1. Dixie is off to a hot start @barstooldixie http://t.co/KA878WvXRJ

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  21. @redskins reportedly plan to start QB Kirk Cousins week 1 against the Dolphins. 

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  24. No Worries! Mud Baths Can Be Fun

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  30. He's just like us: After a full day of practice, @saints QB Drew Brees walks home 2 miles with his pads and even gets food on the way. 

  31. Cardinals Hoist Up Teammate After Awarding Scholarship

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  40. Report: Trump Wants to Buy the Pope's Soccer Team

  41. Drew Brees is just a regular guy, walks home from practice with pads & gets food on the way http://t.co/Xms2GZGeVS http://t.co/2spxx2pJkK

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