1. ESPN used the "#Porzingis" Latvian rap song for a commercial and it's straight fire - https://t.co/6RtHxrbNGC https://t.co/cL8bsGHmNi

  2. Gronk Delivers Own Injury Update, Will 'Go Hard on the Rehab'

  3. Philly Honors Kobe with Tribute Video, Jersey & More

  4. 'Isis Devils' Won't Change Their Name

  5. Bears OL Rewards Trash Man for Returning Lost Wallet

  6. Just disrespectful  https://t.co/idcixhFlhV

  7. C.J. McCollum spins Dirk Nowitzki like a top, leaves him in No Man's Land, drains three – https://t.co/MuuAmI6v8Q https://t.co/YJpD7r4e97

  8. BOOM. https://t.co/wFviJdfPOL

  9. Soccer Star Fights with Coach After Sub

  10. Draymond, Curry Rip Utah Writer Over Report

  11. Melo Trimble pulled the rug out from under a defender with this  crossover - https://t.co/lLkKgvXbrY https://t.co/cUHrvWgodm

  12. VIDEO: Terps star Melo Trimble drops UNC defender with nasty crossover https://t.co/1DQ16VqMsG https://t.co/OvKc1hqGIt

  13. Georgia will reportedly hire Alabama DC Kirby Smart as their new head football coach https://t.co/lefLGMLYI2

  14. Way to Go, Lakers Fans 

  15. Stauskas Takes Barstool Around His House, Is a Weird Guy

  16. Jimmer Lights It Up for 37 Pts in D-League Debut

  17. VIDEO: Alabama kicker commit sinks 77-yard FG in practice https://t.co/3bAMIDXKhF https://t.co/P8OfiBBoql

  18. Retweeted El Flaco (@bomani_jones): cmon https://t.co/XMCiQHE4xt https://t.co/aSzPaNT4e8

  19. I'll never mock Kobe for shooting too much because he gave us one of the all-time great quotes in sports history. https://t.co/dkvMC5zdHF

  20. McGregor Taunts Aldo with Tweet

  21. Browns Fans React to Game-Winning Kick-6

  22. Daredevil Pulls Off Terrifying Run

  23. The Philly crowd pays Mamba their respects. https://t.co/3alOZczOxQ

  24. 10 Alarmingly Stupid Tweets About David Price... Idiots of America & Canada, Unite! https://t.co/vtZwaNdWzx

  25. OHL team's traditional Teddy Bear Toss suffers premature Teddy Bear launch.--https://t.co/OjMWHlx77m https://t.co/knavja89qC

  26. CLE Fans Have One Thing Going for Them

  27. Photo: Hurricanes Gladly Accept Rangers' Twitter Mistake

  28. MCW May Have Had the Worst Dunk Attempt of the Year

  29. 10 Alarmingly Stupid Tweets About David Price... Idiots of America & Canda, Unite! https://t.co/vtZwaNdWzx https://t.co/cLm1r9HMmK

  30. Kobe Bryant gave 76ers fans everything they could’ve wanted and more - https://t.co/UVDuzw9b6w https://t.co/uuZxTTU5nq

  31. Harden on D the Gift That Keeps on Giving...Up

  32. Floyd Sits Courtside at D-League Game

  33. VIDEO: Texas freshman Kerwin Roach throws down a vicious poster dunk vs. UT Arlington  https://t.co/M0wGJbTvdR https://t.co/tYzr25quGl

  34. 2) @hunterpence has to worry about his GF @LetsGetLexi doing inappropriate things to him. https://t.co/AohX4YLiBP

  35. Bored President Orders Penalties in 63rd Minute

  36. OSU's Mike Thomas Has No Respect for Bama

  37. Texas' Kerwin Roach absolutely destroys UT-Arlington defender with colossal dunk – https://t.co/iz1XVrxZbI https://t.co/utQMqI6E9p

  38. Two stories I thoroughly enjoyed today. 1) Fan mocks 'Tennessee Mom w funny letter to @tkelce about his dancing. https://t.co/6wTjumL6OD

