1. #FlashbackFriday Serena Williams Tosses First Pitch http://t.co/ND91UzrKid http://t.co/15ofQ2o7kq

  2. Mendoza Joins ESPN Booth for Rest of Year

  3. You Think the Giants Miss Joe Panik?

  4. Colorado-Hawaii Game Ends After Refs Don't Spot Ball in Time

  5. Team Scores TD After Lining Up with 10 Players on D in Teammate's Honor

  6. Utah celebrates proving 'cupcake game' label wrong with cupcakes http://t.co/HVHN5VvMsO http://t.co/0HBzPOopnw

  7. A Pretty Incredible Bare Handed Play http://t.co/bNwOtlFlic http://t.co/YwCbAbfi5K

  8. Linebacker Destroys Poor Running Back

  9. Utah Trolled Harbaugh, Michigan with a Khaki Reference

  10. QB Makes Defense Look Silly

  11. NFL's Eric Decker -- My Famous Wife Gave Birth ... I've Got a Son! http://t.co/f5dqRpA2fO

  12. Rob Gronkowski hot sauce is a thing that exists http://t.co/RKLbMEsxz3 http://t.co/L2WCHv6dq3

  13. Redskins Skip RG3 in Jersey Countdown

  14. Just Fine Everyone: Mandating Fines for the Sporting World at Large

  15. Bryce Scores 4 Runs Despite Not Recording Official At-Bat

  16. UFC fighter Paige VanZant is the hottest professional athlete around right now http://t.co/vRL5nizQoB http://t.co/TolOHqZdFC

  17. Sooo John Elway was prank called by a fake Peyton Manning--http://t.co/9eQGpWfjR7 http://t.co/MqruAV1O0h

  18. The World's Highest Backward Shot

  19. Gronk to Introduce Hot Sauce

  20. Minnesota Uses 'Dramatic Chipmunk' to Distract Kickers

  21. Rob Gronkowski to introduce his own brand of hot sauce because of course http://t.co/HttGJVyEHK

  22. A devoted @floydmayweather fan tattooed his entire back to dedicate it to the undefeated champ. 

  23. Video: Titans Kicker's Successful Hail Mary Gets Called Back

  24. Watch: Tebow Throws Multiple TDs vs. Jets

  25. Twitter Reacts to Brady's Victory

  26. TJ Ward says he won't get his suspension overturned because his last name isn't Brady http://t.co/3QHkgiXMa4 http://t.co/FhgXFcR7zc

  27. Arkansas Tech lined up with 10 on D in honor of late teammate AND scored. via @ATU_Athletics http://t.co/msUWHcP4dV https://t.co/r4tWxiyHvm

  28. Bills CB Scores Pick-6 After Wacky Deflection

  29. High School Running Back Is 4-Foot-5

  30. Broncos' T.J. Ward on why his 1-game suspension was upheld: "My last name's not Brady." #ShotsFired 

  31. It's so sad watching Kansas students talk about Kansas football http://t.co/gPzCPrun55 http://t.co/okiXjw9BhJ

  32. The Suit Helped Him Lift 675 Pounds

  33. Utah RB Booker Hurdles Michigan Defender

  34. Roger Federer revealed which Broadway show made him bawl uncontrollably http://t.co/mIVzENmNPF http://t.co/8HF2OX0ZWN

  35. A guy killed himself because he would sweat so excessively http://t.co/KgunX2A5C3 http://t.co/RVjTR6xuwP

  36. Blake Uses Life-Sized Emojis in Q&A

  37. Simms Heaves Ball Backwards Instead of Taking Sack

  38. Man forced to celebrate bachelor party by himself, chronicles experience on Instagram http://t.co/S39URywujL http://t.co/McjEn6Qpnu

  39. VIDEO: Peyton Manning loves Tom Brady regardless of his role in DeflateGate--http://t.co/ZuByBzdR4i http://t.co/hiusYTivOp

  40. All of New England Rejoices Over Brady Ruling

  41. A Jim Beam warehouse was struck by lightning and started a firenado which is a real thing http://t.co/d4DMZAHaU1 http://t.co/xKOArVcIho

  42. Peter King went to Harpoon Brewery and got tons of questions about Deflategate from Pats fans http://t.co/CQe1Fn3T9a http://t.co/FtsLCc9olO

  43. Yep, Jim Harbaugh Is Ready for Some Football

  44. Redskins Charge $50 to Use Will Call Envelope

  45. FOLLOW THE LEADERS: 11 fantasy football accounts that will help you win your league--http://t.co/GV6aYDyLAt http://t.co/eYgjQv9w9Q

  46. 4’5, 95 LB HS Running Back is Something Special http://t.co/NSITCj3M3j http://t.co/4nYdCSFDfJ

  47. UNC-SCAR Replay Official Seems on Top of Things

  48. Skins Fan Names Son 'Robert Griffin'

  49. This is an important reminder that Jarryd Hayne used to be a rugby star http://t.co/gIwwDErYLd http://t.co/AJVSuvWgQh

  50. A bull piledrove a matador then went to town stomping guys trying to get the guy out http://t.co/GbH2PeF4rF http://t.co/dwMW7Bhvva