1. Fan sends UW-Madison police 20 dozen doughnuts after getting kicked out of game https://t.co/fMxugVpwyx https://t.co/Ret4liHyme

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  3. UW Fan Sends Cops Coconut Donuts for Booting Him from Game

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  6. I can't stop staring at LeBron's mustache. https://t.co/lmN34zEAcI

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  18. Brooklyn Female Fight Club helping women to better lives, says founder.-- https://t.co/MEGuFEZROb https://t.co/bLfaGC2t4l

  19. Belgian soccer team scores mesmerizing free kick goal in the Champions League - https://t.co/h7lKofAvu3 https://t.co/KaRqFoWkbU

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  29. Browns announce they have benched Johnny Manziel. Josh McCown named starter. https://t.co/YZwnzkeZp5

  30. Johnny Manziel just lost his starting job because he couldn't stay away from the clubs.

  31. Tom Brady's Dog Scooby Sacks Him into a Pile of Leaves

  32. Thanks Eagles, Look What You've Done to Ex-PENN Governor

  33. Just checked this week's NFL lines. 10-0 Panthers at 3-7 Cowboys is a Pick 'Em on Thanksgiving. That's just disrespect.

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  40. Even Kickers Like to Dab...

  41. College basketball player Trace Dimeff hits a clutch 3 after suffering head injury seconds earlier. (via Trace Dimeff/Twitter)

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  46. A fan sent Wisconsin police boxes of coconut donuts to protest being kicked out of a game https://t.co/lAbjO6jeDn

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  61. Concerned Duke fans create heartbreaking 'Save Jahlil Okafor' PSA - https://t.co/7swDKOnKFX

  62. Does Johnny Manziel not have one person in his life to tell him, "Hey, how about staying out of all bars & clubs until the offseason."?

  63. Gruden Makes Slick 1-Handed Catch on Sidelines

  64. Cowboys WRs Get Penalty for 'Dab,' Set Up Fins TD

  65. (1/2) Here's the thing: Johnny Manziel, after a stint in rehab, goes out of his way to tell media he will lay low during bye week.

  66. 2/2 But he not only hits up a club, but actually embraces fans coming up to him to take pics/video. It's the height of stupidity.

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