1. Conor McGregor -- I'll Crush Jose Aldo But ... I'm Not F**king With Liam Neeson (VIDEO) http://t.co/xOg0z2bNFM

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  5. Met Gets Inside-the-Park HR After OF Flips Over Wall

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  7. A 38-pound dachshund named Vincent who needs to lose weight deserves our support http://t.co/IFr4svuhjf http://t.co/RUy5n76qwM

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  15. Epic Mashup of Riley Curry as Presidential Candidate

  16. SAVAGE bat flip by Chris Davis https://t.co/0eIptMyk62

  17. Someone killed HUGE sewer rats and hung them on NYC's Lower East Side http://t.co/7dUoShjlnW http://t.co/y7lm1baQyE

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  20. MMA Fighter Foils Robbery Attempt in Brazil

  21. Clemson's DC says he likes players "who like to rip people's faces off" http://t.co/AB4qnmcVpV http://t.co/MeZ94u3xDV

  22. A guy who tried to rob a female MMA fighter learned the hard way why you don't do that http://t.co/hYRgLzOAHT http://t.co/g7GRJFKGSI

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  26. JayZ Does Passes On Dez Bryant For His Fantasy Team http://t.co/tYLbUs2fQO http://t.co/eU4zEYs0Sr

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  28. Hype Tape: Sam Bradford Gets 'Rocky' Treatment

  29. Nachos in the 3rd Row? Bad Idea

  30. Orioles' Chris Davis blasts walk-off HR, baseball rouses resting fan in the stands - http://t.co/JdOiA564kV https://t.co/TbJnYD6BF5

  31. A guy got blasted out of a manhole in a scary but unbelievable video http://t.co/qr10OovcaK http://t.co/At40BUSy8W

  32. Van Pelt's New Midnight SC Will Feature Lots of Gambling

  33. Kevin Durant Shows Off Exclusive Redskins Edition of KD8s

  34. Ohio State QB Cardale Jones reportedly rushed to the hospital with severe head pain http://t.co/KWpTEnKX0g

  35. A Times Square billboard went in on the proposed $15 per hour fast food wage http://t.co/OsmWQx1T98 http://t.co/NNYkQSbtY1

  36. Kane's GF Takes Him Back After Billboard Stunt

  37. Tabloids: Gisele Threatened Brady with Divorce

  38. That bat flip tho. Salt in the wound https://t.co/0eIptMyk62

  39. Bob Arum says Manny Pacquiao will retire in 2016 http://t.co/ap9iJUQ6Qo

  40. Report: Simmons Expected to Launch New Website

  41. His Face Will Be Sticky for a While

  42. VIDEO: Mets’ Ruben Tejada hits inside-the-park HR after Domonic Brown flips over wall http://t.co/lgUExkYMGq http://t.co/BDfg4wpfRp

  43. Inventors made self-driving golf carts that'll be on some courses soon http://t.co/hhLKs1TUzA http://t.co/GOUBjAAiom

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  45. Recapping 'Hard Knocks' Episode 4

  46. The Cavs' Iman Shumpert is naming his daughter Iman Shumpert Jr http://t.co/SD0h3Wd6mU http://t.co/iDk4LJl2xn

  47. WATCH: Man tries to rob female MMA fighter, ends up in vicious leg lock http://t.co/cZREhzLwzW http://t.co/z3ilyIDKZu

  48. Arrieta's No-No Rubber Weighs 60 Lbs

  49. Kyrgios Hits Tweener, Takes Nap, Loses Racket

  50. Marlins coach fearlessly grabs drilled foul ball with barehanded catch – http://t.co/Npxn0ajOWt http://t.co/BIWJOvSs05

  51. A lady who tweeted an executed cop "deserved it" was arrested on a warrant after going viral http://t.co/QqFw61zbMm http://t.co/qPfeVj1wGf