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Swimming (Olympic)

  1. Swimming (Olympic)

  2. Swimming (Olympic)

    Moses Qualifies for Olympic Trials on 2 Practices in 4 Years

  3. Swimming (Olympic)

    Bob Bowman's Secret to Elite Performance

  4. Swimming (Olympic)

    Wilimovsky Has Taken the Long Route to Rio Olympics

  5. Swimming (Olympic)

    7 Things You Didn't Know About the Men's National Team

  6. Swimming (Olympic)

  7. Swimming (Olympic)

  8. Swimming (Olympic)

  9. Swimming (Olympic)

    AUS Swim Coach Can't Contain His Excitement

  10. Swimming (Olympic)

    Brazil Bans Swim Coach Volkers; Charged with Sexual Abuse

  11. Swimming (Olympic)

    Ex-USA Swimming Director Essick Dies at 82

  12. Swimming (Olympic)

  13. Swimming (Olympic)

  14. Swimming (Olympic)

  15. Swimming (Olympic)

    McLaughlin Trying to Rebound for Olympic Time Trials

  16. Swimming (Olympic)

  17. Swimming (Olympic)

  18. Swimming (Olympic)

  19. Swimming (Olympic)

  20. Swimming (Olympic)

  21. Swimming (Olympic)

    South Korea Boss Wants Tae-hwan at Rio

  22. Swimming (Olympic)

    Lochte Dominates in 400m IM in Charlotte

  23. Swimming (Olympic)

    Former Open Water World Champ Suffers Heart Attack

  24. Swimming (Olympic)

  25. Swimming (Olympic)

  26. Swimming (Olympic)

  27. Swimming (Olympic)

    Speedo Reveals Team USA Suits for Rio

  28. Swimming (Olympic)

    Phelps' Coach Shares His Secrets to Swimming

  29. Swimming (Olympic)

    Brazil Pres. to Be Suspended During Rio Games

  30. Swimming (Olympic)

  31. Swimming (Olympic)

  32. Swimming (Olympic)

  33. Swimming (Olympic)

    Agnel Will Defend 200 Freestyle Gold in Rio

  34. Swimming (Olympic)

  35. Swimming (Olympic)

  36. Swimming (Olympic)

    Phelps Explains Baby Boomer Robert's Name

  37. Swimming (Olympic)

  38. Swimming (Olympic)

  39. Swimming (Olympic)

  40. Swimming (Olympic)

    Michael Phelps and Fiance Announce Birth of Their Son

  41. Swimming (Olympic)

    Phelps Gives Olympic Training Center Tour

  42. Swimming (Olympic)

  43. Swimming (Olympic)

  44. Swimming (Olympic)

    Phelps Skipping Atlanta Meet to Await Birth of Child

  45. Swimming (Olympic)

    Missy Reads Letter to Parents in Emotional Video

  46. Swimming (Olympic)

  47. Swimming (Olympic)

  48. Swimming (Olympic)

    Swimming's Top Tier: Indecent Obsession?

  49. Swimming (Olympic)

    Watch: Phelps Talks 'Downward Spiral,' New Hopes for Rio

  50. Swimming (Olympic)

  51. Swimming (Olympic)

  52. Swimming (Olympic)

    100 Days Away: Names to Know for Rio

  53. Swimming (Olympic)

    100 Rio Athletes Targeting Gold

  54. Swimming (Olympic)

  55. Swimming (Olympic)

  56. Swimming (Olympic)

    Detailing Russian and Chinese Doping in Swimming

  57. Swimming (Olympic)

    Ledecky Among Time's 100 Most Influential

  58. Swimming (Olympic)

  59. Swimming (Olympic)

  60. Swimming (Olympic)

    When an Olympian Goes to College, Riches Stay Out of Reach

  61. Swimming (Olympic)

    Hackett Apologises for 'Poor Behaviour' on Plane

  62. Swimming (Olympic)

  63. Swimming (Olympic)

  64. Swimming (Olympic)

    Ledecky, Phelps Win Again in Arizona

  65. Swimming (Olympic)

    Franklin Out of Mesa Meet, Opts to Rest

  66. Swimming (Olympic)

  67. Swimming (Olympic)

  68. Swimming (Olympic)

    Phelps, Ledecky Overcome Wind for Mesa Wins

  69. Swimming (Olympic)

    Lochte Feels Like 'Underdog' at Loaded Mesa Meet

  70. Swimming (Olympic)

  71. Swimming (Olympic)

  72. Swimming (Olympic)

  73. Swimming (Olympic)

    Phelps Sizes Up Competition Ahead of Olympics

  74. Swimming (Olympic)

  75. Swimming (Olympic)

  76. Swimming (Olympic)

    Australian Women Formidable at Olympic Trials

  77. Swimming (Olympic)

    Magnussen Fails to Make Olympic 100m Freestyle

  78. Swimming (Olympic)

  79. Swimming (Olympic)