1. VIDEO: “Dizzy golf challenge” takes a spin for the worst as ball hits golfer in the face http://t.co/iGY7fujeN2 http://t.co/C1i81OItiX

  2. Video: McGregor, Aldo Pulled Apart at UFC 'Go Big' Event

  3. Kansas Students Struggle to Talk About Football Team

  4. Mendoza Joins ESPN Booth for Rest of Year

  5. You Think the Giants Miss Joe Panik?

  6. Jessica Mendoza will replace Curt Schilling on 'Sunday Night Baseball' for rest of season - http://t.co/xqzUgwdu53

  7. It looks like Tim Tebow is going to stay with the Eagles http://t.co/KO7jwMuDp5 http://t.co/FAvpnn0wHV

  8. Colorado-Hawaii Game Ends After Refs Don't Spot Ball in Time

  9. Team Scores TD After Lining Up with 10 Players on D in Teammate's Honor

  10. Linebacker Destroys Poor Running Back

  11. John Wall bought a $20,000 portrait of himself for his birthday and it looks cool actually http://t.co/EwFIsFmdhJ http://t.co/zrfLO1jZmi

  12. VIDEO: Jose Aldo and Conor McGregor almost came to blows at @ufc’s #GOBIG press event http://t.co/5ID53zkQ79 http://t.co/YH6daqUnCy

  13. Utah Trolled Harbaugh, Michigan with a Khaki Reference

  14. QB Makes Defense Look Silly

  15. Redskins Skip RG3 in Jersey Countdown

  16. Charlie the dog had an A+ surprising reaction when he learned his baby sister is coming home http://t.co/673g1yUiqy http://t.co/yveSr3brTs

  17. WATCH: Nuggets mascot absolutely destroys youth football player http://t.co/Pnb9hPrZAx http://t.co/BlkStpc8ff

  18. Just Fine Everyone: Mandating Fines for the Sporting World at Large

  19. Bryce Scores 4 Runs Despite Not Recording Official At-Bat

  20. The World's Highest Backward Shot

  21. VIDEO: 5-year-old shows off insane strength by doing push-ups on bottles #Gains http://t.co/8gCZken8w9 http://t.co/42VU96DLbP

  22. Tim Tebow -- STALLONE HAS MY BACK ... 'He Should Be 1st String!' (Video) http://t.co/lBRwEGlxPn

  23. Gronk to Introduce Hot Sauce

  24. Minnesota Uses 'Dramatic Chipmunk' to Distract Kickers

  25. Video: Titans Kicker's Successful Hail Mary Gets Called Back

  26. Rob Gronkowski is getting his own hot sauce - http://t.co/gOLF8kkz2H

  27. SI Swimsuit Model Rose Bertram’s Instagram is Superb: http://t.co/8qHMhQSXZ3 http://t.co/od2qgVOHPG

  28. Watch: Tebow Throws Multiple TDs vs. Jets

  29. Twitter Reacts to Brady's Victory

  30. Tom Brady -- Big Papi Is Happy I'm Not Suspended http://t.co/odkCNWV552

  31. Common -- I'm a Baller Athlete ... I Can Score On Michael Jordan http://t.co/ImOV5wEwrG

  32. Bills CB Scores Pick-6 After Wacky Deflection

  33. High School Running Back Is 4-Foot-5

  34. Storm Troopers Twerking in Times Square for #ForceFriday is Magical: http://t.co/lmBOAOQLbr http://t.co/Y72zqSls5h

  35. Parents make kid-sized “Ninja Warrior” course that their child proceeds to dominate http://t.co/yB38tlZrEx http://t.co/reH4r4WsDS

  36. The Suit Helped Him Lift 675 Pounds

  37. Utah RB Booker Hurdles Michigan Defender

  38. Bubba Watson's chest hair is looking absolutely absurd now http://t.co/z4iUKPYFni http://t.co/23kOsFwJ41

  39. Cristiano Ronaldo reportedly receives over $250K for promotional tweets, more than @KingJames http://t.co/KJeUCQLB0H http://t.co/4sZHJEm4Cp

  40. Blake Uses Life-Sized Emojis in Q&A

  41. Simms Heaves Ball Backwards Instead of Taking Sack

  42. Cristano Ronaldo reportedly receives more than $250,000 for promotional tweets. LeBron James? $140,000. ⚽️

  43. Eagles ship QB Matt Barkley to the Cardinals which means that we are so close to #TebowTime http://t.co/nWQkk5xTUY http://t.co/OOWyutIF97

  44. All of New England Rejoices Over Brady Ruling

  45. A UT-Austin rapper put out the hottest white boy track of the summer http://t.co/gqutTneuel http://t.co/4XnytCpCDu

  46. A human covered his back in Floyd Mayweather tattoos - http://t.co/MAxGEQe1Ci

  47. Yep, Jim Harbaugh Is Ready for Some Football

  48. Redskins Charge $50 to Use Will Call Envelope

  49. Tim Tebow making the Eagles has never been closer http://t.co/cBPSVfTmAG http://t.co/COZIJu2Vqc

  50. Welp, at least now we know what we're going as for Halloween... #deflategate http://t.co/gQjEcdgQXF