FC Barcelona: Will Cesc Fabregas Return to Arsenal?

Roberto Alvarez-GallosoChief Writer IDecember 26, 2011

Cesac Fabregas
Cesac FabregasDavid Ramos/Getty Images

Cesc Fabregas said in an interview with Sky Sports News that he would not mind returning to Arsenal in the future. While he said that his goal was to retire as an FC Barcelona Player, he does not mind becoming a Gunner if there is an opportunity.

Fabregas stated that he would also go back to see matches and reconnect with fellow teammates. Fabregas also said that he could not imagine himself in any other club except Arsenal and FC Barcelona.

During the conversation with Sky Sports News, Fabregas admitted that the decision to leave Arsenal was not an easy one. He said that the decision was difficult although the desire to return to the team of his childhood was strong.

Fabregas said that one of the reasons for leaving Arsenal was the lack of motivation and inspiration. He thanked Arsene Wenger for the time spent with the Gunners.

In a separate article published by Goal, Fabregas expressed hope that Pep Guardiola would remain as coach of Barca. What can be said about Fabregas returning to the Gunners?  It will not happen in the present tense.

What is worth noting is the discussion about the loyalty to both clubs and the reasons such a transfer cannot happen.

Mixed Loyalties

Fabregas appears to have mixed loyalties with FC Barcelona and Arsenal. He is well liked and respected in both clubs.


Barca Achievements and Enjoying Time with Team

Fabregas has scored eight goals within 12 matches for Barca in La Liga. According to ESPN, he has also has five assists and 18 shots during the current La Liga season.

Fabregas has participated in helping FC Barcelona advance in El Clasico. He's an asset to the club and is enjoying the time with Barca. 


Arsenal Is Not In The Present Picture

Arsenal has a transfer budget of $78 million for the January transfer window. The Gunners might use the money to buy midfielders such as Lucas Biglia in January.



Fabregas will be around with FC Barcelona at the present time. The future is uncertain.