Rose Bowl 2012: Oregon Ducks Break Out New Look for Rose Bowl

Joe PenkalaCorrespondent IDecember 27, 2011

While this is not surprising news, the Oregon Ducks will be breaking out new uniforms when they take the field against the Wisconsin Badgers in the Rose Bowl.

Granted, Oregon has done this many times. The Ducks continue to push the envelope with science and technology and find ways to integrate it into what they wear onto the field.

For the past few years, Oregon has used its success on the field to better market itself with new uniforms in big games like the BCS National Championship Game and its season opener this year against LSU.

Overall, the jerseys look similar but have some of the newer materials incorporated. The biggest change is clearly to the Oregon helmet. The Oregon helmet now has the wings on the side with the Oregon "O" on the back.

With the change to the uniform comes more criticism and also more advantages for Oregon. On one hand, people will continue to knock the ever-changing look that Oregon goes through, but on the other hand, young recruits will continue to take notice, and Oregon will continue to use it as a growing recruiting advantage.

Regardless of what it is wearing, Oregon has a huge test against Wisconsin and needs to change its image from a program that pushes the envelope with uniform changes to a team that is on the rise and starting to win its big games.

Full gallery of Oregon's new uniforms.

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