1. . @TheRock dancing to 'Hit The Quan' is completely & utterly delightful. http://t.co/Jv17QfXUgH http://t.co/lq3AHNr4aD

  2. Key from Key & Peele Nails Impression of PSU's Franklin

  3. TMZ: 4 of Floyd's Cars Blow Up in Flames

  4. Fan Gets Arrieta's Face Shaved into His Hair

  5. Hilton Waves Goodbye to Crowd After Game-Sealing Catch

  6. INSANE FOOTAGE: Two men brawl at Texans game, tumble down stairs like a Warner Bros. cartoon--http://t.co/mxvOxvjV8k http://t.co/2V06KEisAi

  7. When you're a football player but wanna be in the WWE https://t.co/lYHKpPDuzv

  8. Watch: Royals Grounds Crew Kid Loses Battle with Tarp

  9. Mallett Doesn't Seem Thrilled Hoyer Is Doing Well

  10. Watch: Foster Assaults Helpless Gatorade Tray

  11. When you're a football player but wanna be in the WWE. #BOOM 

  12. So Fox Sports has responded to TV Azteca with a Donald Trump USA-Mexico soccer promo of its own. http://t.co/85phhNnQzc

  13. It's Time to Give It Up, Pirates Fan

  14. RG3 Statue on Baylor Campus Vandalized by TCU Fans

  15. Rick Ross Calls Himself the 'Rap Game's JJ Watt'

  16. Ryan Mallett's Dad -- Our Family's Hurt Over Criticism ... 'His Grandmas Cry' http://t.co/bPkKJeHawK

  17. A daughter brought her dad to tears by surprising him with tickets to the US-Mexico game http://t.co/wsCpYh8Ubi

  18. LeBron Ends Business Deal with McDonald's, Endorses Pizza Chain

  19. Oregon Offers Free Tickets to UCC Students, Staff

  20. Gilbert Arenas Dedicates His Instagram to Fisher-Barnes Feud

  21. VIDEO: @TheRock busts out ‘Hit The Quan’ dance after his workout http://t.co/NE2TOQBwDZ http://t.co/Btl8kyZSHB

  22. GET IT!!! @therock #HitTheQuan

  23. Cal Surprises Student with Tent, Leaves Framed Headshot by Bed

  24. LBJ's Warning for Players Wearing His Shoes

  25. Obama: 'I'll Be Rooting for Cubs to Win WS'

  26. Thabo Sefolosha should sue the NYPD http://t.co/5L2kNf3ORM http://t.co/3dd79LNdcY

  27. Why America's biggest gun enthusiasts are fighting the war on guns http://t.co/rKt3TyK6eW http://t.co/tQ1gVpaRZm

  28. Gronk Grinds on Woman at 2015 Boston Globe Awards

  29. 'Canes Unveil New Uni Combo, Cleats for FSU Game

  30. Quick, who is this: Keegan Michael Key or Penn State coach James Franklin? VIDEO: http://t.co/ftxD6up7Cg http://t.co/e5Aw1DJe9I

  31. VIDEO: Stephen Colbert kicks real goat out of 'Late Show' in honor of Chicago Cubs http://t.co/C0gsHvzeqw http://t.co/Xmv84eaTPf

  32. Arrieta's Son Is Clearly a Daddy's Boy

  33. NY Post Mocks Reported Barnes-Fisher Beef

  34. Meanwhile, in Salem, OR, a HS QB was suspended for "inappropriately touching" his center during a play http://t.co/ITgiAnSx27

  35. NBA's 'Booby' Gibson -- Barnes Was Right To Punch Fisher ... I'd Have Done The Same http://t.co/739Stc7lee

  36. Can You Name the 1990s Sports/Pop Culture Icon?

  37. What'd the Cooler Do to Sean Rodriguez?

  38. Jeremy Lin out here trying to bring back the bowl cut 

  39. Waaaaay too early in the day for Bob Costas.

  40. Norman Uses Gummy Bears to Bribe Doc for Kuechly's Return

  41. Barkley Will Be 'NFL Today' Guest Star on CBS

  42. MUST WATCH: Mike Francesa shouts down caller for not knowing something that wasn't true, apologizes, hell freezes--http://t.co/EjtEi2OK5V

  43. Why America's biggest gun enthusiasts are fighting the war on guns http://t.co/rKt3TyK6eW http://t.co/G9oHYwuLci

  44. Rousey Teaches Armbar on Sportscenter

  45. Watch: Nolan Destroys Tone-Deaf Hardy, Cowboys and NFL

  46. Adam Wainwright complains to MLB about constant Viagra ads http://t.co/8RM9VWzqZT http://t.co/cqwYx5T1hZ

  47. Jerry Jones still doesn't understand why everyone's so angry about Greg Hardy's comments http://t.co/Sl4KvXTRyi http://t.co/FN8qhO8tS0

  48. Watch: Benches Clear After Arrieta Gets HBP

  49. LBJ: Sure Coach, but First...LET ME TAKE A SELFIE

  50. Love the board this week! My NFL picks for Week 5. http://t.co/oWhkdFRB5G http://t.co/g1hIDwAJFT

  51. Stephen Colbert, a Cubs fan, ejects goat from studio audience. http://t.co/qYwZ7V7lUh http://t.co/fWhczuklby