1. Donte Stallworth claims Tom Brady used to pay practice squad players that picked him off http://t.co/2D0QwOfyjH http://t.co/tzrwRm9E4R

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  41. Whitlock Goes After ESPN, Deadspin on Twitter

  42. We're paying $25 million for a 41 yr old DH to drive in 80 runs. Yay!

  43. I love ignorant people who say ARod is best hitter, salary doesnt matter. He cant play field, cant run & gets benched during interleague.

  44. J.R. Wins $30K for Military Member with Halfcourt Shot

  45. Twitter Reacts to Seahawks' Illegal Bat

  46. Sorry. Beltran gone after 2016. CC after 2017. Doesn't change the point.

  47. Need new blood in the worst way.

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  49. Rousey to Co-Anchor SportsCenter on Oct 7

  50. More depressing than tonight's loss: Jacoby Ellsbury here thru 2020. A-Rod thru 2017. Beltran thru 2017. At least Tex & CC done after 2016.

  51. Rich Eisen endorses Jess Mendoza over Curt Schilling, gets trolled by Boston radio hosts http://t.co/LJ3lGn1NW0 http://t.co/bbmxfqAlBg