Doubting Thomas, Favrinator, Woodya?

Alan LupianiCorrespondent IJanuary 2, 2009

First, let's re-wind back to early summer 2008, "pre-Favrinator" days in Jets country.

The Jets had just pulled off over $142 million in free-agent acquisitions and appeared ready to become a competitive playoff team, until...

...they done lost their football minds in the name of, "Favrinator."

Yes, that's right folks, "Favrinator."  

"Favrinator," who confused he Jet's locker room for a set of The Office.

"Favrinator," full of promise, even with his AARP card in the mail.

"Favrinator," who had 'em rolling their eyes in Green Bay as he left town.

"Don't let the door kick you in the butt, good sir."

I too, rolled my eyes at the beginning of the season.

I thought, "short team thinking by them there Jets."

I smelled a rat.

After all, "The Chad" had waited so patiently all those re-building years for a solid offensive line.

"The Chad," the comeback kid. (see Dolphins)

"The Chad," who had remained loyal to those Jets through thick and thin!

Not to be the case.

"The Chad" had been spurned, exiled off to Miami for, "the other quaterback."

Can you say, "The Days of Our Lives?"

"YES YOU CAN!!" Jets fans!!!

No doubt, "Favrinator" "has been" a marketing boon for the Jets.

The "No. 4" jerseys had been flying off the presses all season.

One hundred and forty some odd millions spent in free agency and a new stadium on the horizon?

Good business sense? Yesssir! Good football sense? Hmmmmmmmm.

It's been a perfect business football marriage, albeit lacking season-ending "feel good" vibes.

The Jets have become "a mimosa and bloody mary" team folks.

Most of you (Jets fans) and your children's children will never know this fact...

...because you (Jets fans) and your children's children will never see the light of the new Jets Stadium.

Too exclusive, too expensive.

Simply stated folks, you have been turned away by "Favratorian" methods.

Problem is, the popular press won't come out on those Jets like it, "shoulda, wooda, and coulda."

Too risky.

Woody Johnson = very powerful individual around these parts.

Too much at stake here for criticising the powerful, especially in difficult financial times.

Can you say, "advertising revenue?"

Hand it to the Jets and their 21st-century approach.

The Jets, with help from the local media, led us to believe that "Favrinator" was welcome by EVERYONE in Jets country with open arms.

Ex-head coach Mangini named his new born after "Favrinator."

"Favrinator" had changed, he had become more "team friendly."

After all, he had his own office in Green Bay, that would never happen in Jets country.

Think again...

It's no wonder that Jets fans found out about the acrimonious atmosphere in Jets camp until it was too late.

Too many tickets, jerseys, and seating licenses to peddle.

Then there's "THE REAL" Jets TEAM LEADER, running back Thomas Jones.

Thats my new nickname for Thomas, "THE REAL,"  I kinda like that.

"THE REAL" vs. "Favrinator."

"WWE, where are you?!"

Jones, bold enough to go where no "REAL" man has dared to go before.

Jones openly criticized "Favrinator" and the organization.

"Bench him" Jones stated!!  

"Tap, tap"  uuuuhhhhhuuummmm Mr. "doubting" Thomas, I am sorry to inform you, your season has already ended!!

Turns out "Favrinator" threw one too many interceptions for Jones taste!

In my opinion, "Favrinator" just got bored.

Don't barf up your quiche and salmon almondine just yet! 

It will get worse. Just ask the Joneses. Always ask the Joneses.

The Joneses will give you "THE REAL" deal...that's why the "Joneses" are well,  the "Joneses."

Unfortunately, the Jets are "jonesing" all of us now...


Oh yeah, ask Bill Cowher, he's like the Joneses. 

I am sure of that.

"The Chin" rejected any Jets offer for the head coaching job before you can say, "pass me your seat license, please."

Cowher won't get "jonesed" by the Jets. 

He's way too smart.  Just ask Bill Parcells, Tony Sparano, and Chad Pennington.

Oh you can't right now, the Dolphins are preparing for the playoffs.


I wonder if Jones will now get "jonesed" by the Jets for coming out against "Favrinator."

Impossible, can't happen.

"Knock knock"...oh it's Bill Parcells for Thomas Jones.

"Right this way sir!  Happy New Year!"

"See ya Jets, smell ya later Meadowlands!!"

Alan Lupiani is a contributor to the bleacher report and also produces a daily sports talk podcast called "The Alan Show - Morning Sports Bite."

You can find his podcast here.



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