1. VIDEO: Odell Beckham Jr. makes ridiculous diving 1-handed TD catch vs. Washington https://t.co/C2ZOVHOTKV https://t.co/yohxGpMtGC

  2. Beckham Makes Ridiculous 1-Handed TD Grab

  3. Jets Fans Grill Up 96-Ounce Steak While Tailgating

  4. Bills' Bus Breaks Down on Way to Stadium

  5. Wyoming Guard Flushes Dunk on Defender

  6. Odell Beckham Jr. makes another astonishing touchdown catch - https://t.co/Gqqe1AJvLO

  7. Nick Foles threw the most brainless pick-six against the Bengals https://t.co/qjBLPx3Dmi https://t.co/P55zGrvSot

  8. Travis Kelce oozes swag while celebrating TD vs. Bills, hits the quan https://t.co/aUh6BQnkVg https://t.co/vSnHSW6Bnf

  9. Tebow Dumped Because He Wouldn't Sleep with Girlfriend?

  10. Video: Les Miles Hits 'The Dab' After LSU's Win Over Texas A&M

  11. Wanna get away https://t.co/g4ioVdq0Pg

  12. The Giants at Washington game is... well it's NFC East football at it's most NFC East-iest. https://t.co/NinQlQctl4 https://t.co/n5y0lI3Gxc

  13. Monmouth's bench celebrations are the best in the country - https://t.co/IfB5de9QPB https://t.co/Px2Sgrkhcd

  14. ESPN Has Lost 7 Million Subscribers Due to Cord Cutting

  15. Kiffin Trolls Cam, Auburn with Pic of Son Dabbing

  16. Video: Bobby Petrino Hit 'the Dab' After Beating Kentucky

  17. Ndamukong Suh told his teammates that ‘most of them are not good enough to play with him’ https://t.co/SjY17jMuUH https://t.co/xj8DgTaAam

  18. Blake Bortles threw the most wonderfully illegal touchdown pass https://t.co/GZ6dplsuS1 https://t.co/hhlg4ivWdf

  19. Congratulations to Philip Rivers for passing 40K passing yards! https://t.co/Q22gzrx51y

  20. Shaquille O'Neal on Les Miles: 'Show the Man Some Respect'

  21. Les Miles Salutes LSU Fans on Field

  22. A-Rod Cheering on Cardinal at Stanford-ND

  23. Tom Brady throwing some expert level shade at the Broncos ahead of Sunday Night Football https://t.co/mcd2DKFbtK https://t.co/cQpv7G6bVh

  24. DeSean Jackson is catching bombs, scoring TDs and taunting into the end zone, just like the old days https://t.co/k8ohHCWxAz

  25. VIDEO: Monmouth bench celebrates 3-pointer vs. USC with scissor handstand https://t.co/RQDqUflHte https://t.co/1E8PoE46qB

  26. Zeke Posts Salty Tweet After Henry's 46 Carries

  27. Helmet-to-Helmet Hit Chips Paint Off Helmet

  28. Michigan State OL Scores Epic Fat Guy TD

  29. Wyoming guard throws down titanic dunk over defender - https://t.co/YBC3TA6BTK

  30. The start of the Giants-Redskins game was an absolute mess https://t.co/fp8bPyKNcI https://t.co/tRKSMaGmaP

  31. Muschamp Loses His Mind Arguing with Official

  32. You Want to See Fury Do His Victory Song

  33. VIDEO: Huge collision leads to a crazy interception for Washington https://t.co/43TzO3rzdY https://t.co/rc3YMBfJCS

  34. Odell Beckham Jr. is wearing the coolest shoes ever https://t.co/wDH5eKVP5N

  35. Auburn's Jason Smith Channels Ricardo Louis on Sick TD

  36. MSU WR Puts DBs Through Spin Cycle

  37. Jets fans grill up 96-ounce steak while tailgating before Dolphins game https://t.co/WgDRK582ks

  38. Watch the BBC's epic montage celebrating the 2015 Formula 1 season - https://t.co/tLrzIjxNvT

  39. 280-Lb BYU Lineman Jukes Fellow Big Man on a TD Sprint

  40. Cam Gets Auburn Hyped Before the Iron Bowl

  41. Tom Brady masterfully trolls Broncos fans before game https://t.co/g12HlA7g3a https://t.co/cYLMRV0kz9

  42. Andy Murray and the Brits' historic Davis Cup win, in 7 amazing pictures - https://t.co/i4mvORhsXR https://t.co/aYTKp2Eb5L

