1. #BREAKING: Watch #Periscope for the latest on #LamarOdom http://t.co/S3Tdg26txC

  2. Russ' Face Now on Mountain Dew Cans

  3. Curry Sarcastically Apologizes for Warriors Championship Run

  4. Ex-Pro Bowl RB Dunn Has Gifted 145 Homes to Single Parents

  5. Tom Brady's dog just broke the Internet pic.twitter.com/pXXcbhrcsq

  6. As a Yankees fan, I can't rip Donnie Baseball, but this is insanity.

  7. Connor McDavid flashes golden hands on first NHL goal - http://t.co/2QyiK6EH8r http://t.co/TKXDA1sQiI

  8. Kaminsky Shows Off Amazing Dance Moves in Shanghai

  9. After 26 years, the Head Ball Coach has officially resigned from college football. 

  10. Rousey's Mom Blasts Daughter's Coach

  11. Mets fans have to be orgasming right now. Kerhsaw done for night.

  12. Cubs advance to NLCS for the first time since 2003. What a time to be alive!

  13. 11 Players Sent Off After Huge Soccer Brawl

  14. Watch: Even Redskins DL Get Scared at Haunted Houses

  15. Dolphins Doing Practice Tug-of-War, Watching MJ Vids

  16. 94 pitches thru 7 for Kershaw. He has to pitch the 8th, no?

  17. Cubs advance to NLCS for the first time since 2003. What a time to be alive! https://t.co/Z4pbuyHoMG

  18. So Sabres Rookie Jack Eichel Is Pretty, Pretty Good

  19. Big Ben Trolls NFL with Fake Phone During Game

  20. Mets Fans Are Rabid: 'We Want Utley!'

  21. Lamar Odom was reportedly airlifted to a Nevada hospital after being found unconscious in a legal brothel http://t.co/foXtncpwbm

  22. How does Granderson not even attempt one bunt against that shift leading off an inning?

  23. Watch: Rugby Player Flubs Drive, Rory Can't Stop Laughing

  24. Brady: Coca-Cola Is 'Poison for Kids'

  25. JR Sweet Tooth: Smith Gets Cotton Candy Mid-Game

  26. Magic's Mario Hezonja hooks Aaron Gordon up with a bounce pass alley-oop! https://t.co/UzQGOL8hiN

  27. Lamar Odom was reportedly airlifted to a Nevada hospital after being found unconscious in a legal brothel.

  28. Utley Thunderously Booed by Mets Fans

  29. NFL Tells Williams He Can't Wear Pink to Honor Mother

  30. California has banned smokeless tobacco at baseball parks http://t.co/YhD0p5e7GZ

  31. Mario Henzonja picks Aaron Gordon out for a magical bounce alley-oop – http://t.co/NCSFRyMrcT https://t.co/m5rlnGnObg

  32. Cubs Take Shot at Cards for Curtain Calls

  33. Time to Deactivate TEX Governor's Twitter

  34. 'Back to the Future II' predicted that the Cubs would win the 2015 World Series.. #destiny? http://t.co/2UTQCaTZyl http://t.co/R8vS3GDpjv

  35. Hey @andersoncooper, can you please ask Bernie Sanders what he thought of the Jay Buhner-Ken Phelps trade? Thanks.

  36. Lance: Hornets Didn't Treat Me Like a Star

  37. Tejada Gets Applause in Citi Field Return

  38. Even if what he says makes sense, it's just impossible to get past Bernie Sanders sounding exactly like Frank Costanza.

  39. Lamar Odom Overdosed In Brothel Now Fighting For His Life ? http://t.co/wIJcifEDLZ http://t.co/oqoTBXL1an

  40. Blue Angels Caused Carr to Throw Pick-6?

  41. Browne Confirms His Relationship with Rousey

  42. Is this Dem candidate speaking now the guy from "Whose Line Is It Anyway?"

  43. Just now seeing the pic of @JerrySeinfeld & Chris Rock during Yoenis Cespedes HR last night. Pretty outstanding. http://t.co/gGr1JGta9C

  44. Harbs Quotes 'The Lion King' in Presser

  45. Watch: MLBN's Byrnes Recreates Utley Slide

  46. Some Facebook bros analyze the U.S.-Mexico CONCACAF Cup game and absolutely nail it. http://t.co/hNXWlkN40z http://t.co/6XkE35WexS

  47. Lamar Odom Fighting for His Life ... Found Unconscious at Nevada Brothel http://t.co/Ls6NUxxscl

  48. Timberwolves Center Nikola Pekovic Throws Medicine Ball 15 Rows into Stands

  49. Watch: Porter Nutmegs Defender En Route to And-1

  50. Watch (and listen) as Cubs fans go absolutely nuts while team seals trip to NLCS – http://t.co/Yo3hzkE0xS http://t.co/9WsOcLaFl1

  51. Cubs beat Cardinals to advance to NLCS, are doing this - http://t.co/crXL9BWRoQ http://t.co/M6Z7cAhRiC