1. @baltimoreorioles 3B Manny Machado is the only player to play in all 162 games this season. ⚾️⚾️⚾️

  2. Professor Reschedules Exam for Cubs Fan

  3. Matthews to Kap: 'You Ain't Wilson, Bruh'

  4. Griffin Takes Down Shot Clock on Pre-Game Dunk

  5. Ichiro Makes 1st Ever Pitching Appearance in MLB

  6. . @blakegriffin32 Cares Not For The Health of Your Shot Clock http://t.co/yEHCwtFv0A #nba #blakegriffin http://t.co/eY3QUvYSnM

  7. ESPN's Adam Schefter reveals that Richard Sherman blocked him on Twitter http://t.co/BwCPB0Dlag http://t.co/2VeTGCSAp7

  8. Watch: Wade with Sweet Finish After Bosh's Slick Pass

  9. Bennett Compares Cutler to Jesus, Keanu Reeves

  10. Kobe Back. #mambatime

  11. Gerald Green of the @MiamiHEAT Throws Down a Windmill Because The #NBA Preseason Is Fun http://t.co/H379O8xQin http://t.co/cPrZyq6wpc

  12. Gerald Green Throws Down Huge Windmill on Fast Break

  13. Watch: Bengals Storm Trooper Breaks It Down

  14. Report: Whitlock and ESPN Part Ways

  15. The Cleveland Browns lost in the most Cleveland Browns way possible – http://t.co/q139Fga9cQ http://t.co/6NN7xyi5Xs

  16. VIDEO: Gerald Green shows off his bounce, throws down crazy windmill on fast break http://t.co/vnun81Rq08 http://t.co/hUvczMQii2

  17. Watch: Panthers TE Snares Fumble Mid-Air, Runs It for TD

  18. Dolphins Staffer Amused by Suh's Grumpy Exit

  19. Fletcher Cox Tackles Matt Jones by His Long Hair

  20. Clay Matthews with some epic trolling as he mocks Colin Kaepernick's trademark bicep-kiss! 

  21. VIDEO: Blake Griffin’s pregame dunk knocks shot clock off backboard http://t.co/6mdOwtXhvG http://t.co/jhcISfvfJp

  22. Matthews Mocks Kap's Bicep Kiss

  23. Get in my belly, QB pic.twitter.com/vvnP5tMz0M

  24. Watch: Decker Stretches for Impressive 1-Handed Snag

  25. Rams receiver celebrates touchdown with football-pillowed nap – http://t.co/iWpVchJN9Y

  26. The @broncos remain undefeated as they hang on to beat the @vikings 23-20!

  27. Usain Bolt Loves Oktoberfest

  28. Winter is coming. pic.twitter.com/brm3MSKLyB

  29. Clay Matthews mocks Colin Kaepernick: 'You ain't Russell Wilson, bro' – http://t.co/vk7PDkACxW https://t.co/5LrIrVCqAC

  30. The @Broncos remain undefeated as they hang on to defeat the @Vikings 23-20! http://t.co/i5RbhyAXmM

  31. Oops! Dabo's Epic Speech Gets Cut Off

  32. ASU RB Carries Pile 20 Yards for TD to Seal Upset of UCLA

  33. VIDEO: Clay Matthews to Colin Kaepernick: 'You ain't Russell Wilson, bruh!’ http://t.co/FGL3iwv6Hd http://t.co/7wLkARLAdX

  34. The @packers move to 4-0 after a 17-3 win on the road against the @49ers! 

  35. Mortensen Reports Luck Is Out, Pats Fans Crush Him

  36. This Dunk Is Pure Insanity

  37. The @packers move to 4-0 after a 17-3 win on the road against the @49ers! http://t.co/tSTuc2cNZ4

  38. Jameis Winston's four-interception game was worse than you think – http://t.co/QL9y4UUPIO http://t.co/LZlCQRCqVi

  39. Video of Georgia Bulldog Mascot Will Give You All the Feels

  40. Baylor's Coleman Gets Left Hanging by Ref

  41. Adrian Peterson was not touched on this touchdown run #MINvsDEN #Vikings http://t.co/mf0a1SvFMN http://t.co/uRcGAC9Rjm

  42. VIDEO: Clay Matthews mocks Colin Kaepernick’s bicep-kiss after sacking him http://t.co/DjdfHpfHqv http://t.co/7lmqvdc9K3

  43. N'western DB Delivers Awesome Macarena After Win

  44. Baylor DE Oakman Gets Decleated on Legal Crackback Block

  45. I love Teddy Bridgewater. Vikings are very legit.

  46. Adrian Peterson throws it into hyperdrive for 48-yard TD against Broncos – http://t.co/iBgl8NqZel https://t.co/Z1j6nUiTeh

  47. Bama's Ragland Flattens UGA WR, Fitzpatrick Blocks Punt for TD

  48. Georgia Hoops Coach Joins Spike Squad for Bama-UGA

  49. This is the Adrian Peterson run #Vikings #MINvsDEN http://t.co/khyS1YC7sM

  50. Martellus Bennet likened Jay Cutler to Jesus and Keanu Reeves after Bears win – http://t.co/37OpLVrz3X http://t.co/5V27YediVU