Hawaii Bowl 2011 Fight Video: Watch Nevada and Southern Miss Mix It Up

Brandon GalvinFeatured ColumnistDecember 25, 2011

Right now, you just have to ask yourself when these men will learn.

Seriously, how many careers and lives have to be ruined before we get it through our thick skulls? How much money will it cost? How close to rock bottom does somebody have to destroy their reputation before they understand?

Sure, LeGarrette Blount is doing pretty well for himself. Looks like he got benched today (shout-out to Rotoworld for always being on top of their game), but at least he’s past his epic sucker punch after a fantastic 2010 rookie campaign.

Look, I love a brawl as much as the next person—hell, baseball needs more of them!—but the Hawaii Bowl just isn’t the place for it.

I can’t be the only one who feels like we see a brawl or fight twice a week. At this point, it’s ruining the effect for me! I used to get excited, but I’m getting bored with it all. I’m becoming numb to the brawl!  

Guys, ladies, whoever...let’s pick our spots a little bit more wisely, shall we? One would think the holiday spirit would be in full effect, but nope, not at the highly respected and coveted Hawaii Bowl.

Yes, the same Hawaii Bowl that people forgot all about.

I’m glad players weren’t ejected for this mini-scrum, but it may just be about time. I’m sick of these kids ruining the mystique of the brawl.

Yancy Gates would be ashamed of these guys.

Unless you’re going out swinging, you might as well just be thrown out.

Save the brawls for the real men who are willing to throw down—hockey players. Those guys know how to throw down daily.

I know we all look up to our favorite professional athletes, but children, teenagers and young adults—let’s leave it to them. Let’s keep the brawling to a minimum.