  39. Orlando Bar Gives Out 15K Free Beers After UCF's 0-12 Year

  40. When your waiter does this... pic.twitter.com/eune92wbka

  41. The @philadelphia76ers get their 1st win of the season by beating the Lakers 103-91! They are now 1-18.  #wattba

  42. The Sixers get their 1st win of the season! Philadelphia beats the Lakers 103-91. https://t.co/Mx1xED0soa

  43. Report: Okafor Tried Using Fake ID at Bar

  44. Indians Jokingly Invite Kobe to Spring Training

  45. Chris Webber advises Lakers players to "steal Kobe's stuff after every game" - https://t.co/Ci8yILfMSE https://t.co/UvZpswqVzs

  46. Watch inspirational video from DJ Khaled, then go achieve every single one of your goals – https://t.co/Oxzl68QkYT https://t.co/vBNdcPFHkv

  47. ESPN on ESPN Crime: Flores Rips 'First Take'

  48. Sheed Drains Pair of 1-Handed Shots Simultaneously

  49. VIDEO: Sixers honor @kobebryant with tribute, HS jersey before game https://t.co/MQUXIJhRZa https://t.co/1ocAtZPWRd

  50. Why Playoff picture is murky for North Carolina, Ohio State no matter what happens Saturday https://t.co/7mH5gfqDcD https://t.co/ZpkEit93pJ

  51. KD to Media: You Treated Kobe Like S--t

  52. Oft-Injured Oden Dominates in CBA Debut

  53. LeBron threads the needle with an insane bounce pass. https://t.co/XnMYzisqXV

  54. Two more questions for Opie & Anthony listeners: What time is the show on live? Is the woman who was on today a guest or reg cast member?

  55. Waxing Chest Hair to Celebrate State Title?

  56. USC Players Erupt After Helton Named HC

  57. John Wall leaves JR Smith in the dust with this ridiculous behind-the-back move. And 1. https://t.co/zeg36FD53V

  58. T.J. McConnell puts Lou Williams on skates with the most harmless hesitation dribble – https://t.co/QwqlF7gNWk https://t.co/xoD2YHmquo

  59. Broncos Troll Brady's Facebook Photo After Comeback Win

  60. If I Were You, I Wouldn't Ask Belichick Bad Questions

  61. Kobe starts tonight's game on  from downtown. 

  62. Followers say this on-air fight between Opie & Jim Norton is real. If you like awkward/uncomfortable radio, enjoy. https://t.co/UD8cINJjns

  63. Football Director Accidentaly Broadcasts Own Meltdown

  64. Dwight on Kobe's Retirement: 'Next Question'

  65. Any Opie & Anthony fans follow me? If so, was that on-air fight today real?

  66. Kobe starts tonight's game on  from downtown. 

  67. Poor-Zingis: Knicks Rookie Gets Posterized by Dwight

  68. Fury: Loving Life and Channeling Dr. Dre

  69. Kobe​ starts tonight's game on FIRE from downtown. https://t.co/We7HqjbHcG

  70. Watch the touching "Dear Kobe" video the 76ers played pregame in honor of Kobe Bryant - https://t.co/0Un9J4Pl9S https://t.co/Ty2L3ekNPT

  71. Rice Senior Gives Emotional Speech

  72. Oklahoma's Baker4Heisman Website

  73. The new CFP rankings have been released. 

  74. Red Sox reportedly give David Price the biggest deal for a pitcher in history--7 years, $217M 

  75. Raptors Mascot Takes Jab at Cavs

  76. 49ers Fans Really Want Jed York Gone

  77. Bill Simmons buys $7.5 million Malibu beach house, where the beach is eroding into the sea--https://t.co/sW5AoOOe7j https://t.co/GRpsC0X1Z8

  78. Bill Simmons' buys $7.5 million Malibu beach house, where the beach is eroding into the sea--https://t.co/sW5AoOOe7j https://t.co/tkD50uMUtN