1. VIDEO: Vladimir Putin plays hockey to celebrate his 63rd birthday, also scores 7 goals http://t.co/Ve3YcAOTlH http://t.co/YAcqGvqHGV

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  5. Norman Uses Gummy Bears to Bribe Doc for Kuechly's Return

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  7. Don't dare build your DraftKings or FanDuel lineups without Top 11 contrarian sleepers for Week 5 from @allinkid - http://t.co/OUdSg6Z3y7

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  9. Rousey Teaches Armbar on Sportscenter

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  11. Barry Melrose – This Is SportsCenter (National Anthem) http://t.co/6zVJqGdSRR http://t.co/R47JILudVI

  12. Back to the Future II is one step closer to becoming true...⚾️

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  14. LBJ: Sure Coach, but First...LET ME TAKE A SELFIE

  15. Rousey Joins SVP, Dishes on Experience as SportsCenter Co-Host

  16. and so it was written, this is the Cubbies year! http://t.co/aNHML5445s

  17. Only these 6 teams can win the Super Bowl (sorry Seattle, Cincinnati and Atlanta) http://t.co/tthDMJwT5f http://t.co/te1Np8JkAP

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  19. Video: Maddon Gives Priceless Answer to Arrieta Pitch Count Question

  20. Photo: Cubs Fan Gets Arrieta Portrait Shaved into Head

  21. Back to the Future II is one step closer to becoming true http://t.co/dm10WK4Gsv

  22. The Seahawks Know How To Hold A Fantastic Team Meeting http://t.co/EoOn46sn7D http://t.co/fWoRUF2mEP

  23. Wow. Inning-by-inning strategy to annoy the pitcher. They want fans to "Arrrrr" like a pirate, call Arrieta "Jakey." https://twitter.com/BKSportsTalk/status/651916270460231680 ...

  24. Report: Derek Fisher Attacked by Barnes for Dating Ex-Wife

  25. Houston Trolls SMU by Taping Jerseys to Floor

  26. Apparently Albert Einstein is a @kobebryant fan http://t.co/Gtw484bWAr

  27. Roger Goodell is the only person that hasn't seen Greg Hardy's comments. That's a problem. http://t.co/ckBTnelhN7 http://t.co/6YVpuU8wru

  28. Internet Reacts to ESPN's Kobe Ranking

  29. Caron Butler: Gilbert Arenas' Gun Dispute Over $1,100

  30. Lindsey Vonn Throwing Down for @UnderArmour http://t.co/ISeBOud7Sh http://t.co/YdkfMhhhW4

  31. LeBron James Takes Selfies with Fans http://t.co/6uLPGWckRX http://t.co/21VPNJD6Wy

  32. Cubs Fans Troll Pirates Ahead of WC Game

  33. Video: Rousey Rips Bieber for Snubbing Her Sister

  34. Tito Ortiz -- Ronda Rousey Would Kill Tank Abbott http://t.co/KNEqpY7pym

  35. Tony Romo Gets Flashed at Dinner http://t.co/Q0XP1m4HlY http://t.co/Fhf1T5ImCa

  36. Former FSU WR Minnis Trolls Miami, Al Golden

  37. Belichick to Reporter: 'Were You on SnapFace?'

  38. 5 things we learned from this week's episode of 'Empire' – http://t.co/73vRoEeZ8k http://t.co/UiTcUfNbql

  39. Soldier asks J.J. Watt to Military Intelligence Brigade Ball http://t.co/WiAMZCPagh http://t.co/9HPhqlOCJA

  40. High Schooler Builds Musial Mural with Rubik's Cubes

  41. Bubba Rocks American Flag Shoes for Presidents Cup

  42. Verlander and kate Upton Out and About http://t.co/zxE5E9mQXn

  43. From Yesterday- Justin Bieber Snubbed Ronda Rousey's Little Sister http://t.co/zgDxUTQWfQ http://t.co/IyKbmlJBmg

  44. Shaq Snuggles with Trebek in a Phone Booth

  45. Putin Scores 7 Goals in Birthday Game with NHL Stars

  46. Jake Arrieta is the definition of #DadGoals http://t.co/PI5eMEc0f8 http://t.co/XFDepbG75A

  47. Gronk Still Melting Hearts http://t.co/f1chrNsx5c

  48. Dufner Looks Like Hobbit in PGA Champ. Plaque

  49. Goalie Hits the Whip After Shootout Save

  50. MMA Fighter Rampage Jackson Prank Calls Rashad Evans http://t.co/ClFdlhP8Zd http://t.co/ltB8UDsAQs

  51. Leo Messi ordered to stand trial for tax evasion, facing possible sentence of over 22 months in prison. 