1. Ronda Rousey -- Marine Concerned After BF Revelation ... 'Hope She Doesn't Back Out' http://t.co/w3sallpb25

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  4. JR Sweet Tooth: Smith Gets Cotton Candy Mid-Game

  5. Utley Thunderously Booed by Mets Fans

  6. MNF almost leads to another controversy. Reports say there was an 18-second clock error made before the final drive http://t.co/TsGukabyLA

  7. Clayton Kershaw only has two prior starts on three days' rest, in NLDS Games 4 in 2013 and 2014. http://t.co/EeArAFALrF

  8. NFL Tells Williams He Can't Wear Pink to Honor Mother

  9. Cubs Take Shot at Cards for Curtain Calls

  10. Time to Deactivate TEX Governor's Twitter

  11. VIDEO: The Steelers are saved by the Bell! Le’Veon scores the winning TD against Chargers http://t.co/hoVvoXjJFX http://t.co/irj1Ewm53J

  12. Mike Vick throws it way back! Leads a game-winning drive for the Steelers to defeat the Chargers 24-20!  #VintageVick

  13. Lance: Hornets Didn't Treat Me Like a Star

  14. Tejada Gets Applause in Citi Field Return

  15. Blue Angels Caused Carr to Throw Pick-6?

  16. That wasn't a bird that Philip Rivers punched in celebration, it was his glove – http://t.co/8yOvPr2Q6G http://t.co/rXxkMdL3EL

  17. Mike Vick throws it way back! Leads a game-winning drive for the Steelers to defeat the Chargers 24-20! http://t.co/YMGlLGQi8z

  18. Browne Confirms His Relationship with Rousey

  19. Harbs Quotes 'The Lion King' in Presser

  20. Watch: MLBN's Byrnes Recreates Utley Slide

  21. Just an amazing scene with all those fans waving Terrible Towels IN SAN DIEGO.


  23. Timberwolves Center Nikola Pekovic Throws Medicine Ball 15 Rows into Stands

  24. Watch: Porter Nutmegs Defender En Route to And-1

  25. How Lisa Ann Went from Famous Porn Star to Fantasy Expert

  26. VIDEO: Mike Vick fires a 74-yard bomb for TD, then immediately gets annihilated by defender http://t.co/4k5Sdh52Nx http://t.co/P18ZGFxGiG

  27. Vick be like #SteelersVsChargers https://t.co/xqiUUkoylt via @toojiggy

  28. Video Leaks Showing Bielema Flopping for Flag, Celebrating

  29. Jags RB Inexplicably Blocks During Bucs' Punt Return

  30. VIDEO: Mets fans erupt in ‘We Want Utley!’ chants after Yoenis Cespedes’ Monster HR  http://t.co/ax4mSloSeM http://t.co/sLAfKKpGF7

  31. J.R. Smith gotta chill . Eating cotton candy on the bench during the preseason. #Legend (h/t BConnoisseur/Twitter)

  32. Watch: FSU and Miami Fans Brawl at Tailgate Party

  33. Couple Takes Break to Get Married at Chicago Marathon

  34. Matt Reynolds, who replaced Ruben Tejada on Mets playoff roster, carried Tejada from locker room to dugout tonight. http://t.co/MU6TditPQl

  35. Relax, Twitter police.

  36. Ronaldo's Son Keeps Fluffing His Lines

  37. Watch: Donnell Hauls in Unreal Game-Winning TD

  38. VIDEO: Antonio Gates makes history, becomes second TE to reach 100 TD (H/T @BR_Insights) http://t.co/VeXwM4vPnf http://t.co/fNR5UdIdAq

  39. VIDEO: Antonio Gates makes history, becomes second TE to reach 100 TD (H/T (@BR_Insights) http://t.co/khq2IJkhkb http://t.co/r9AVCFc4UG

  40. South Korean Gymnast Wows with Acrobatic 1st Pitch

  41. Shaq's Advice to the Lakers: Get New Players

  42. I'm ready for the Cubs-Mets NLCS. That will be FUN.

  43. People are pretty grief-stricken that Steve Spurrier is stepping down – http://t.co/75OpGCsJMI http://t.co/SqqQSYotyR

  44. Robin Lopez Goes 'Back to the Future' at Comic Con

  45. K-State WR Rocks Multiple Jerseys for Quick Number Change

  46. NFL reportedly denied DeAngelo Williams' request to wear pink all year to support his mom http://t.co/S0IUDVHAVs http://t.co/pHWWd7b9OR

  47. The NFL wouldn't let DeAngelo Williams wear pink year-round to honor his late mother – http://t.co/zbpggnQLVa http://t.co/1RTwXC9l5R

  48. Biggest Taboo Topics in Sports

  49. Oliver Mocks FIFA Yet Again

  50. South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier is retiring, effective immediately, per @sportsillustrated.

  51. Cubs hit record six home runs in NLDS Game 3 win http://t.co/vvAigD86Ze http://t.co/3R7hUcpibX