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  21. Yes, Matt Harvey should be a good teammate & attend practice. But not doing some jumping jacks today is irrelevant when it comes to Monday.

  22. I know Twitter isn't a place for logic, but a starting pitcher missing a practice on Tuesday has ZERO impact on how he'll perform on Monday.

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  26. Jerome "The Bus" Bettis thinks Marshawn "Beast Mode" Lynch is his modern day counterpart. Hard to disagree. #RemindsMeOfMe 

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  34. Bubba Watson says sometimes he fake-laughs at Phil Mickelson jokes http://t.co/lTMaE48iOD http://t.co/mYqkRv9vL4

  35. After working in NYC for 15 years, I'm actually totally fine with Matt Harvey's traffic excuse. It's more than legit, IMO.

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  42. Who does Jerome "The Bus" Bettis name as his modern day counterpart? None other than Marshawn "Beast Mode" Lynch. #RemindsMeOfMe 

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  47. Jake Arrieta has a 0.41 ERA in 12 starts since the start of August. Yet, Cubs are only -138 vs Pirates tomorrow. Hmm...

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