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Swimming (Olympic)

  1. Swimming (Olympic)

  2. Swimming (Olympic)

    Phelps Gives Olympic Training Center Tour

  3. Swimming (Olympic)

    Phelps Skipping Atlanta Meet to Await Birth of Child

  4. Swimming (Olympic)

    Missy Reads Letter to Parents in Emotional Video

  5. Swimming (Olympic)

    Swimming's Top Tier: Indecent Obsession?

  6. Swimming (Olympic)

  7. Swimming (Olympic)

  8. Swimming (Olympic)

  9. Swimming (Olympic)

    Watch: Phelps Talks 'Downward Spiral,' New Hopes for Rio

  10. Swimming (Olympic)

    100 Days Away: Names to Know for Rio

  11. Swimming (Olympic)

    100 Rio Athletes Targeting Gold

  12. Swimming (Olympic)

  13. Swimming (Olympic)

  14. Swimming (Olympic)

  15. Swimming (Olympic)

    Detailing Russian and Chinese Doping in Swimming

  16. Swimming (Olympic)

    Ledecky Among Time's 100 Most Influential

  17. Swimming (Olympic)

    When an Olympian Goes to College, Riches Stay Out of Reach

  18. Swimming (Olympic)

  19. Swimming (Olympic)

  20. Swimming (Olympic)

  21. Swimming (Olympic)

    Hackett Apologises for 'Poor Behaviour' on Plane

  22. Swimming (Olympic)

    Ledecky, Phelps Win Again in Arizona

  23. Swimming (Olympic)

    Franklin Out of Mesa Meet, Opts to Rest

  24. Swimming (Olympic)

  25. Swimming (Olympic)

  26. Swimming (Olympic)

  27. Swimming (Olympic)

    Phelps, Ledecky Overcome Wind for Mesa Wins

  28. Swimming (Olympic)

    Lochte Feels Like 'Underdog' at Loaded Mesa Meet

  29. Swimming (Olympic)

  30. Swimming (Olympic)

  31. Swimming (Olympic)

  32. Swimming (Olympic)

    Phelps Sizes Up Competition Ahead of Olympics

  33. Swimming (Olympic)

    Australian Women Formidable at Olympic Trials

  34. Swimming (Olympic)

  35. Swimming (Olympic)

  36. Swimming (Olympic)

    Magnussen Fails to Make Olympic 100m Freestyle

  37. Swimming (Olympic)

    Magnussen: 'I’m Going to Stay Positive'

  38. Swimming (Olympic)

  39. Swimming (Olympic)

  40. Swimming (Olympic)

    South Korea Blocks Park Tae-hwan from Competing at Rio

  41. Swimming (Olympic)

    Olympic Freestyle Champ Agnel to Miss 200m in Rio

  42. Swimming (Olympic)

  43. Swimming (Olympic)

  44. Swimming (Olympic)

    Australian Swim Team to Mis Rio's Opening Ceremony

  45. Swimming (Olympic)

    Video: Lochte Gives Reporter Swim Lesson

  46. Swimming (Olympic)

  47. Swimming (Olympic)

  48. Swimming (Olympic)

    Missy Franklin Bringing Fans for Olympic Ride with GoPro

  49. Swimming (Olympic)

    Watch: Franklin GoPro Trailer for ‘Finding Missy’ Series

  50. Swimming (Olympic)

  51. Swimming (Olympic)

  52. Swimming (Olympic)

    Russian Swimmer Martynova Suspended for Doping

  53. Swimming (Olympic)

    Russian Swimmer Hopes for Rio Despite Doping Case

  54. Swimming (Olympic)

  55. Swimming (Olympic)

  56. Swimming (Olympic)

    Ian Thorpe May Never Swim Again

  57. Swimming (Olympic)

    USA Swimmers 'Drop It Like It's Hot'

  58. Swimming (Olympic)

  59. Swimming (Olympic)

  60. Swimming (Olympic)

    Phelps Evolution Tour Comes to L.A.

  61. Swimming (Olympic)

    Phelps Keeping Rio Events Choice Under Wraps

  62. Swimming (Olympic)

  63. Swimming (Olympic)

  64. Swimming (Olympic)

    Phelps Won't Let Age Hinder His Goal to Medal

  65. Swimming (Olympic)

    Adam Walker: Man vs. Ocean

  66. Swimming (Olympic)

  67. Swimming (Olympic)

  68. Swimming (Olympic)

    Phelps Stars in 'Rule Yourself' UA Commercial

  69. Swimming (Olympic)

    USA Swimming Adds O'Brien to Banned for Life List

  70. Swimming (Olympic)

  71. Swimming (Olympic)

  72. Swimming (Olympic)

    Missy Franklin's Memoir Jacket Revealed

  73. Swimming (Olympic)

    Phelps Feels 'Incredible' After Not Drinking

  74. Swimming (Olympic)

  75. Swimming (Olympic)

  76. Swimming (Olympic)

    Phelps Has No Worries with Fiancee, Son Going to Rio

  77. Swimming (Olympic)

    Franklin Inks Deal to Appear on Wheaties Box

  78. Swimming (Olympic)

  79. Swimming (Olympic)