1. Just say nothing. Don't flat out embarrass yourself when you have zero credibility.

  2. Shaq's Sons Combine for Pair of Alley-Oop Dunks

  3. MMA Fighter Literally Poops His Pants After Loss

  4. Curry Reminds Everyone He's the MVP

  5. Hill Builds Ultimate 'Game of Thrones' Fantasy Team

  6. I pray Fox, which, like ESPN, is in bed w/ DraftKings/Fan Duel doesn't embarrass itself w/a statement like this. https://t.co/eamBQcPJHD

  7. UCLA's Myles Jack -- Drops Out of UCLA ... Declares for NFL Draft http://t.co/aPQOGtIto3

  8. Gamer Loses on LeBron's Full Court Shot

  9. Julius Randle Mercilessly Blocks Kid

  10. Gruden Is Doing Weird Things on MNF Again

  11. Bathrobe-Clad Jennifer Aniston Stars in New Emirates Airline Commercial: http://t.co/tp7q3OitTT http://t.co/Vb2QMvL0vh

  12. Dorial Green-Beckham Blew NFL’s Arrest-Free Month on the Night of September 30th: http://t.co/lmsC5RGHZz http://t.co/BvAZKvRfwO

  13. Woman on 'Kimmel' Confesses to Cheating with NHL-er

  14. Marbury Calls MJ for Kids Getting Killed Over His Shoes

  15. Whitlock Goes After ESPN, Deadspin on Twitter

  16. VIDEO: Gamer loses NBA 2K16 game after LeBron James hits full-court shot  http://t.co/NNju9lQcY2 http://t.co/3HkdP8Sx4Q

  17. LeBron James Loves This Time Of Year #preseason #nopressure http://t.co/IUyyrGUQVB http://t.co/8qlla0U0ZL

  18. J.R. Wins $30K for Military Member with Halfcourt Shot

  19. Twitter Reacts to Seahawks' Illegal Bat

  20. Bennett Post-Game: Show Kam the Money!

  21. Chipotle crowns Kirk Cousins king - http://t.co/NAdsPSVdjG http://t.co/xsfUePIyH4

  22. The season hasn't started yet and JR Smith is already making clutch shots http://t.co/oO432TA31y http://t.co/N6QtMJO42n

  23. Rousey to Co-Anchor SportsCenter on Oct 7

  24. Watch: Refs Are Clearly in Preseason Form

  25. Lions QB with Early Block of the Year Candidate

  26. Jason Whitlock eats ESPN for breakfast with a side of Deadspin in beefy Twitter rant--http://t.co/3I3qbMuTFt http://t.co/YcYXATUL8s

  27. New study reveals the widespread problem of mental illness in soccer http://t.co/T2l7pRweSJ

  28. Blazers Honor UCC Victims Before First Preseason Game

  29. Stephen A. to Durant: You Don't Want Me as an Enemy

  30. J.R. Smith Denies Sneakers To Young Fan http://t.co/nhMlrquQ00 http://t.co/jI0F6OY8dP

  31. Girl Admits To Cheating On Ex-Boyfriend With Tyler Johnson http://t.co/f1J8nKj2OE #Lightning http://t.co/ukrVbyDvKB

  32. Tebow Rocks Out with Nieces, Nephew

  33. Life Comes at You Fast, Clemson Fan

  34. Shaq and Ronda Rousey Couple Up http://t.co/rlqJiQmV70

  35. Steve Rannazzisi Gives First Post-9/11 Scandal Interview, Explains Himself to Howard Stern: http://t.co/xYyCObPns6 http://t.co/VRq6mj5ZSr

  36. James Breaks Out 'Dabbin' Dance Before Scrimmage

  37. Rangers Are Thinking Big for the Playoffs

  38. JJ Watt Being Spied on http://t.co/CwYNDxEdoh http://t.co/eWgO35bF6d

  39. Rickie Fowler destroys haters on Instagram who made fun of his golf swing http://t.co/Hl3c25f4Zc http://t.co/MCnjWztrGq

  40. Jimmy Graham Thinks Blocking Is Optional

  41. Video: Mayweather Vacations with Bieber in Bora Bora

  42. Stephon Marbury calls Michael Jordan out over “kids getting killed for Jordans” http://t.co/GCfUmuUFx9 http://t.co/UiEYNyfMLe

  43. @2k is out here ruining friendships like it's nothing. 

  44. Boise State Kicker Has One-Man High-5 Party

  45. Oregon to Pay Tribute to Explorers Lewis & Clark

  46. Jason Whitlock goes on furious rant after 'parting ways' with ESPN http://t.co/ucADCYEePR http://t.co/ISXGSLzP62

  47. Gronk and Girlfriend Pose for a Picture http://t.co/LRqH3l3hqr http://t.co/KK3zFlftuB

  48. Matthews to Kap: 'You Ain't Wilson, Bruh'

  49. The Champioship You and I Would Never Win

  50. Report: Shoulder injury pushes back CM Punk's UFC debut - http://t.co/1MqAeIWGvR

  51. Dorial Green-Beckham Blew NFL’s Arrest-Free Month on the Night of September 30th: http://t.co/lmsC5RGHZz #Titans http://t.co/EzLqASd8pe