1. Twitter reacts to Darren Rovell's "racism talk is idiotic" tweet--http://t.co/s3XIfRfRuc

  2. Trailer for Will Smith's NFL Concussion Movie Released

  3. Sketch artist Jane Rosenberg is ready for another shot at drawing Tom Brady during today's hearing #wcvb #Deflategate pic.twitter.com/FItsbvqkPq

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  9. ESPN's Rovell on Serena's Endorsements: 'Racism Talk Is Idiotic'

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  11. Let Robert Griffin III be free http://t.co/fzwjPB5jzD http://t.co/NFk0bvJ2uQ

  12. Drone Footage of Flash Flood and Mud Slides in Utah is Terrifying: http://t.co/DNoMrQF3wH http://t.co/dRCBqjeccd

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  21. NBA's Nick Young -- Launches 'Official Inquiry' ... to Join Australian Olympic Team http://t.co/8WdyGCNy1D

  22. Cubs' Jake Arrieta pitched a no-hitter and then did a presser in his pajamas – http://t.co/3GOCYtZv8j http://t.co/JRH3lAdA57

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  24. It Runs in the Family: Steph Tapes Riley's Ankles

  25. Notre Dame Frosh Pflueger Shows Off Dunk Arsenal

  26. A Chinese place was found to be rolling their top-rated dumplings in a rat-filled alley http://t.co/2EPw3hOjpb http://t.co/5lGe8QLaD5

  27. Kanye 2020 "Make America Cray Again" is on sale now now http://t.co/M7Ijd3N5JM http://t.co/SOrC1qp6Ix

  28. Fan Gets Seguin In-N-Out After Twitter Exchange

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  30. Cubs to have pajama party on flight home following Jake Arrieta’s no-hitter http://t.co/uVVtPWEsIG http://t.co/5p41bhvxx7

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  33. Adorable Dog Runs Around Ballpark After Escaping Handlers

  34. VIDEO: Woman fortunately left unscathed after shark takes huge chomp out of her surfboard http://t.co/I3iMm4MpqY http://t.co/y7Z9I5h6AI

  35. Oh Miley #VMAs http://t.co/t5giToMWfM

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  38. It was @Intern_Dana 's last day and here are her thoughts on her summer at Barstool http://t.co/vsfHofozIu http://t.co/r0nLaR33dK

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  40. Herschel Walker: Trump 'Is My Frontrunner' for President

  41. Hollywood ending for Cubs' Jake Arrieta -- no-hits Dodgers on 12 Ks, Chi wins 2-0. http://t.co/O5nLxP4zR3 http://t.co/JzEbiaNzeZ

  42. Kanye West announces that he's running for president in 2020 – http://t.co/frdqCWg3g0 https://t.co/y8tgGjwHFn

  43. Northwestern's Lindsey Dunks on Foreign Defender

  44. Cordarrelle Weaves Through Cowboys for 107-Yd TD

  45. Oh have you seen this yet? http://t.co/PTaTM7LdRU

  46. I bet he's more than kinda serious https://t.co/LCDM1PWqpV

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  48. When Dad Gets Ejected from the Game

  49. Nicki Minaj calls out Miley Cyrus for recent comments during VMAs acceptance speech – http://t.co/tVuXzYzFQd http://t.co/OGRBK7fIeg

  50. He does it! Cubs P Jake Arrieta (12 K, 1 BB) no-hits the Dodgers in a dominant 2-0 win! http://t.co/LlYyaD7a33