1. In light of the Redskins scandal, we go to the Pope. https://t.co/9kTtMSh4TW

  2. Report: Dwight Brings Gun to Airport, Not Arrested

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  5. Epic Mashup of Riley Curry as Presidential Candidate

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  7. For those asking about the story RE my last two tweets. https://t.co/todhyXyhua

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  10. MMA Fighter Foils Robbery Attempt in Brazil

  11. Amount of sports scandals caused by Twitter is ripe for a money-making book. https://t.co/4JTkZTAQEX

  12. At last, @stephencurry30 shows an official look at his new shoe, the #CurryTwo. Good look?

  13. Baylor's Shawn Oakman: The Gigantic Man Behind the Meme

  14. Ole Miss' Kennedy's Alter Ego Can Dance

  15. Disguised Lin Messes with People at the Gym

  16. People think Tom Brady not wearing his wedding ring means the divorce rumors are true http://t.co/GbxJWMj9ZP http://t.co/nzxufNj0cB

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  18. Nachos in the 3rd Row? Bad Idea

  19. Van Pelt's New Midnight SC Will Feature Lots of Gambling

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  23. Kane's GF Takes Him Back After Billboard Stunt

  24. Tabloids: Gisele Threatened Brady with Divorce

  25. WATCH: Jeremy Lin transforms into a bearded, pudgy trainer to troll people at the gym http://t.co/VFBBV08GdL http://t.co/PRMPFFT10e

  26. Gotta love the hustle http://t.co/xo1h0D6lqL

  27. Report: Simmons Expected to Launch New Website

  28. His Face Will Be Sticky for a While

  29. Peyton Manning sent Troy Polamau and Ed Reed hand-written career congratulations notes upon their retirements. #GOATs

  30. Andrus Clearly Put on His PF Flyers

  31. Recapping 'Hard Knocks' Episode 4

  32. The Blackhawks' Duncan Keith caught a sturgeon as big as a man http://t.co/FMCM200Qhd http://t.co/N4JUgvOKOV

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  34. Arrieta's No-No Rubber Weighs 60 Lbs

  35. Kyrgios Hits Tweener, Takes Nap, Loses Racket

  36. Peyton Manning sent Troy Polamau and Ed Reed hand-written career congratulations notes upon their retirement http://t.co/LzxAGmus1u

  37. They're still hauling tons of dead fish out of polluted Rio Olympic lakes, lagoons. http://t.co/35kAQSubkj http://t.co/xl1Ngrt6qc

  38. Report: Sony Tried to Avoid Angering NFL in 'concussion' Film

  39. CBS to Stream Multiple Regular-Season Games for 1st Time

  40. Go follow @barstoolsports on snap chat now ..the @barstooldixie boys are living the dream at UNC Bid Day http://t.co/OyQsgIA6L2

  41. Bears are carjacking people now, so start stocking up on canned food – http://t.co/9hspFwzFwR http://t.co/2KgXJwFE8g

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  43. Clark Calls T-Rich 'Worst RB of All Time'

  44. A 15-year-old freak athlete is being engineered to be a star in football http://t.co/cgB1SQY281 http://t.co/XvtNPymUlm

  45. Kareem Adbul-Jabbar and Donald Trump are beefing HARD right now--http://t.co/yVbNIykHgA http://t.co/6w1tB5qVXD

  46. Wiggins Posterizes Argentina Defender

  47. Frosh Malik Jefferson Pokes Fun at Strong's Height

  48. VIDEO: MMA fighter submits robber who tried to steal her phone, says its happened before http://t.co/LvBbbJl7yL

  49. A cobra vs python fight in Singapore will make you glad not to live in Singapore http://t.co/FrowUqOK3U http://t.co/hYVld636rL