Spoiler: A Letter to the Kansas City Chiefs from an Oakland Raiders' Fan

Jus GonsalvesContributor IIIDecember 28, 2011

Kyle Orton.. End Tebowmania
Kyle Orton.. End TebowmaniaJamie Squire/Getty Images

Dear Kansas City,

On January 1st, 2012 you have the chance to start the new year off with a win, one over an AFC division rival which could speak volumes over the direction of your team next year.

Romeo Crennel is an awesome mind, he stopped the 'invincible' Packers, he put a stake in the heart of 'immortality' and has the Dolphins poppin' bottles in celebration.

As an Oakland Raider fan, I was nurtured from birth to hate the 'ketchup and mustard' colored uniforms from Arrowhead, so much that I had to turn my back and essentially shun Marcus Allen. But in 2012? Things are changing, and it all begins with the game against the Denver Broncos.

Kyle Orton—a man conflicted and booed in his season opener as a Bronco—will be returning to Mile High as a Chief, and let him rip the Bronco's throats out and jump all over it. Let Tamba Hali and Derrick Johnson decimate Denver's suspect offensive line, but most of all...let the secondary gobble Tebow's inaccurate passes and take them back to the house just like Flowers did to Carson Palmer.

The 2011-12 NFL season had a lot of firsts for me, cheering on the Patriots (against the Broncos) was one of them, another will be supporting the Chiefs as they look to eliminate the Broncos from the AFC West Championship—allowing the Raiders to compete for it.

I know, it will definitely be hard for the Chiefs to allow the Raiders to move into that position, but hey... there's no need to fret! Oakland and KC's season has mirrored each other's—losing the starting quarterback for one... also losing the most explosive part of the offense in Jamaal Charles as we lost Darren McFadden which may very well be for the whole season.

The Raiders have been bitten by the injury bug arguably just as bad as the Chiefs' has been, so KC should take the incentive to not just help Raider Nation by taking the fight directly to the Broncos, but to also remember that this is a grand shot to do the unthinkable...

Put a lid on 'Tebowmania.'

Carson Palmer, Phillip Rivers, Kyle Orton/Matt Cassel, these four men have similarities—they're good quarterbacks. Rivers is having an off season, Palmer is getting into the groove, Cassel is hurt but Orton is OK. They're all good quarterbacks. All four of these men can read defenses, they're TRUE quarterbacks, not like that glorified running back that has an awkward throwing motion.

So this is the Chiefs' chance to once and for all spoil Tebow's 'magical season' and make sure to make him pay for thinking he can run that Gator-inspired offense in the NFL.

Rip him up and leave him in pieces.

Play for Romeo, too, Chiefs. He has a bright future ahead of him—especially when Charles, Berry and Moekai is back next season. Give Pioli a reason to retain his services other than just stuffing the Green Bay Packers' undefeated season in the mouths of all those cocky cheesehead fans.

Kansas City, I know the Oakland Raiders spoiled your playoff chances and I'd apologize for Raider Nation but the fact of the matter is—we're not sorry. This season is dedicated to the memory of our fallen leader and there's no looking back. The Raiders did what they needed to do on Christmas Eve, it sucked but there's a lot on the line.

Play for this Guy
Play for this GuyJamie Squire/Getty Images

On Sunday, the first day of January, walk into Denver and show them who will be a power next season once everyone is back and healthy. As the Raiders handle the San Diego Chargers, your game will be important. Kyle Orton's prodigal son-like return to Denver should prove a victory for the Chiefs.

Next year the Chiefs can try to settle the score with the Raiders, but that's not important right now. The main focus is beating the Broncos and leaving the door wide open for the Raiders to walk into the post season as the AFC West champions.

Next year the Raiders and Chiefs can battle for AFC West supremacy, but on the first of January? Just take out those pesky Broncos, lunch will be on Raider Nation.