Is James Toney Delusional?

EJ ClaudioCorrespondent IJanuary 1, 2009

I read a report at that immediately made me very upset.

James Toney said that he won the fight against Fres Oquendo. Really?

"First off, that fight wasn't close at all, I was pressing him the whole time. Look at my face after the fight, I was not hit," Toney said in all his arrogance. He even added, "One of the judges saw it different and the decision and the fight is what it is, bottom line is, I got the win."

Now that is what I call "Delusion of Grandeur." James Toney, if you can read this, you did not win the fight. Plain and simple.

I am not an Oquendo-nuthugger. I don't even rank Fres Oquendo as a top dog in the heavyweight division, however, for his effort that night, I truly believe that he deserved the win.

What I admire about the pudgy former middleweight champion is that he has the balls to say that. Majority of the people who saw the fight would definitely disagree with his statement. Yes, James Toney was a great multi-division champ, but since he moved up with the big boys, he lost his edge. He is no contender.

He even called out Klitschko brothers, or should I say "Klitschko sisters," according to Toney. Doesn't he know that either brother would annihilate him? He won't stand a chance. He can't even do good against an average Fres Oquendo, what more with a skilled giant like Wladimir Klitschko?

In my opinion, James Toney should hang them up before he ruins the sport. He doesn't even train properly for a fight and that is not a good example. He is always out of shape. He's got skills, I give him that, but his conditioning is what costs him his fights. He doesn't show dedication because he believes that no one can beat him, but the truth is, he has been beaten several times and was just given gift decisions.

James Toney, for all that you've accomplished, please cherish them and walk away. You are losing a lot of the fans' respect.