1. Joseph Randle Hit With Criminal Charges In Casino Fight Incident https://t.co/yqvUbt5HJS

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  5. When your waiter does this... pic.twitter.com/eune92wbka

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  39. Oklahoma's Baker4Heisman Website

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  65. Bed Bath & Beyond Selling Johnny Manziel Shot Glasses https://t.co/1ihhsSzANj https://t.co/BiRlHLvmdt

  66. Bed Bath & Beyond Selling Johnny Manziel Shot Glasses https://t.co/1ihhsSzANj https://t.co/BiRlHLvmdt https://t.co/AHbdXtY9H6

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  73. Caller to @MikeFrancesaNY just now complained that Odell Beckham uses one hand to make catches too much.

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