1. Texas Tech's Jakeem Grant scores on fake-kneel play against Texas https://t.co/YcSd7lpAqD https://t.co/BuGRhydKci

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  4. Steph Is Hyped Over Kuechly's Pick 6

  5. Williams Just Driving Around with Turkey

  6. The Bears go to Lambeau Field and knock off the Packers 17-13! https://t.co/Rwv7NgwSmL

  7. Retweeted Shawne Merriman (@shawnemerriman): You just know Brett has another game in him

  8. Thanks for the memories, Brett. #4Ever #OurColors

  9. Norman: Cowboys Need to Get Dez's $70M Back

  10. Cam Turns Back the Clock with TD Dance

  11. Thanks for the memories, Brett #4Ever #OurColors https://t.co/s9tJNb1MSt

  12. VIDEO: Monmouth bench goes ham after beating Notre Dame https://t.co/OcB08szcKg https://t.co/osLcUKnTam

  13. Packers organization got Bart Starr out there like #TooSoon https://t.co/EkVp2DugdO

  14. Cam Takes Dabbing to New Level

  15. Watch: Okafor KO's Heckler Outside Boston Bar

  16. Shump Drops GTA-Themed Music Video for Song

  17. Report: Tony Romo is done for the rest of the season,"most likely" has a small fracture in his clavicle https://t.co/vOcetCgj9M

  18. Josh Norman says Cowboys need to get Dez Bryant's $70 Million back https://t.co/aizRPbJjfy

  19. Draymond Green gifts rolex to Tom Izzo with special inscription https://t.co/Us62m6zG8p https://t.co/GXZMqHvy0s

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  21. LeBron, Please Evacuate the Dance Floor

  22. Gabbert's Presser: Where'd Everyone Go?

  23. The Dallas Cowboys awesome trumpeter shows how a national anthem should be performed https://t.co/8dW5tG0jGp

  24. Chip Kelly refuses to take responsibility for Eagles' collapse https://t.co/0XoTvMWguz https://t.co/ggHBRVT720

  25. That Dallas Cowboys playoff miracle will *not* be happening https://t.co/cU4gLVbvqC https://t.co/25ohaYRJBG

  26. Say What? Belichick Gives Thanks to the Media

  27. Dez Busts Out Jordan 12s for Thanksgiving

  28. 'Drake Night' Can Only Mean One Thing

  29. Tom Brady dressed as a crazed turkey and frightened his helpless children https://t.co/GGmerGPm2p

  30. VIDEO: @Patriots QB Tom Brady dresses up as a turkey to surprise his kids https://t.co/Wa5w2gzdTl https://t.co/vprTaQtRZH

  31. Skins Had to Know This Would End Poorly

  32. Settling the 1995-96 Bulls vs. 2015-16 Warriors debate with NBA 2K https://amp.twimg.com/v/e3b7ce91-bdf6-40ff-a208-12da4620bd13 ...

  33. LUUUUUKE! Panthers LB picks off Romo twice and takes one to the house! https://t.co/fiOjMeCWoS

  34. World's angriest Eagles fan loses his mind over Thanksgiving blowout--https://t.co/SI245Jmt61 https://t.co/8ioctifqCG

  35. Colorado's Miller Bites Shoulder of Air Force Player

  36. This Ugly X-Mas Sweater Is a Home Run

  37. The Panthers defeat the Cowboys 33-14, remain undefeated at 11-0 (h/t @somehoodlum) https://t.co/GjnBMIOIXE

  38. The report from the locker room on #TonyRomo came back that he's just colorblind #DALvsCAR

  39. Video: Adele Who? Panthers Lip-Sync 'Hello'

  40. Jason Kidd Loses His Cool on Ref

  41. VIDEO: Cam Newton celebrates TD with some classic dance moves https://t.co/AnxxJrMjAR https://t.co/HJ1VZPHSKo

  42. Maybe the Cowboys can talk Kaepernick off this freeway sign, and start him next week #DALvsCAR https://t.co/KlICuXgQIZ

  43. Steph Curry: 'I Love Watching Messi Play'

  44. Raptors Add 'Hotline Bling' Booth to Arena for 'Drake Night'

  45. Retweeted Dr. Selene Parekh (@seleneparekhmd): #Cowboys Romo - any bone is not solid at 6-8wks after break, esp... https://t.co/mRK0u3ZnZO

  46. Tony Little > Tony Romo https://t.co/uJssKJy49h

  47. Listen: Manziel's Partying Leads Fan to Tears

  48. Celtics Draft Pick Gets Beer Poured on Him During Game

  49. Tony Little > Tony Romo https://t.co/uJssKJy49h https://t.co/gPNkXHIVrz

  50. DeAngelo Williams selfies with what appears to be a live turkey riding shotgun https://t.co/3G1yndwXYp

  51. Harbaugh's Favorite on Thanksgiving? It's Not Turkey

  52. Even Roy Williams Does the Dab

  53. CAM. NEWTON. TD.

  54. Steph seems to be pleased with how his @Panthers are doing (via: @StephenCurry30) https://t.co/kElZID00zY

  55. Fury Serenades Klitschko at Workout

  56. James Harrison Doesn't Only Hunt QBs

  57. Retweeted Skip Bayless (@FunSkipBayless): https://t.co/5TWF3aGDQr https://t.co/0WOLgwELeM

  58. Weeden be at home like https://t.co/uJ5Xv8zqWO

  59. The 16-0 Warriors cannot be stopped! https://amp.twimg.com/v/092a694b-cade-484a-8a13-3f6b62b75c05 ...

  60. Romo be like https://t.co/su0Us4O1Z5

  61. From all of us at SportsGrid to all of you: https://t.co/f6QxFKXndi

  62. Porzingis on Crying Knicks Kid: 'He Already Has My Jersey'

  63. Blake Griffin Finishes an Alley-Oop the Hard Way

  64. Dez Bryant breaks out slick Jordan 12 cleats for 'Color Rush' game vs. Panthers https://t.co/N8EsKICAaQ https://t.co/1mTRml3ZcO

  65. VIDEO: Tony Romo throws pick-6 vs. Panthers on opening drive of Thanksgiving game https://t.co/4yRwjaOZvU https://t.co/XHVHs9kJDB

  66. He Broke the Backboard? Yup. Did He Make the Dunk? Nope

  67. Swaggy P Rocks Agent Zero's Kicks

  68. Tony Romo gets a good luck kiss from his son Hawkins before taking on the Panthers. #Thanksgiving https://t.co/kLrosCipko

  69. Bill Simmons is calling it: Time of death, 2:10 p.m., EST--https://t.co/E1MDcpaLE4 https://t.co/OzoKASVC6H

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  71. Kristaps' on Pre-Game Music: Future and a Little Drake'

  72. MEGA-TURKEY! Calvin Johnson finds the end zone THREE times in the Lions' blowout win!

  73. Lions take care of the Eagles with a 45-14 win! (h/t @courtsidescribbles)

  74. UW Fan Sends Cops Coconut Donuts for Booting Him from Game

  75. LeBron Shows Off His Incredible 'Movember' Mustache

  76. Cam Newton will reportedly wear customized 'Dabbing' cleats vs. Cowboys https://t.co/sXQloPiabK https://t.co/aYEAIg1amN

  77. MEGA-TURKEY! Calvin Johnson finds the end zone 3 times in the Lions’ blowout win! https://t.co/vB1XC2Ckgx