1. Harden goes for 50, as the Rockets defeat the Sixers 116-114! The Sixers have lost 27 games in a row, an NBA record https://t.co/jBm0huS8qh

  2. WMU Coach Gets a Waterbottle Shower

  3. Wade, Bosh and Melo Do Thanksgiving

  4. Ohio Governor Bans Khakis Ahead of U-M Game

  5. Bears RT Hits Troll with Classic 'Your Mom' Response

  6. Dwyane Wade slam dunks and breaks ankles at Madison Square Garden - https://t.co/fAH4LaCrEC https://t.co/bEMpgqJj0C

  7. Jahlil Okafor Victim -- I Didn't Heckle Him ... He Got Rejected By Chicks https://t.co/XFfaYwx6uk

  8. Minor league hockey team wears amazingly awful Christmas sweater uniforms - https://t.co/XHSbc8kL64 https://t.co/crTnWCebOx

  9. Tom Brady REALLY Likes Thanksgiving

  10. UCF's 0-12 Season Brings Some Sad Images

  11. VIDEO: Cam Newton hits the dab sitting courtside at the Hornets game #DabOnThemFolks https://t.co/imb7YInKqT https://t.co/UXNx55xKbY

  12. Cam Newton dabs, dances courtside at Charlotte Hornets game - https://t.co/6ozqwFPaQh https://t.co/nXNPWBiDZs

  13. This was poetry. https://t.co/MGr1ARSbAg

  14. Steph Is Hyped Over Kuechly's Pick 6

  15. Williams Just Driving Around with Turkey

  16. Norman: Cowboys Need to Get Dez's $70M Back

  17. Jeremy Lin sends LeBron James sliding with slick crossover - https://t.co/kCLBEXG1p8 https://t.co/GuT0dkv9ll

  18. Jerry West says Draymond Green is one of the NBA's 10 best players https://t.co/lyhZkSwni3 https://t.co/CRYLJZcttZ

  19. Byron Scott says benching Kobe Bryant is ‘not an option' for Lakers https://t.co/JGerApkSa9 https://t.co/a9vCa6NKLA

  20. Cam Turns Back the Clock with TD Dance

  21. Cam Takes Dabbing to New Level

  22. Watch: Okafor KO's Heckler Outside Boston Bar

  23. Kobe Bryant will "never, never, never" be benched, says Byron Scott - https://t.co/rR15lzuNVm https://t.co/r9Z7Divwmu

  24. Migos dab in support of Michigan football - https://t.co/DG9HoUDCaR https://t.co/BSIR09UCWu

  25. Migos dab in support of Michigan football https://t.co/DG9HoUDCaR

  26. Shump Drops GTA-Themed Music Video for Song

  27. O'Brien in the Giving Mood at Presser

  28. LeBron, Please Evacuate the Dance Floor

  29. A's pitcher Sean Doolittle and girlfriend had Thanksgiving with Syrian refugees https://t.co/YDUe3VSUy9

  30. New Independent baseball league has three teams, including this--https://t.co/OMMyt9ORad https://t.co/z0gllDmFY9

  31. Gabbert's Presser: Where'd Everyone Go?

  32. Say What? Belichick Gives Thanks to the Media

  33. New Independent baseball league has three teams, including this--https://t.co/OMMyt9ORad https://t.co/v0Sr5IwMug

  34. Yasiel Puig -- Insane Bar Brawl ... After MLB Star Pushes Sister https://t.co/nfYXDk0G5D

  35. Dez Busts Out Jordan 12s for Thanksgiving

  36. 'Drake Night' Can Only Mean One Thing

  37. Eagles DC Bill Davis on Chip Kelly’s future: Chip isn't going anywhere. I promise you that https://t.co/GpwpCgmKHW https://t.co/Gdu6Jv2qq1

  38. VIDEO: WMU players don't have Gatorade buckets, shower coach with bottles instead https://t.co/c0TXbvjoQr https://t.co/8GIlu9gzb5

  39. Skins Had to Know This Would End Poorly

  40. Settling the 1995-96 Bulls vs. 2015-16 Warriors debate with NBA 2K https://amp.twimg.com/v/e3b7ce91-bdf6-40ff-a208-12da4620bd13 ...

