1. VIDEO: Austin Spurs G Orlando Johnson destroys David Stockton with a ferocious dunk https://t.co/PnyMsYThcV https://t.co/L0xZFpuQgw

  2. Gronk Delivers Own Injury Update, Will 'Go Hard on the Rehab'

  3. Philly Honors Kobe with Tribute Video, Jersey & More

  4. 'Isis Devils' Won't Change Their Name

  5. Bears OL Rewards Trash Man for Returning Lost Wallet

  6. ESPN used the "#Porzingis" Latvian rap song for a commercial and it's straight fire - https://t.co/6RtHxrbNGC https://t.co/cL8bsGHmNi

  7. Just disrespectful  https://t.co/idcixhFlhV

  8. C.J. McCollum spins Dirk Nowitzki like a top, leaves him in No Man's Land, drains three – https://t.co/MuuAmI6v8Q https://t.co/YJpD7r4e97

  9. Soccer Star Fights with Coach After Sub

  10. Draymond, Curry Rip Utah Writer Over Report

  11. BOOM. https://t.co/wFviJdfPOL

  12. Melo Trimble pulled the rug out from under a defender with this  crossover - https://t.co/lLkKgvXbrY https://t.co/cUHrvWgodm

  13. VIDEO: Terps star Melo Trimble drops UNC defender with nasty crossover https://t.co/1DQ16VqMsG https://t.co/OvKc1hqGIt

  14. Way to Go, Lakers Fans 

  15. Stauskas Takes Barstool Around His House, Is a Weird Guy

  16. Jimmer Lights It Up for 37 Pts in D-League Debut

  17. Georgia will reportedly hire Alabama DC Kirby Smart as their new head football coach https://t.co/lefLGMLYI2

  18. VIDEO: Alabama kicker commit sinks 77-yard FG in practice https://t.co/3bAMIDXKhF https://t.co/P8OfiBBoql

  19. Retweeted El Flaco (@bomani_jones): cmon https://t.co/XMCiQHE4xt https://t.co/aSzPaNT4e8

  20. McGregor Taunts Aldo with Tweet

  21. Browns Fans React to Game-Winning Kick-6

  22. Daredevil Pulls Off Terrifying Run

  23. I'll never mock Kobe for shooting too much because he gave us one of the all-time great quotes in sports history. https://t.co/dkvMC5zdHF

  24. The Philly crowd pays Mamba their respects. https://t.co/3alOZczOxQ

  25. 10 Alarmingly Stupid Tweets About David Price... Idiots of America & Canada, Unite! https://t.co/vtZwaNdWzx

  26. CLE Fans Have One Thing Going for Them

  27. Photo: Hurricanes Gladly Accept Rangers' Twitter Mistake

  28. MCW May Have Had the Worst Dunk Attempt of the Year

  29. OHL team's traditional Teddy Bear Toss suffers premature Teddy Bear launch.--https://t.co/OjMWHlx77m https://t.co/knavja89qC

  30. 10 Alarmingly Stupid Tweets About David Price... Idiots of America & Canda, Unite! https://t.co/vtZwaNdWzx https://t.co/cLm1r9HMmK

  31. Harden on D the Gift That Keeps on Giving...Up

  32. Floyd Sits Courtside at D-League Game

  33. Kobe Bryant gave 76ers fans everything they could’ve wanted and more - https://t.co/UVDuzw9b6w https://t.co/uuZxTTU5nq

  34. VIDEO: Texas freshman Kerwin Roach throws down a vicious poster dunk vs. UT Arlington  https://t.co/M0wGJbTvdR https://t.co/tYzr25quGl

  35. Bored President Orders Penalties in 63rd Minute

  36. OSU's Mike Thomas Has No Respect for Bama

  37. 2) @hunterpence has to worry about his GF @LetsGetLexi doing inappropriate things to him. https://t.co/AohX4YLiBP

  38. Texas' Kerwin Roach absolutely destroys UT-Arlington defender with colossal dunk – https://t.co/iz1XVrxZbI https://t.co/utQMqI6E9p

