Arsenal's Board and Arsene Wenger: Two Reasons for the Club's Imminent Doom

Joseph KutialoContributor IJanuary 2, 2009

Peter Hill-Wood's statement posted in today's Daily Star, regarding limited funds available for the January transfer budget, is a bitter pill to chew for the passionate and diehard Gooners.

The performance of Arsenal during the first leg of the EPL 2008-2009 season was awful. It was evident that the team lacked depth in the midfield, defence, and striking force.

The weakness of the team in the above mentioned positions led to the current club's quagmire. Arsenal lost 15 points to mediocre teams and got seven from the big three. It is now playing a second fiddle to Aston Villa, who have collected four points from the Gunners.

Furthermore small teams do not respect the Gunners like during the time of the Invincibles.

The 2007-2008 season was fine until the team was plagued with injuries and lost its key players. These injuries exposed the vulnerability and weakness of Arsenal.

This was followed by surrendering the EPL trophy to Manchester United, with the runners-up position going to Chelsea, who had a strong bench.

Gooners did not lose hope because we knew Arsene Wenger had identified the main weakness of the team that caused the loss of the coveted EPL trophy. He was expected to sign proven and experienced players in the midfield, defense and striking force during the August transfer window, while retaining quality players to maintain the balance and consistency.

The professor did not sign the players that were needed.

He watched and admired the European talents showcasing in Austria and Switzerland and returned the chequebook to the board. He exhibited his lack of ambition attitude by allowing Flamini, Hleb, and Gilberto to leave the club.

The only proven signing he made was Nasri, but that was not enough since the team required a proven defensive midfielder.

Ten days ago, I wrote an article questioning the mission of Arsenal FC and why Gooners support this club. The response was that many fans like the entertaining football displayed by the Gunners.

However, we have lost Fabregas, Rosicky, and Walcott until Match.

Analysing the Gunners' performance during the Christmas fixtures and results obtained, personally I don't expect anything better from the upcoming EPL, FA, and Champions League matches with the current crop of players.

The January transfer window is a good opportunity for Wenger and the Arsenal board to dig deep into the club's account and buy proven players in the midfield, defence, and striking force. This is the only way to salvage the clubs image, respect status and international support from the diehard and passionate Gooners.

It is the only action that can be taken by a credible result-oriented board managing a professional club like Arsenal. Hill-Wood's comments regarding the Gunners policy of spending is a bridge to the imminent Arsenal FC doom.

The Chairman's statement confirms that the Arsenal board is only interested in making profit from the fans support that is guaranteed through Gunners match tickets sold, club products, and selling players from their academy.

The board is not interested in investing in proven players who can win trophies.

Arsenal board members have remained quite even after the team has performed poorly. It seems they don't care if the club finishes in position four, so long as it plays in the Champions League.

Winning the Champions League trophy is not a must. Their mission is just to make maximum profit depending on the TV revenue and Gooners pockets.

When Arsene Wenger returns the transfer chequebook without spending a single cent, the Arsenal board rejoice. He is rewarded by being paid bonuses gained from the limited budget with average team performances.

The standard of the current EPL is a pointer that the time for the Gunners' youth policy is up. They should move faster and change that policy by signing proven, experienced players and remunerate them well.

The youth policy should not be a basis for strengthening the team but a last alternative to the source of players. It should only be used as a second source of income. The board should invest in players to get revenue through trophies.

Failure to utilize the January transfer window wisely and sticking to Hill-Woods and Wenger's philosophy of minding the future will result into many trophyless seasons, loosing fourth and six positions to Aston Villa, Manchester City, Everton, Tottenham, and Middlesbrough, which means not playing in the Champions and UEFA leagues, leading to less fans and stadium attendance finally battling against relegation.

Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal FC board will  decide the destiny of our beloved Gunners. They are the reason for the imminent doom of Arsenal FC.

Gooners, let me get your say on this!

Wishing you a prosperous, blessed 2009 with hope that Arsenal board members and Wenger will not facilitate the imminent brinkmanship of our beloved club but its success before the end of January.