1. Cubs fan shaves Jake Arrieta's face into his hair http://t.co/2bCQzSMzRU http://t.co/3Hms6RaWPM

  2. Fan Gets Arrieta's Face Shaved into His Hair

  3. Hilton Waves Goodbye to Crowd After Game-Sealing Catch

  4. Watch: Royals Grounds Crew Kid Loses Battle with Tarp

  5. Mallett Doesn't Seem Thrilled Hoyer Is Doing Well

  6. Matt Hasselbeck saved the Colts' season with one of the gutsiest games you'll ever see http://t.co/lUWVTihqCv http://t.co/DXkzq79p9X

  7. Floyd Mayweather -- 4 Expensive Cars Up In Flames ... In Trailer Fire (PHOTOS) http://t.co/nslEHPfY6j

  8. Watch: Foster Assaults Helpless Gatorade Tray

  9. It's Time to Give It Up, Pirates Fan

  10. RG3 Statue on Baylor Campus Vandalized by TCU Fans

  11. VIDEO: Coach John Calipari gives a Kentucky student a framed picture of….himself #BBN http://t.co/6WNoqifhzL http://t.co/An8YNoLvZs

  12. VIDEO: Raptors' Anthony Bennett baptizes Lakers rookie C Robert Upshaw #Posterized http://t.co/DlUOpVKdpD http://t.co/NpEH9CNZqk

  13. Rick Ross Calls Himself the 'Rap Game's JJ Watt'

  14. LeBron Ends Business Deal with McDonald's, Endorses Pizza Chain

  15. Oregon Offers Free Tickets to UCC Students, Staff

  16. VIDEO: TY Hilton waves the Texan’s fans goodbye after the game-sealing catch #Jokes http://t.co/ErnEkcyFAJ http://t.co/bBihRe83YT

  17. UPSET ALERT: Chris Peterson and the unranked Washington Huskies go to Los Angeles and shock #17 USC in a 17-12 win. http://t.co/vJQAa5cH0G

  18. Gilbert Arenas' Dedicates His Instagram to Fisher-Barnes Feud

  19. Cal Surprises Student with Tent, Leaves Framed Headshot by Bed

  20. LBJ's Warning for Players Wearing His Shoes

  21. VIDEO: Julius Randle and Kobe Bryant bring back showtime during the preseason http://t.co/DXBmf2skeV http://t.co/Ln1UZVJFzW

  22. Matt Hasselbeck gives emotional postgame interview after win over Texans – http://t.co/3FGVu2sO8V http://t.co/LSeCYtci10

  23. Obama: 'I'll Be Rooting for Cubs to Win WS'

  24. Gronk Grinds on Woman at 2015 Boston Globe Awards

  25. 'Canes Unveil New Uni Combo, Cleats for FSU Game

  26. Who said Matt Hasselbeck was too old!? #Colts 

  27. Who said Matt Hasselbeck was too old!? http://t.co/HG8FRC5FWR

  28. Arrieta's Son Is Clearly a Daddy's Boy

  29. NY Post Mocks Reported Barnes-Fisher Beef

  30. No Luck, no problem! Matt Hasselbeck leads the Colts on the road to a 27-20 win! http://t.co/UkKR3BY2q3

  31. Just gonna shut the game off at stare at this instead since it'll be the same exact thing. http://t.co/SqWuxdQq9l

  32. Can You Name the 1990s Sports/Pop Culture Icon?

  33. What'd the Cooler Do to Sean Rodriguez?

  34. VIDEO: Arian Foster has no chill, takes out his frustrations on a gatorade tray http://t.co/Cbxi4F8yIB http://t.co/4axqsVeMKN

  35. Texans end first half against Colts with glorious 42-yard Hail Mary - http://t.co/7NY5NzsfbD http://t.co/6hQjEPeI6x

  36. Norman Uses Gummy Bears to Bribe Doc for Kuechly's Return

  37. Barkley Will Be 'NFL Today' Guest Star on CBS

  38. VIDEO: Jaelen Strong does it AGAIN. He’s the king of catching Hail Mary’s http://t.co/lBU2BH6jSr http://t.co/V7Hi2vfGof

  39. Athlete-on-Gatorade violence continues with Texans' Arian Foster – http://t.co/EGJmYMD3z9 https://t.co/bjy4OxM371

  40. Rousey Teaches Armbar on Sportscenter

  41. Watch: Nolan Destroys Tone-Deaf Hardy, Cowboys and NFL

  42. VIDEO: Jadaveon Clowney makes a ridiculous tackle, brings down Frank Gore with one hand http://t.co/wU5aFAv2Ms http://t.co/oEN53PnhNO

  43. Jack Eichel's first NHL goal was an absolute beauty - http://t.co/XSRen9ZX6l http://t.co/ORmFsApKL7

  44. Watch: Benches Clear After Arrieta Gets HBP

  45. LBJ: Sure Coach, but First...LET ME TAKE A SELFIE

  46. Arian Foster is mad about concussion test. Arian Foster is no Sean Rodriguez. http://t.co/sQ0UKdp6dQ

  47. RG3 statue on Baylor campus defaced with purple spray paint – http://t.co/Ur1N1rUS0Y http://t.co/fCwgMtp4DS

  48. Rousey Joins SVP, Dishes on Experience as SportsCenter Co-Host

  49. Watch: RG3 Shows Off His 'Wobble'

  50. Incompetent refs just called this roughing the quarterback on JJ Watt. http://t.co/MgSgoGG5Rq

  51. Ravenous tarp nearly devours Royals grounds crew member - http://t.co/5xnCSO9GHT http://t.co/I4r5fpINCq