1. VIDEO: NHL suspends Raffi Torres 41 games for cheap shot on Jakob Silfverberg's head http://t.co/Kgj52w5qqw http://t.co/hZigqQHr2v

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  6. Natasha Harding got hit in the face by a soccer ball and her team Vined the hell out of it http://t.co/SkmGhQeYZR http://t.co/rGvq7pdYYA

  7. VIDEO: Clemson fan says hello to the ground after botching a front flip #LifeComesAtYouFast http://t.co/YrGqCru36A http://t.co/TPCJzkpdvI

  8. Video: Mayweather Vacations with Bieber in Bora Bora

  9. Boise State Kicker Has One-Man High-5 Party

  10. Cher wants suspension lifted on MMA fighter Nick Diaz http://t.co/IzQ7qAwcUC http://t.co/Vx8TvYJ8rR

  11. From Earlier - Baby Not Feeling RG3 http://t.co/HkrgCmwTBv http://t.co/VjGKrZ1ZxB

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  14. The Champioship You and I Would Never Win

  15. From Earlier - Russell Wilson Still Married to Ashton? http://t.co/NeNKX27Dtz http://t.co/uZ7hVdWUPM

  16. Jordan Farmar sells his awesome Los Angeles-area home for $2.8 million http://t.co/C4fHisnrQd http://t.co/mDZZAkQdeE

  17. ND, Navy to Wear Same Gear Out of Respect

  18. Tex Governor Compares Cowboys Defense to State Border

  19. Professor Reschedules Exam for Cubs Fan

  20. VIDEO: SEC fans be like!  http://t.co/GrAIGjQZ3d http://t.co/O9HBl9DajN

  21. From the maker of helicopter cat, get ready for helicopter cow. http://t.co/VdPRZNtMki http://t.co/ighKq5oIGX

  22. Bennett Compares Cutler to Jesus, Keanu Reeves

  23. Schefter Says Sherman Blocked Him on Twitter

  24. Watch: Brees' 400th TD to Spiller for OT Winner

  25. WATCH: Here is Usain Bolt rocking out to “We Will Rock You” at Oktoberfest http://t.co/BDNcq8qmjp http://t.co/266fAw9MvN

  26. Here are the 20 best-selling MLB jerseys from this season http://t.co/3QdrtHUp7l http://t.co/54mRF0ETqP

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  28. Usain Bolt Loves Oktoberfest

  29. VIDEO: Tim Tebow singing “Shut Up and Dance” with his nieces and nephew is just….adorable http://t.co/JioTdevLVd http://t.co/WzlhjK6zsM

  30. Usain Bolt does Oktoberfest, sings 'We Will Rock You' in lederhosen – http://t.co/7ehj7uN6lL

  31. Ichiro Makes 1st Ever Pitching Appearance in MLB

  32. Watch: Wade with Sweet Finish After Bosh's Slick Pass

  33. Soldier Rescues Girl From Kidnapping, Doesn’t Realize It’s a Film Set: http://t.co/Yv6d3BQlmv http://t.co/ER8ZhusydQ

  34. Dutch Supermarket Employee Executes Wicked Slide Tackle to Stop Shoplifter: http://t.co/fhKikggD0X http://t.co/JMS6qre9Up

  35. Gerald Green Throws Down Huge Windmill on Fast Break

  36. Watch: Bengals Storm Trooper Breaks It Down

  37. Hilarious “This is SportsCenter” Parody of Dabo Swinney Cut-Off Uses Cal-Stanford Game: http://t.co/zsvRsypDKz http://t.co/paecHZhKrU

  38. Ronda Rousey Continues to Rule Everything, Is First Woman on Cover of “Men’s Fitness”: http://t.co/s5Ztz3sCuy http://t.co/krjD3DFLsn

  39. Report: Whitlock and ESPN Part Ways

  40. Watch: Panthers TE Snares Fumble Mid-Air, Runs It for TD

  41. Ronda Rousey to co-anchor SportsCenter on October 7th http://t.co/YuPEz1YYbu http://t.co/rnmQJjCxZC

  42. WATCH: High school defender somehow intercepts QB's spike attempt http://t.co/xfzgPROzBU http://t.co/eCgEdWLWWK

  43. Dolphins Staffer Amused by Suh's Grumpy Exit

  44. Fletcher Cox Tackles Matt Jones by His Long Hair

  45. Man fends off bear by ramming his arm down its throat – http://t.co/vIhTvUSikC http://t.co/JVC1xS9X5f

  46. Happy 43rd birthday, Grant Hill! 

  47. Matthews Mocks Kap's Bicep Kiss

  48. Get in my belly, QB pic.twitter.com/vvnP5tMz0M

  49. Lewis Hamilton -- REJECTED From Paris Fashion Show ... With Janelle Monae http://t.co/PWErSLlLYB

  50. Athletes, politicians, fans take to Twitter to voice support for CC Sabathia http://t.co/nquyMvYB4L http://t.co/OVNF7ryw8R