WWE: Listen Up IWC, 2011 Was One of the Best Years Ever

Colin StoneContributor IIIDecember 28, 2011

Think back to earlier this year.

John Cena was the WWE Champion. Randy Orton was the World Heavyweight Champion.

The nicknames "Super-Cena" and "Super-Orton" were more prominent than ever, mostly down to their seemingly invincible, infallible displays in the ring: fighting back from the brink of defeat to claim victory after, of course, completing their dreaded "Five Moves of Doom."

David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty, two of the most uninspiring and dull wrestlers of all time, were the Tag Team Champions, defeating Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov on several occasions to retain their belts.

The US and Intercontinental Championships were getting passed around like hot potatoes.

Brie Bella was the Divas' Champion. The less said about that, the better.

Now back to the present day.

CM Punk, the man responsible for one of the hottest angles of the summer, is the WWE Champion.

Daniel Bryan, one of the IWC's darlings, is World Heavyweight Champion, whilst Zack Ryder, a wrestler whom the Internet have been clamouring for to get some gold, is the US Champion.

Cody Rhodes has restored some respectability to the Intercontinental Championship, not only by bringing back the old-school belt, but also by having a distinguished and lengthy title reign.

Air Boom have made the tag team division exciting and respectable again, and along with the Usos, Epico & Primo and even Hawkins & Reks, it looks like this area of wrestling is finding its feet once again.

Even the Divas' Championship, despite still having some flaws, has improved tenfold since the reign of Beth Phoenix began.

But it seems as if the IWC still aren't satisfied.

Yes, I am a part of the IWC, and yes, perhaps I am generalising slightly, but you see my point.

Will the IWC ever be truly happy?

Even things like Christian winning his first World Heavyweight Championship, Cena and Orton becoming less unbeatable and putting more talent over, Daniel Bryan winning MITB and Kane getting his mask back have all been dreams of the IWC. Dreams, which in 2011, came true.

It seems that Vince McMahon does listen after all.

Sure, there will be decisions that we don't like, but arguably, today's WWE picture is the best the IWC have ever seen.

Just take stock for a moment. Think of how dramatically the WWE landscape has changed over the past few months.

Think of where Cena and Orton are right now, and think of where Punk, Ryder and Bryan are compared to last year. Zack Ryder wasn't even on TV 12 months ago.

Rhodes and Ziggler, who last year had no real direction, have experienced big pushes since the close of 2010.

Even Hornswoggle isn't as annoying as he used to be.

Honestly, the IWC couldn't have written the current WWE setup any better themselves.

But I'll leave you with a warning. I hate to say it, but it has to be said.

Enjoy it while it lasts.

And that's the bottom line, 'cos Colin Stone said so!

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