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Swimming (Olympic)

  1. Swimming (Olympic)


  3. Swimming (Olympic)

    Ledecky Declines Waffle Maker on 'Ellen' to Stay Eligible

  4. Swimming (Olympic)

    Chance the Rapper Performs 'No Problem' with Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz!

  5. Swimming (Olympic)

    Lochte Feels 'Hurt' After 'DWTS' Incident

  6. Swimming (Olympic)

  7. Swimming (Olympic)

  8. Swimming (Olympic)

  9. Swimming (Olympic)

    IOC Will Not Punish Lochte Further

  10. Swimming (Olympic)

    Michael Phelps syncs “Lose Yourself” by Eminem | Lip Sync Battle: All-Stars Live

  11. Swimming (Olympic)

    Chad Le Clos Leaves Coach of 14 Years

  12. Swimming (Olympic)

  13. Swimming (Olympic)

  14. Swimming (Olympic)

  15. Swimming (Olympic)

    NCAA Might Rethink Olympic Payouts to Student-Athletes

  16. Swimming (Olympic)

    Did Some Swimmers Get Unfair Advantage?

  17. Swimming (Olympic)

    Report: Ledecky Made $355K from Olympics

  18. Swimming (Olympic)

  19. Swimming (Olympic)

  20. Swimming (Olympic)

  21. Swimming (Olympic)

    Lochte Comments on Suspension, Advice from Phelps

  22. Swimming (Olympic)

    Lochte Officially Suspended 10 Months

  23. Swimming (Olympic)

    Phelps Jokes About Meme with Fallon

  24. Swimming (Olympic)

  25. Swimming (Olympic)

  26. Swimming (Olympic)

  27. Swimming (Olympic)

  28. Swimming (Olympic)

    Manuel Doesn't Regret Passing Up Endorsements

  29. Swimming (Olympic)

    Manuel Supports Kap's Right to His Opinion

  30. Swimming (Olympic)

  31. Swimming (Olympic)

  32. Swimming (Olympic)

    Autistic Fan's Note to Phelps Goes Viral

  33. Swimming (Olympic)

    Lochte to Be on 'Dancing with the Stars'

  34. Swimming (Olympic)

  35. Swimming (Olympic)

  36. Swimming (Olympic)

    Lochte: 'Dancing with the Stars' Will Show I'm 'Loving & Caring'

  37. Swimming (Olympic)

    Fallon Impersonates Lochte to Phelps' Delight

  38. Swimming (Olympic)

  39. Swimming (Olympic)

  40. Swimming (Olympic)

    Rio Police Charge Lochte with False Robbery Report

  41. Swimming (Olympic)

    Lochte Signs 1st New Sponsorship for Throat Lozenge

  42. Swimming (Olympic)

  43. Swimming (Olympic)

  44. Swimming (Olympic)

  45. Swimming (Olympic)

    What Female Olympians Really Think About Sexism in Rio

  46. Swimming (Olympic)

  47. Swimming (Olympic)

  48. Swimming (Olympic)

    Lochte Summoned to Testify in Brazil

  49. Swimming (Olympic)

    Ledecky Tells Bryce to Hold Her Medals

  50. Swimming (Olympic)

  51. Swimming (Olympic)

  52. Swimming (Olympic)

    Report: Lochte a Candidate to Join 'Dancing with the Stars'

  53. Swimming (Olympic)

    Feigen Apologizes for 'Serious Distraction' at Rio

  54. Swimming (Olympic)

  55. Swimming (Olympic)

  56. Swimming (Olympic)

    Callback: Feigen Donated $10K to Brazilian Charity

  57. Swimming (Olympic)

    Islanders Inspired by Ledecky's 4 Olympic Gold Medals

  58. Swimming (Olympic)

  59. Swimming (Olympic)

  60. Swimming (Olympic)

    Speedo, Ralph Lauren Cut Ties with Lochte

  61. Swimming (Olympic)

  62. Swimming (Olympic)

  63. Swimming (Olympic)

  64. Swimming (Olympic)

    Lochte Rethinking Partying, Still Plans to Swim

  65. Swimming (Olympic)

  66. Swimming (Olympic)

  67. Swimming (Olympic)

  68. Swimming (Olympic)

  69. Swimming (Olympic)

    Despite the Dysfunction, Rio Offers Us Hope

  70. Swimming (Olympic)

  71. Swimming (Olympic)

  72. Swimming (Olympic)

    Oliver Roasts 'Idiot Sea Cow' Lochte

  73. Swimming (Olympic)

    Biggest Breakout Stars of 2016 Rio Games

  74. Swimming (Olympic)

  75. Swimming (Olympic)

  76. Swimming (Olympic)

    Ranking the Biggest Surprises from the 2016 Rio Games

  77. Swimming (Olympic)

    Most Memorable Moments of the Summer Olympics

  78. Swimming (Olympic)

  79. Swimming (Olympic)