  39. Orlando Bar Gives Out 15K Free Beers After UCF's 0-12 Year

  40. When your waiter does this... pic.twitter.com/eune92wbka

  41. Two stories I thoroughly enjoyed today. 1) Fan mocks 'Tennessee Mom w funny letter to @tkelce about his dancing. https://t.co/6wTjumL6OD

  42. The @philadelphia76ers get their 1st win of the season by beating the Lakers 103-91! They are now 1-18.  #wattba

  43. Report: Okafor Tried Using Fake ID at Bar

  44. Indians Jokingly Invite Kobe to Spring Training

  45. The Sixers get their 1st win of the season! Philadelphia beats the Lakers 103-91. https://t.co/Mx1xED0soa

  46. Chris Webber advises Lakers players to "steal Kobe's stuff after every game" - https://t.co/Ci8yILfMSE https://t.co/UvZpswqVzs

  47. ESPN on ESPN Crime: Flores Rips 'First Take'

  48. Sheed Drains Pair of 1-Handed Shots Simultaneously

  49. Watch inspirational video from DJ Khaled, then go achieve every single one of your goals – https://t.co/Oxzl68QkYT https://t.co/vBNdcPFHkv

  50. VIDEO: Sixers honor @kobebryant with tribute, HS jersey before game https://t.co/MQUXIJhRZa https://t.co/1ocAtZPWRd

  51. KD to Media: You Treated Kobe Like S--t

  52. Oft-Injured Oden Dominates in CBA Debut

  53. Why Playoff picture is murky for North Carolina, Ohio State no matter what happens Saturday https://t.co/7mH5gfqDcD https://t.co/ZpkEit93pJ

  54. LeBron threads the needle with an insane bounce pass. https://t.co/XnMYzisqXV

  55. Waxing Chest Hair to Celebrate State Title?

  56. USC Players Erupt After Helton Named HC

  57. Two more questions for Opie & Anthony listeners: What time is the show on live? Is the woman who was on today a guest or reg cast member?

  58. John Wall leaves JR Smith in the dust with this ridiculous behind-the-back move. And 1. https://t.co/zeg36FD53V

  59. Broncos Troll Brady's Facebook Photo After Comeback Win

  60. If I Were You, I Wouldn't Ask Belichick Bad Questions

  61. T.J. McConnell puts Lou Williams on skates with the most harmless hesitation dribble – https://t.co/QwqlF7gNWk https://t.co/xoD2YHmquo

  62. Kobe starts tonight's game on  from downtown. 

  63. Football Director Accidentaly Broadcasts Own Meltdown

  64. Dwight on Kobe's Retirement: 'Next Question'

  65. Followers say this on-air fight between Opie & Jim Norton is real. If you like awkward/uncomfortable radio, enjoy. https://t.co/UD8cINJjns

  66. Any Opie & Anthony fans follow me? If so, was that on-air fight today real?

  67. Poor-Zingis: Knicks Rookie Gets Posterized by Dwight

  68. Fury: Loving Life and Channeling Dr. Dre

  69. Kobe starts tonight's game on  from downtown. 

  70. Kobe​ starts tonight's game on FIRE from downtown. https://t.co/We7HqjbHcG

  71. Rice Senior Gives Emotional Speech

  72. Oklahoma's Baker4Heisman Website

  73. Watch the touching "Dear Kobe" video the 76ers played pregame in honor of Kobe Bryant - https://t.co/0Un9J4Pl9S https://t.co/Ty2L3ekNPT

  74. The new CFP rankings have been released. 

  75. Raptors Mascot Takes Jab at Cavs

  76. 49ers Fans Really Want Jed York Gone

  77. Red Sox reportedly give David Price the biggest deal for a pitcher in history--7 years, $217M 

  78. Bill Simmons buys $7.5 million Malibu beach house, where the beach is eroding into the sea--https://t.co/sW5AoOOe7j https://t.co/GRpsC0X1Z8