Chris Jericho: Why the WWE's Cryptic Promos Are for His Return

Poppa Big Nick@NickFino2293Correspondent IIIDecember 27, 2011

Chris Jericho: Why the WWE's Cryptic Promos Are for His Return

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    For weeks now the WWE has been showing us vignettes on WWE programming signaling the return of a WWE superstar. This has been yet another wonderful job by the WWE to keep viewers interested and talking about why the person possibly can be.

    People have their opinions on who it can be, the most popular choices are The Undertaker and Skip Sheffield's new character "Ryback," but the most sexy pick is "The Best in the World at What He Does" Chris Jericho.

    There are many reason for why it is Jericho, but then again there are also many plausible reasons for why it's not. Using clues from the WWE's promos as well as pure facts, I will try and convince any doubters or people on the fence on whether or not Chris Jericho will be making his long awaited and anticipated return. So let's get to the slideshow!

Reason #1: Jericho's Trolling on Twitter

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    When Chris Jericho left the WWE after his contract expired in late 2009 he said that he would be back, but never revealed when simply stating when the time was right. Since he left every time there is a pay-per-view Jericho is asked the same question "When are you gonna come back". To you and I it's a question we desperately want answered, to Chris Jericho it's a sever pain in the ass.

    In case you don't follow Chris Jericho, ever since the cryptic promos started airing on WWE TV, Jericho has been very anti-WWE. He has said that he is not returning and that the promos are not his. He also said that he is tired of being asked the same thing everyday. Here is one of Jericho's most latest tweets...



       Chris Jericho

    Sick of all the questions so this is it...from now on I'm not answering anymore wrestling related questions. I'm done w WWE. Deal with it

    26 Dec 


    Apparently Jericho is done with WWE, as The Miz would say "Really?". You went from I will return to WWE when the time is right to "I'm done with WWE". Jericho is simply lying to us, but he's doing it for our own good. He wants us to believe it's not him so that when it is, we will be surprised. I thank you Jericho, but your not fooling anyone.

Reason #2: The Notebook Says "Chris"

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    In last week's promo, the little girl pushes the notebook the little boy has been writing in. When it falls to the floor for a brief second you can read a name on the book. It's crossed out but you can make out the name, it reads "Chris." Now I know some people will ague that this is WWE's way of telling us that it is not Chris Jericho but I argue that it is WWE's way of trying to let us know yet give us that little bit of doubt.

    If you also take into account that there is no one injured or inactive on the WWE's roster with the first name Chris, then it makes you feel better about the chances that it is him.

Reason #3: The Date

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    The date anyway you want to put it has the letters "Y2J" embedded in it.

    - (Y)ear 2012

    - (2)nd Day

    - (J)anuary/(J)ericho

    There are numerous other ways to do it, but that would be too long, you get the point.

Reason #4: Skip Sheffield's Tweet Was Meant to Deceive Us

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     Skip Sheffield broke his ankle over a year ago right in the heap of The Nexus angle. Many including myself thought he would have been released months ago, but it was revealed that WWE will be re-debuting Sheffield with a new gimmick, "Ryback."

    Ryback will be a terminator-like man sent from the future. This sounds very corny to me, but I will give it a chance. Anyway it is unknown when WWE will be re-debuting him, but if it takes him as long as it has taken Brodus Clay, I hope he has the virtue of patience.

    Last week Skip Sheffield tweeted this on his Twitter account hinting that he is the man behind the cryptic promos. The tweet has since then been deleted. I Believe this tweet was a systematic way of WWE trying to throw us off. Sheffield could not be stupid enough to ruin his debut, hence why he deleted it. It makes us think that he teases it and WWE made him delete it. This tweet was meant to make us think it's him.

    “Sitting in a chair at a table in Sin City wondering why this ladder is in front of me? Laughing at the gossip, the Secret Power, it begins..

    Who am I? Only time will tell, but rest assured narkboys Im not a Terminator sent to save John Connor. I also hate College Station #Fake

    I refuse to type it yyywid is fake, accept n forget. My life my rules. Born n raised in Sin City, soon a psycho will be unleashed. #Patience”

Reason #5: The Numerous Clues in the Last Promo

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    There are many clues in the final promo shown on this week's episode of WWE RAW. Most of the clues are what's said by the mysterious little boy in the video. He says "A force shall arrive to reclaim what is his." What could Chris Jericho be returning to reclaim? I'll tell you, his "best in the world" catchphrase, of course.

    CM Punk says he is the best in the world, but where did we hear that first? Chris Jericho, he said it in about every single promo he had through his heel run in his last stint with the company. At the time he said it, it was hard to argue that Chris Jericho wasn't the best in the world, just like now it's hard to argue C.M. Punk is not.

    A globe is also seen spinning in the video, the globe is a signal of "the world." Finally the last word the young boy says is "Do you understand?" This too is also something Jericho said during his heel run. He would ask the crowd who he saw as below him "do you understand what I am saying to you right now." When I heard the words the boy said I marked out because it was then when it became clear to me that it is Jericho's return.


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    Next week C.M. Punk will face Dolph ZIggler in the main event for the WWE Championship. Although Ziggler is in the midst of a big push and is getting a well-deserved title match, no one in the world expects him to win. I'm predicting that Chris Jericho will make his return either during or after this match.

    I can see after Punk gets the 1 2 3, the lights go out, we get the countdown going and he comes out to  cut a promo and end the show or even better, he comes out from the crowd during the match and attacks Punk giving him the win via disqualification.

    Whether it's Jericho or not, I can sure tell you that millions of people will be tuning in for next weeks show and this has been a brilliant job by WWE trying to keep their fans on the edge. These series of vignettes also have achieved its most attention through social media which is what WWE wants. Thanks for reading and be sure to leave your opinions!