  41. A's closer Sean Doolittle welcomed Syrian refugees for an early Thanksgiving dinner https://t.co/qF9Lk2l1Re https://t.co/GISU8SvbpR

  42. Hank the Ballpark Pup is doing adorable musical theatre now https://t.co/1XDdvQTkHg https://t.co/hjxwkBcT7M

  43. Colorado's Miller Bites Shoulder of Air Force Player

  44. This Ugly X-Mas Sweater Is a Home Run

  45. The top 5 Heisman candidates to watch in the final weeks of the season https://t.co/ArhXmJPYw8 https://t.co/KhG9BdKHj4

  46. A fan poured beer on a Celtics draft pick in the middle of an Australian League game https://t.co/M7GpRIiyAd https://t.co/jmQjVg5AK6

  47. Video: Adele Who? Panthers Lip-Sync 'Hello'

  48. Jason Kidd Loses His Cool on Ref

  49. Oregon will be wearing awesome socks with ducks on them for Oregon State game: https://t.co/t8e3kSvYXJ https://t.co/PSAMw8GzFt

  50. Bears RT Kyle Long hits troll with the classic 'Your Mom’ response https://t.co/mgyW915pRJ

  51. Steph Curry: 'I Love Watching Messi Play'

  52. Raptors Add 'Hotline Bling' Booth to Arena for 'Drake Night'

  53. How this weekend's 8 biggest college football games will affect the Playoff https://t.co/YqqU45q6Oi https://t.co/Blye8t5Ha9

  54. Watch Houston receiver haul in unbelievable one-handed touchdown catch: https://t.co/VOAcvl9zrw

  55. Listen: Manziel's Partying Leads Fan to Tears

  56. Celtics Draft Pick Gets Beer Poured on Him During Game

  57. Julian Edelman celebrated Thanksgiving by posting a picture of his head on a turkey https://t.co/0vd1JWbeG4

  58. Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, and Carmelo Anthony spend Thanksgiving together in NYC. #Squad

  59. Harbaugh's Favorite on Thanksgiving? It's Not Turkey

  60. Even Roy Williams Does the Dab

  61. The top 5 Heisman candidates to watch in the final weeks of the season: https://t.co/ArhXmK7znG https://t.co/lWid3nK8Hm

  62. Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and Carmelo Anthony spend Thanksgiving together in NY https://t.co/9Sz9M5Wpgd https://t.co/bFU6MgruvK

  63. Fury Serenades Klitschko at Workout

  64. James Harrison Doesn't Only Hunt QBs

  65. VIDEO: Houston WR Demarcus Ayers makes sick 1-handed grab, shreds Navy defense for TD https://t.co/FEMYh5uvUw https://t.co/u4sq2B0YkP

  66. 'Cards Against Humanity' offering incredible $5 Black Friday deal https://t.co/7WXMrwVyGZ

  67. The 16-0 Warriors cannot be stopped! https://amp.twimg.com/v/092a694b-cade-484a-8a13-3f6b62b75c05 ...

  68. Norman Rockwell's least-popular painting: Aaron Rodgers' audible TV f-bomb during Thanksgiving loss to Bears--https://t.co/zE8kwxUXmR

  69. Ohio Governor John Kasich has been banned khakis ahead of the Ohio State-Michigan game tomorrow. #TrollGawd

  70. Porzingis on Crying Knicks Kid: 'He Already Has My Jersey'

  71. Blake Griffin Finishes an Alley-Oop the Hard Way

  72. LeBron James honors fan who lost her battle with cancer https://t.co/oqd4vlRG7i https://t.co/EkwDRv0AwF

  73. Ohio governor bans khakis ahead of Ohio State-Michigan game https://t.co/88Rj64ZuS0 https://t.co/0QigCSRKBf

  74. He Broke the Backboard? Yup. Did He Make the Dunk? Nope

  75. Swaggy P Rocks Agent Zero's Kicks

  76. This just in: Zach Zarba sounds like he should be a state fair magician.

  77. Jason Kidd suspended for 1 game for referee ball slap.--https://t.co/jeukycqnkm https://t.co/4kVkAaGxcO