1. Peyton Manning watching the Broncos face the Patriots on #SNF like... https://t.co/bjnIU66Zij

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  16. Redskins Refuse to Let 'You Like That!' Die

  17. Five NFL Players Having A Better 2015 Season Than You Realize...Hint: #ArizonaCardinals https://t.co/h6YmVZL4n2

  18. Kobe Bryant announces via @PlayersTribune that this NBA season will be his last. https://t.co/9ABrmCg8tE

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  21. Beckham Makes Ridiculous 1-Handed TD Grab

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  23. Brook Lopez says he doesn't live with his twin because their cats wouldn't get along https://t.co/ixkf0DNJ4K https://t.co/NixXU16MQC

  24. Russell Wilson is off to a great start on his 27th birthday: 12/18 for 146 yards and 2 TDs in the first half

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  28. Tebow Dumped Because He Wouldn't Sleep with Girlfriend?

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  32. ESPN Has Lost 7 Million Subscribers Due to Cord Cutting

  33. The Washington Redskins are winning the NFC East and, ridiculously, they may stay there - https://t.co/bDrL7O0pH7 https://t.co/bubaTsAwsW

  34. VIDEO: Steelers get cute with Landry Jones fake FG play, get picked off instead https://t.co/C3ckUy8hvC https://t.co/0qU1zIQmAK

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  41. MUST WATCH: Odell Beckham Jr...In the end zone...with one hand...AGAIN...https://t.co/9ekoMDyteF https://t.co/DlUfKxt3eC

  42. Tom Brady’s Facebook page posts photo of him riding a cartoon bronco ahead of Denver showdown on #SNF https://t.co/ntcI985TNy

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  44. Zeke Posts Salty Tweet After Henry's 46 Carries

  45. Tom Brady’s Facebook page posts photo of him riding a cartoon bronco ahead of Denver showdown on #TNF https://t.co/ntcI98nuF6

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  47. Helmet-to-Helmet Hit Chips Paint Off Helmet

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  49. The Carolina Panthers aren't making the Super Bowl - https://t.co/nSlpsET4bs https://t.co/d7WxkbyS1b

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  52. You Want to See Fury Do His Victory Song

  53. VIDEO: Odell Beckham Jr. makes ridiculous diving 1-handed TD catch vs. Washington https://t.co/C2ZOVHOTKV https://t.co/yohxGpMtGC

  54. Odell Beckham Jr. makes another astonishing touchdown catch - https://t.co/Gqqe1AJvLO

  55. Auburn's Jason Smith Channels Ricardo Louis on Sick TD

  56. MSU WR Puts DBs Through Spin Cycle

  57. Nick Foles threw the most brainless pick-six against the Bengals https://t.co/qjBLPx3Dmi https://t.co/P55zGrvSot

  58. Travis Kelce oozes swag while celebrating TD vs. Bills, hits the quan https://t.co/aUh6BQnkVg https://t.co/vSnHSW6Bnf

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  61. Wanna get away https://t.co/g4ioVdq0Pg

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  63. 69-Year-Old Frank Beamer Dabbing

  64. Gators Punter Gets 'Jumpman' Remix

  65. Monmouth's bench celebrations are the best in the country - https://t.co/IfB5de9QPB https://t.co/Px2Sgrkhcd

  66. Ndamukong Suh told his teammates that ‘most of them are not good enough to play with him’ https://t.co/SjY17jMuUH https://t.co/xj8DgTaAam

  67. PSG Produce 'Je Suis Paris' Video

  68. 'The Mountain' Breaks Own World Record for Keg Tossing

  69. Blake Bortles threw the most wonderfully illegal touchdown pass https://t.co/GZ6dplsuS1 https://t.co/hhlg4ivWdf

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  72. So. Miss. WR Makes Insane, OBJ-Like TD Grab

  73. Congratulations to Philip Rivers for passing 40K passing yards! https://t.co/Q22gzrx51y

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