Bowl Me Over, Again, and Again, and Again.

Alan LupianiCorrespondent IJanuary 2, 2009

It's Bowl time again.

Peach, Orange, Cotton, Rose...

...many different flavors, shapes, and colors.

Marching bands, "The Doobie Brothers," heck, where's "the Jonas Brothers?!"

At last count, there are 34 Division 1-A Bowl games. Bowl Games

Have you heard of the EagleBank and St. Petersburg Bowls?

I haven't.

One may asked while getting Bowled over, "what does it all mean?'

Wait a minute, let me grab some tostitos, I'll be right back.

Bowl, Bowl, Bowl, and more Bowl.

Did you also know there are nine, yes (9) college All-Star games?

Indeed led by the East-West Shrine game, but look...

...the Senior Bowl and seven others are not far behind!  Bowl Games

The Bowls are as familiar to us as the setting sun.

Did I say, "Sun Bowl?"

The Bowls are at the heart of our collegiate and consumerist traditions.

Conflict of Interests?  Perhaps.

Playoffs?? Wha??

President in waiting, Barack Obama wants it.

What will that mean for the Bowls?

Will our Bowls disappear?

Will they vanish?

Never to be heard of again?

No more Rose, Peach, Orange, Sugar, Fiesta, or Cotton?

No more Meineke, Outback, Chick-fil-A, GMAC, or Emerald Nuts Bowl?

Can our nations consciousness take it?

Can we survive? 

In fact, there are about (50) defunct Bowl games listed. Bowl Games

Notable negations include the, Vulcan, Pineapple, and Freedom Bowl.

The Haka Bowl was to take place in New Zealand in 1996, but the NCAA rejected it before the first game.

The Oil Bowl lasted for two years 1946-1947 in Houston, Texas.

The Cigar Bowl went on from 1947 -1956 in Tampa Florida.

What do you think of these Bowl names?

The Becel/Flora/Promise, "I can't believe it's butter" Bowl.

or...let's try this one, the Wendy's, "Where's the beef?" Bowl.

Lastly, aww what the heck....drum roll please.....

The Subway, "Five dollar foot long" Bowl!!!

Personally, I think that should be the BCS Championship game.

Hold on, it's Papa John's delivering a pizza...

Who won the Papa Johns Bowl again?

Alan Lupiani is a contributor to the bleacher report and also produces a daily sports talk podcast called "The Alan Show - Morning Sports Bite."

You can find his podcast here.


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