1. John Harbaugh '99.99 percent certain' he didn't shout obscenity at Jay Gruden – http://t.co/noC4E568Jf http://t.co/xwkNvD8tJG

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  11. Judge now says Tom Brady ruling will come "by end of the week," so make more signs. http://t.co/mperV4rDPk http://t.co/mEgkvCKlgN

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  16. McDonald's voted yes to start offering all-day breakfast in over 14,000 restaurants in October http://t.co/MtDAPzOT1v http://t.co/iSNrzvRcxO

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  39. Slow day…so you should watch this Creepy 1960s Clown Commercial for Cereal: http://t.co/CCGvOP9FYj http://t.co/aMg6uQMH38

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  48. The Redskins appear to have moved on from RGIII after naming Kirk Cousins their 2015 starter. 

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