Tony Romo's Fumble: A Memorable Moment from the 2006 NFC Wild Card

Ryan HoganCorrespondent IJanuary 1, 2009

2006 NFC Wild-Card Game: Seattle Seahawks 21, Dallas Cowboys 20

“I take responsibility for messing up at the end there. That’s my fault. I cost the Dallas Cowboys a playoff win.” - Tony Romo

For Romo, it was the choke that started it all.

Even after replay overturned Jason Witten’s third-down catch, bringing up fourth down on Seattle’s two-yard line, it still looked like the Cowboys were going to win this Wild-Card playoff game.

Granted, Dallas was trailing 20-21, but with 1:16 left on the clock, all Cowboy kicker Martin Gramatica had to do was make an extra-point length, 19-yard field goal.

However, something funny happened on the way to the hold; the first time Pro Bowl quarterback fumbled the ball while teeing it up for his place kicker!

Thinking and acting quickly, Romo scooped up the ball and sprinted towards the goal line. Even though things looked bleak, Romo and the Cowboys still had a chance at victory.

If Romo made it to the one-yard line, the Cowboys would get a fresh set of downs and a chance to either score a touchdown or attempt another field goal.

Better yet, if Romo made it into the end zone, the Cowboys would most certainly leave the city of Seattle a playoff winner.

What happened next is the stuff of legends.

Seahawks safety Jordan Babineaux tackled Romo on the two-yard line. Game over (eventually, there was still like a minute left but nothing much happened after the fumble).

The Dallas Cowboys suffered one of the most agonizing loses in franchise history, thanks to Tony Romo.