheamus (First Blood)

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    When the lights turn back on, Wade Barrett is gone. Inside the ring Sheamus is alone, but Kane is waiting behind him and so is a returning Undertaker!!!

    When Sheamus turns around, the Brothers of Destruction hit him with a double chokeslam. The two men each grab a chair and wait for Sheamus to stand. When Sheamus gets to his feet, he is hit with a conchairto and busted wide open. Blood pours down his face as the match ends.


    Kane does his signature fire celebration as Sheamus lies in the middle of the ring, wearing a crimson mask. The night comes to an end with Kane and Undertaker both standing over the Celtic Warrior. The Brothers of Destruction are reunited! 


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    Well that concludes this episode of Monday Night Raw. I hope you enjoyed. New Year Revolution will take place on Sunday, January 8th.

    Please comment with a rating out of ten, as well as any suggestions, questions, or criticism. That's a wrap!

    On Sunday the card will look like this:

    Match #1: Chris Master+x vs Skip Sheffield and Vladimir Koslov w/ TripleH as Special Guest Ref.

    Match #2: Kelly Kelly vs Layla El for #1 Contender to Women Title

    Match #3: RVD vs Shelton Benjamin--- Match 5 of 5 for #1 contender to US Title

    Match #4: Hart Dynasty vs Colons (non-title match)

    Match #5: Drew McIntyre vs Alex Riley (US Title Match)

    Main Event: Sheamus vs  Randy Orton vs Rey Mysterio vs Mark Henry vs Wade Barrett vs Tyler Black ----Elimination Chamber match for WWE Championship