Crunch Time: What The WWE Can Do To Regain Respect

Alex DavidsonContributor IJanuary 2, 2009

I've never wrote an article on wrestling before but I've always been a fan, so I decided that this was as good a time as any.  For the 14 years I've lived I've always loved the WWE (and WCW in the 90's), but since somewhere around 2004 it seemed uncool to watch wrestling, not to me but to every single idiot I tried to explain to that it was 'fake' in one sense, but then again there was more chance breaking your neck making a pre- determined jump from a cage than there is participating in a 'real sport' like football or 'soccer' for the Americans (not that I don't like football, I probably like it more than WWE but it was an easy example to use).

So, it probably doesn't help my case when I do watch wrestling I see the likes of Shawn Michaels being wasted with the likes of JBL, it might not have been as bad as let's say 2006 when after the bore-fest that was the Royal Rumble. That year, I stopped watching wrestling for a few months, but it still is a bit of the disappointment most of the time.

So I choose to compile a list of things that could drag the WWE out of the ditch it's slowly heading towards (if not already there). Some you might not agree with, so leave some extra ideas just in case Vince McMahon accidentaly types Bleacher Report into Google.


Release JBL

JBL has got a great gimmick (rich guy that hates the poor and so on) but it's hard to watch when the guy trying to pull it off can do about as much as a 70-year-old Ric Flair (not that he wasn't great in his A-day). I enjoyed JBL in his commentating role and reminded me of Jerry Lawler at his best—the bully who favours the heel—but JBL couldn't bear watching good wrestlers get a chance, so he got off his arse and decided to get involved with Chris Jericho (which stopped Jericho's momentum that he had after his return) which he continues to do a year after by getting another title shot which everyone knows he won't win.


Give HBK a Chance

The showstopper is the best of all-time in my mind, the whole package. The man that could make you laugh, cry or boo him out of the arena and then go and jump off a ladder and put on the match of the year at the age of 40-plus—not everyone will agree with Michales being the best, but only Bret Hart would leave him off a top 10 greatest wrestler's list (but, then again, it'd probably be 10 different versions of Bret hart on his).

Anyway, I'm sick of seeing Shawn being placed in the worst storylines just to push a worse wrestler, I don't mind having the odd match of the year with Shelton Benjamin or Randy Orton but it's irritating when he's stuck in a storyline with JBL right now. It's unfair that Shawn is being screwed over by a couple of people who can't put Montreal behind them (eg. Bret Hart).

HBK carried an aging Ric Flair to a match of the year, something that no one else could of done, yet he's only won one world title since his return when John Cena craps world title runs.


Turn the Legend Killer Face

Remember 2004 when Randy Orton won the WHC (something that DiBiase or Rhodes will undeservedly win by next year) and then had a brilliant face only for it to end because 5-year-old kids decided that they'd rather see a train wreck of a match with Batista rather than the best young wrestler in the business at the time (along with Benjamin).

Well now Manu is seemingly going to be thrown out of the laughing stock called the 'Legacy' (which is made up of Orton, two decent wrestlers, a former John Travolta wannabe and an Umaga lookalike), they could turn on Orton and Orton could turn face and wage war against the legacy which could lead to a handicap match at wresltemania between Orton and Priceless, which Priceless could win giving them a decent push.


Have a Heel Royal Rumble Winner

Now that Batista is injured the Royal Rumble got more interesting, last years along with 2000 was the best Royal Rumble match, it was fast paced fun had a few comedy moments and a shock outcome compared to 2006 which was long predictable and contained three wrestlers who had a chance of winning and the rest being made up by the likes of Simon Dean.

Guessing that most people will think that a face who's worked so hard for his chance for the shot at Mania it'd be great to see the likes of CM Punk or Rey Mysterio enter at No. 1 work so hard to get to the end and the be sneakily eliminated from behind by a heel who entered at No. 30 (preferably Randy Orton if he stays heel otherwise Edge or Chris Jericho).


Make Jeff Hardy Lose at Mania

I didn't really agree with Jeffs win at Armageddon (not because he didn't deserve it—he should have been given it at No Mercy—but because they'd left it so long they might as well have given him it at Mania after a Rumble win).

But if my last 'wish' comes true it would even be a bigger shock for Edge (judging the other two are on RAW and the fact that RAW seems to be lacking talent so they won't jump brands) to score a victory over Hardy at Mania (this could happen on RAW but everyone dislikes Cena so it wouldn't have the same shock value) just imagine it - 'Jeff Hardy locks in the twist of fate and goes to hit it but Edge pushes him off into an uncovered turnbuckle and rolls Jeff up using the tights for the 3 count'.


Bring Back Bishcoff (or at least someone like him).

If Vince is 'out of action' they need someone as hated to take over, I don't mean hated as in Mike Admale because he can't do anything right, but someone like Bishcoff who screwed over fan favourites like Steve Austin and Goldberg (at least Goldberg before the sleeping pill that was Goldberg vs. Lesnar).

I don't want William Regal or Stephanie McMahon crapping all over RAW (admitted that McMahon was half decent on Smackdown, but I can't see her doing good on RAW). I wouldn't be surprised if Ric Flair was chosen (given that he can't stay retired for more than a month), but it would only be a good thing if he was similar to his Evolution style character who licked the heels (HHH at the time) arse.


Don't Make the Elimination Chamber No Way Out 'Exclusive'

I hated the two chamber matches last year, not because they were rubbish (well, the SD one was) but because everyone knew who had won as soon as they had been announced. Some might say Jeff was going to win the Chamber, but Jeff was always heading towards a MITB win (before the drug suspension).

I heard that WWE might give each PPV a gimmick (like One Night Stand has Extreme Rules) but how about WWE puts on a good solid wrestling match rather than a stretcher match that no one has any interest.

If there is a chamber match at No Way Out they should at least have an inter brand one rather than 2 like last year (this led to SD having a chamber involving Big Daddy V, Finlay and Great Khali). The best elimination chambers are the one's where six men all have issues with each other and it's a surprise when it's announced there'll be a chamber match at the next PPV rather than six random men thrown together for the sake of having the match.


Stop Putting Wrestlers into Categories

By this I mean that WWE need to stop having a wrestler associated with one title, it was great in 2002, when people like HHH wanted the IC title rather than spending his life fantasising about the WWE title.

The main reason the Tag Division is crap is because soon as someone wins a tag title they have already turned on there partner an won the WWE title, this is the reason there's no new Hardys or Edge and Christian type teams.


No more PG

Alright, I don't expect a team like DX to start making penis jokes at 11:00 on a Saturday morning, but I don't like the next WWE champion being decided by a 5-year-old in the audience. Make a character like John Cena stop the fan-loving image and turn into a thug (like he was in '04, but without the rapping).

I was irritated a couple of months ago when I bought Royal Rumble 08 and the part where Jericho strangles JBL with a cord was cut out to make it more kid friendly, let's face it, a 7-year-old isn't going to pay £20 to pay for a PPV, so it makes good business sense to bring back a more adult orientated program.