Super Bowl XLII: It can only be called "THE PLAY"

Dean MikelisCorrespondent IFebruary 18, 2008

Article Source: NFL 2008: National Football League Player Scouting Combine and Draft

Two weeks past the most memorable Super Bowl Game in NFL History it is almost time to turn the page on the 2007 National Football League season and start examining the NFL's 2008 Player Scouting Combine and NFL Draft.

However, before moving on a few more chapters to add to this story book season.

The Play 

New York area television and radio stations gave thousands of fans the opportunity to submit a name for THE PLAY.

And to be honest, quite a few good names were submitted for the best and most amazing play in Super Bowl history.   The best I could come up with—Eli Mandini and the Tyreefic Trap.   "Mandini" for Eli Manning's Houdini-like escape from the clutches of the New England Patriots defense;   and, of course, David Tyree's amazing leap and then trapping the ball against his helmet for the catch.

The difficult part of naming the play is that there are four amazing parts to it—the escape, the throw, the leap and the catch.   I've seen the video replays and the pictures.

Yet, the only way I can describe it as is THE PLAY.   Not only because the Giants won Super Bowl XLII, but also this was THE PLAY that spoiled the New England Patriots place in NFL History.

Some Quotes to Close out the NFL 2007 Season and Super Bowl XLII 

Only makes sense to quote Eli Manning and David Tyree... 

Eli Manning on THE PLAY 

"We had a lot of big plays.   Amani Toomer had a big third-down catch.   We had a fourth-down conversion, a fourth-and-one conversion.   Steve Smith on third-and-ten.   You could see the end zone, we were getting close and we still had a lot of work.   He had a great catch on the sideline to be able to get up the field and get the first down, and get out of bounds to stop the clock.   The offensive line was doing their job protecting, and everybody had their part and their role.   [New England] had been playing zone, keeping two safeties back and just playing a little conservative through that whole drive.   Finally, I knew they’d come after us.   They came out with a blitz and had one-on-one with Plaxico Burress.   That’s a match-up we’re going to take every time. He ran a great route, got wide open and made a great catch."

NFL 2008: National Football League Player Scouting Combine and Draft

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