1. Deepest conversation about nothing in the history of mankind #VMAs

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  16. Rookie Amari Cooper shakes Pro-Bowler Patrick Peterson straight out of his socks – http://t.co/kOvJaOGGiY https://t.co/z70RV9o1Vl

  17. Legend. https://t.co/WgX0d7BzRX

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  34. Just 2 innocent young girls http://t.co/f8V34IqZKq

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  37. Watch Darren Rovell get slowly pecked to death after his Serena Williams tweet. http://t.co/s3XIfQYg5C http://t.co/TKiJlqjb4a

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  41. Watch Darren Rovell get slowly pecked do death after his Serena Williams tweet. http://t.co/s3XIfQYg5C http://t.co/r8r4YOIeHj

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