Clemson Tigers: Dabo Swinney Isn't Going To Last Long If Things Don't Change

Chad HensleyCorrespondent IJanuary 2, 2009

For a moment in the 2009 Gator Bowl, I thought Tommy Bowden and Rob Spence were roaming the sidelines for the Clemson Tigers.

Nope, it was Dabo Swinney, but it looked about the same.

A trick play to start the game? 

Dabo, are you a ring leader or a football coach? Obviously he didn't prepare them enough for this "statement" play, because the Tigers had to call a timeout to talk it over.

That's right.  A timeout before the first play of the game.

In every Clemson game I have watched this year, and I have watched them all, the analysts give the "Keys to the Game" or something of that nature. Those analysts always say the opposing team must stop "Lightning and Thunder," CJ Spiller and James Davis.

Every time I laugh, because neither Bowden or Swinney ever use the duo properly. Davis had 12 carries, and Spiller had seven. Dabo gave his best player seven touches on the ground?  And when they looked like they were starting to make progress, gaining 8 or 9 yards a pop, the Tigers went back to the pass.

I don't know about other Tiger fans watching at home, but I actually looked forward to kickoffs, because that is the best offense Clemson had all day. Spiller was amazing on kickoffs, only to have every one of them mean nothing because of suspect playcalling and a certain quarterback.

Why would Dabo put the game in the hands of his worst skill player, quarterback Cullen Harper?  Harper (17/37, 206, 2 TD, 2 INT) single handedly kept Nebraska in it and ended up giving them the game at the end with his ridiculous decision making. 

If you do the math, Harper had twice as many attempts as Spiller and Davis had carries.

Dabo, what in the H.E. Double Hockey Sticks are you doing!

I realize the offensive line wasn't much this year, but put in a more mobile quarterback that isn't afraid to get hurt.

Give your best players the ball on as many plays as possible. 

Don't give up on the run just because it doesn't work out a couple times.

Stop with ridiculous trick plays and bubble screens.

Start being the coach we all want you to be.

Dabo, we all want you to succeed. You just have a lot of changing to do.