The Last Second: Why the Vikings May Have More Momentum Than You Think

Ryan NelsonCorrespondent IJanuary 2, 2009

On Dec. 28, in the Metrodome, in Minneapolis...With two seconds to go in the game, down 19-17, the Minnesota Vikings sent out Ryan Longwell. Longwell kicked the game-winning field goal, making the score 20-19, Vikings.

Living in Minnesota, I have heard a number of arguments why the Vikings are going to get destroyed by Philadelphia, and even if they win, they'll get killed by Carolina or someone else later in the playoffs.

However, the Vikings look like serious contenders. They have the league's leading rusher in Adrian Peterson, they have a rock-solid defense, and they have two hot-handed quarterbacks (one with experience, and one who can move).

It has been said that the Vikings have no momentum. It has been said that the Vikings are on their way home. And yes, it has been said that they Vikings are no match for the Eagles.

The Vikings have won five out of their last six games. Five out of their last six games, including a last second-win against the No. 1 seeded Giants. To me, and to thousands of other, this should sound like momentum.

They lost to Atlanta in a game they should have won. (They almost did, had it not been for so many turnovers.) They destroyed Arizona. On top of that, they've beaten New York and Carolina. Granted, those last two were at home, but they've done it.

Tarvaris Jackson may come under pressure, but maybe in practice, Childress (who coached with Jim Johnson and played against Spagnuolo) could simulate some of the blitz packages used by Johnson. I do not think that either coach has the edge. The X-factor is Jackson (after Atlanta, some may say it is Peterson). For Philly, it is Donovan McNabb. Again, the Vikings have a chance.

I'm gonna pick the Vikings. Low-scoring, defensive game. 20-17