1. That TD pass by Aaron Rodgers is just unfair.

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  4. Dolphins Staffer Amused by Suh's Grumpy Exit

  5. Fletcher Cox Tackles Matt Jones by His Long Hair

  6. This Colts Jaguars game is a real pleasure to watch.

  7. Mario Williams ... OH. MY GOD. #NYGvsBUF https://t.co/F5AFTqPoUH

  8. Get in my belly, QB pic.twitter.com/vvnP5tMz0M

  9. Watch: Decker Stretches for Impressive 1-Handed Snag

  10. Chiefs down 36-18 with 2:30 left & Andy Reid just kicked a FG. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL.

  11. 7 managers who could replace Brendan Rodgers at Liverpool http://t.co/2TcJwf68Bj http://t.co/8MZ0NovNs1

  12. Usain Bolt Loves Oktoberfest

  13. Winter is coming. pic.twitter.com/brm3MSKLyB

  14. Oops! Dabo's Epic Speech Gets Cut Off

  15. Very impressed with Kirk Cousins.

  16. Jameis Winston, how’s your day going? http://t.co/t4A23CiYs0

  17. ASU RB Carries Pile 20 Yards for TD to Seal Upset of UCLA

  18. Mortensen Reports Luck Is Out, Pats Fans Crush Him

  19. This Dunk Is Pure Insanity

  20. Odell Beckham Jr. made an insane one-handed catch that didn't count - http://t.co/Hk9B4Oer6L http://t.co/Acfb3V9Lak

  21. Here is the one-handed Odell Beckham Jr. out of bounds catch that everyone will talk about all week... https://t.co/oT0t3SSNRc

  22. Video of Georgia Bulldog Mascot Will Give You All the Feels

  23. Baylor's Coleman Gets Left Hanging by Ref

  24. N'western DB Delivers Awesome Macarena After Win

  25. VIDEO: Bills DE Mario Williams absolutely destroyed Rashad Jennings http://t.co/SvZqt4rVMq http://t.co/5ArVJdP3V6

  26. WORTH IT: Panther CB Josh Norman gets the flag for this epic pick-six end zone celebration http://t.co/3wRIpVZwl9 http://t.co/Y8B10TTaZH

  27. Baylor DE Oakman Gets Decleated on Legal Crackback Block

  28. Bama's Ragland Flattens UGA WR, Fitzpatrick Blocks Punt for TD

  29. Raise your hand if you remembered Miles Austin was still in the NFL...then put it down cause you're a liar #PHIvsWAS https://t.co/2ltDpnluOb

  30. The Detroit Pistons reveal new “Chrome” alternates for this season http://t.co/8l1lAmCgwq http://t.co/qbmCnbWGo6

  31. Georgia Hoops Coach Joins Spike Squad for Bama-UGA

  32. This Video of Verne Lundquist Will Make Your Day

  33. College kickers are actually laughing at NFL kickers today.

  34. Panthers score TD on craziest fumble of NFL season - http://t.co/UdMfQ3l6DR

  35. Texas Rangers' Twitter Account Tweets Out 'Fire Charlie' During UT-TCU

  36. UGA, Bama Players Had to Be Separated Before Today's Game

  37. This #Panthers TD is just bonkers (Vine via @WillBrinson) #CARvsTB https://t.co/c7eWQQQoyX

  38. EVERYTHING'S SADDER IN TEXAS: The Patriots broke the Texans in 2012 & they never recovered http://t.co/gDc1UiR03a http://t.co/dlgRAWPL2l

  39. UT DB Retweets A&M Fan's Transfer Plea at Halftime vs. TCU

  40. ISU Placeholder Is Swagalicious

  41. Eagles receiver makes incredible catch, terrible fumble on consecutive plays http://t.co/jr2YRTIQWH

  42. Clemson football sure knows how to celebrate a win. #WATTBA 

  43. Ducks Get Trapped in Elevator Prior to Game vs. CU

  44. L'ville's Quick Makes Crazy 1-Handed Shoulder Grab

  45. Football 101: FAILED #PHIvsWAS https://t.co/9uDvnggXf5

  46. Texans lineman accidentally forces Arian Foster to fumble - http://t.co/JEklNFS0L5

  47. Massive Brawl Breaks Out at HS Football Game

  48. Tip Drill: Gamecocks Tally TD on Mizzou Miscue

  49. Wait...so Sam Bradford CAN throw the ball? #PHIvsWAS https://t.co/sdGJbfny7O

  50. VIDEO: UK staffer trolls an angry Ndamukong Suh after he walks out of the press conference http://t.co/vZGKwDef8C http://t.co/7yaRCCogs0