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  20. When your waiter does this... pic.twitter.com/eune92wbka

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  23. The streak lives: Warriors survive at Jazz, 106-103, to go to 19-0.--https://t.co/JI0adTEkOb https://t.co/Dm5ommfeI9

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  30. A walk-off blocked field goal is the proper reward for everyone who stuck with Browns-Ravens featuring Matt Schaub vs Austin Davis.

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  33. KICK SIX for the Ravens win on Monday Night Football!!!!

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  38. Retweeted warriorsworld (@warriorsworld): Warriors beat the Jazz, 106-103. #NeverInDoubt

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  41. STILL. UNDEFEATED. Warriors defeat the Jazz 106-103. 19-0. https://t.co/TusTk9exKS

  42. Warriors lead 104-103 with 0:16 seconds remaining in regulation. JAZZ have the ball.

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  51. Oklahoma's Baker4Heisman Website

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  54. RE last Tweet on Stern. I know he's not retiring. The anticipation on whether he stays at Sirius or begins new venture is what I meant.

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  56. 7'6" Mamadou Ndiaye Dunks Over Player Without Jumping

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  58. Tomorrow is 12/1. Last live Howard Stern Show is 12/23. His contract is up 12/31. Anticipation of announcement on future is killing me.

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  61. Paul Millsap turns the spin cycle on Russell Westbrook. 

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  66. HAPPY CYBER MONDAY!! #teamorefici Email sales@oreficiwatches.com for friends and fam discount @OREFICIWATCHES https://t.co/OU5ZV3S4o1

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