  43. 69-Year-Old Frank Beamer Dabbing

  44. Gators Punter Gets 'Jumpman' Remix

  45. Georgia has reportedly fired head coach Mark Richt https://t.co/nCkHaQLVLl https://t.co/RkePEgUmUy

  46. Norwich player shoves Alexis Sanchez into a camera pit during game - https://t.co/zysKyEOq2s https://t.co/HA3MUdKO1M

  47. PSG Produce 'Je Suis Paris' Video

  48. 'The Mountain' Breaks Own World Record for Keg Tossing

  49. Odell Beckham Jr. wearing pregame Charlie Brown and Snoopy cleats https://t.co/tky92VoxRS https://t.co/hv1Hng8yM9

  50. Odell Beckham Jr. would be proud of this high schooler's stunning touchdown catch - https://t.co/1Kuk2l9cSw

  51. Cam Shuts Up Bama Heckler Real Quick

  52. So. Miss. WR Makes Insane, OBJ-Like TD Grab

  53. Watch a hilarious supercut of Cesc Fabregas' blunders against Tottenham https://t.co/fswEuzYLR5

  54. VIDEO: Wyoming’s Josh Adams dunks all over Montana State defender, gets the foul to boot https://t.co/Kfa7LfVJYD https://t.co/fRNNvw4pfU

  55. Clemson's Watson Hits 'The Dab'

  56. Auburn Library Trolls Bama Over Kick-6

  57. The Rams will reportedly NOT be punished for failure to remove QB Case Keenum after concussion https://t.co/RwhR8ggcRe

  58. Jets fan cooks ginormous 96oz porterhouse steak before Dolphins game https://t.co/ex4DmvJkBH https://t.co/eT3j8tkXXL

  59. FSU Congratulates Retiring Beamer in Virginia Paper

  60. Titans Gave Player $50 for Losing 1 Lb. on Thanksgiving

  61. Retweeted Joe (@jcorrado19): #JalilOkafor en route to press conference to address the latest news.... https://t.co/alya3ZfJ2a

  62. St. Andrews is covered in snow and the pictures are breathtaking https://t.co/TkExXAQOSi

  63. Cam Turns Up with Future Onstage at Concert

  64. Best Signs from ESPN's 'College GameDay'

  65. Jon Jones Has Pose Off With Strength Coach https://t.co/yYrkZLS90w https://t.co/Uc3KpfL2pM

  66. One of the Buffalo Bills' buses broke down on the way to Arrowhead Stadium - https://t.co/ujzWIsmTeg

  67. OSU Players Locked Out of Hotel Rooms

  68. Baylor's Oakman Destroys TCU Punter Perry

  69. Golfer hits driver to a few feet from the hole on par-4, makes eagle https://t.co/6FkHhE35qO https://t.co/C8JPI8xXFZ

  70. Retweeted Dr. Selene Parekh (@seleneparekhmd): Credit to Coach K for keeping these guys under control... https://t.co/1lgIS9znFU

  71. Monmouth Bench Continues to Go Ham vs. Dayton

  72. WMU Coach Gets a Waterbottle Shower

  73. 16 beautiful photos from the Formula 1 season finale in Abu Dhabi - https://t.co/kKNUyZoRBg https://t.co/wdazgkvQhj

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  75. Wade, Bosh and Melo Do Thanksgiving

  76. Ohio Governor Bans Khakis Ahead of U-M Game

  77. Frank Beamer Kills The Dabbing Dance https://t.co/R9ZN6r7eGL https://t.co/h4pNt6qIKr

  78. Ronda Rousey Walking The Mean Streets Of Venice Beach https://t.co/V6wmJgLpzs https://t.co/mLtlZ1KZI9