1. VIDEO: Flames & Canucks get into fight two seconds into the first game of the season http://t.co/FiTnUlBI05

  2. Colts Fan to Fly Deflategate Banner Over Lucas Oil Stadium

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  5. Gilbert Arenas' Dedicates His Instagram to Fisher-Barnes Feud

  6. Listen to Ciara put a moody spin on the Rolling Stones' 'Paint It Black' – http://t.co/xVUTJcT5zt http://t.co/f8aMTuascy

  7. Police are investigating a dead body found in a porta-potty outside Bengals Stadium http://t.co/DR8b1KUpc9

  8. LBJ's Warning for Players Wearing His Shoes

  9. Obama: 'I'll Be Rooting for Cubs to Win WS'

  10. Gronk Grinds on Woman at 2015 Boston Globe Awards

  11. Drake & Serena -- We're Not Engaged http://t.co/2k2XxQ5mCF

  12. Marshawn Lynch brings raccoon to detention, watches own highlights in new Xbox ad - http://t.co/3V8o4LUG3J http://t.co/ArzyUyfe6L

  13. 'Canes Unveil New Uni Combo, Cleats for FSU Game

  14. Arrieta's Son Is Clearly a Daddy's Boy

  15. NY Post Mocks Reported Barnes-Fisher Beef

  16. Vin Scully -- Out for the Playoffs ... After Medical Procedure http://t.co/5n914XVl9T

  17. The Jamaican Trainer kid beat Usain Bolt in a foot race – http://t.co/mCZwQ09Az2 http://t.co/zIp36ZiKrb

  18. Can You Name the 1990s Sports/Pop Culture Icon?

  19. What'd the Cooler Do to Sean Rodriguez?

  20. Norman Uses Gummy Bears to Bribe Doc for Kuechly's Return

  21. LeBron issues a warning to those who wear his shoes against him http://t.co/FCCmEWEFDd http://t.co/F6NG8qdNbK

  22. Jalen Rose Talks About New Book On The Breakfast Club http://t.co/8nm7zsNhDb http://t.co/m2BfAg9yfB

  23. Barkley Will Be 'NFL Today' Guest Star on CBS

  24. Rousey Teaches Armbar on Sportscenter

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  26. The #sportsnation crew should be hosting #firsttake, let Skip and Stephen hand out jeers...

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  29. LBJ: Sure Coach, but First...LET ME TAKE A SELFIE

  30. Colts Fans To Fly Blimp Over Stadium With #DeflateThisBrady http://t.co/amDH1O9TlM http://t.co/jIOcXNooNR

  31. Tom Brady's Facebook Is Relentless With The Funny Pictures http://t.co/QoH2u3NAcB http://t.co/FIynm4o4Hx

  32. Rousey Joins SVP, Dishes on Experience as SportsCenter Co-Host

  33. Watch: RG3 Shows Off His 'Wobble'

  34. White Sox-pro bar to give out free beer every time the Cardinals hit a HR off the Cubs http://t.co/qvKXtQkeLf http://t.co/ujaU2ho4Ax

  35. Justin Bieber Is Gonna Be Broke Trying To Hang With Floyd Mayweather http://t.co/9T5JmGaN2h http://t.co/i02nqE8L2z

  36. Video: Maddon Gives Priceless Answer to Arrieta Pitch Count Question

  37. Photo: Cubs Fan Gets Arrieta Portrait Shaved into Head

  38. Bun B Makes Makes Rap Song For Astros "Crush City" http://t.co/NvfGreBezl http://t.co/JZURgxCH09

  39. Chicago Cubs outfielder figures out an ingenious way to play golf http://t.co/9Utdl3c5j0 http://t.co/QGshSn0qgv

  40. Wow. Inning-by-inning strategy to annoy the pitcher. They want fans to "Arrrrr" like a pirate, call Arrieta "Jakey." https://twitter.com/BKSportsTalk/status/651916270460231680 ...

  41. Report: Derek Fisher Attacked by Barnes for Dating Ex-Wife

  42. Drake and Serena Williams are engaged? If you say so... http://t.co/carhZq7Avs http://t.co/ToWjHZLjvB

  43. Tom Brady wishes Bruins luck this season with ridiculous photoshop of himself on their bench http://t.co/XFVNP7dAzZ http://t.co/TAJoQIaFnQ

  44. Houston Trolls SMU by Taping Jerseys to Floor

  45. Internet Reacts to ESPN's Kobe Ranking

  46. LSU marching band will play South Carolina's fight song after hurricane devastates state http://t.co/jk0aicI7eH http://t.co/lG9a5U23WK

  47. American tennis pro congratulates Serena and Drake on engagement http://t.co/cytwGGOtey http://t.co/oGihOrSOwr

  48. Caron Butler: Gilbert Arenas' Gun Dispute Over $1,100

  49. Cubs Fans Troll Pirates Ahead of WC Game

  50. Chicago bar will give away beer for every Cardinals home run off the Cubs -http://t.co/Omz0EmkjH7 http://t.co/XsN3JwUX8b

  51. Matt Barnes -- No Criminal Charges for Fisher Incident ... Cops Say http://t.co/uHg15ePhCh