What Do Denver Broncos Do with Tim Tebow Next Year If They Don't Make Playoffs?

John HickeyContributor IIDecember 24, 2011

Tim Tebow, Broncos
Tim Tebow, BroncosRick Stewart/Getty Images

Enough already with the talk of Tim Tebow as the Second Coming.

Saturday’s 40-14 Denver loss in Buffalo is simply more evidence that Tebow doesn’t necessarily have a long and lustrous career as a top-flight quarterback ahead of him.

The Broncos still make the playoffs with a win in the season finale at home against Kansas City, but if they don't some serious reevaluation may be forthcoming.

Looking toward 2012, Broncos club executive vice president John Elway and Denver coach John Fox might find themselves trolling in the draft for yet another quarterback.

Sure, Tebow is 7-3 as a starter for the Broncos after replacing Kyle Orton under center. But teams don’t live on fourth quarter comebacks alone. And despite the comebacks he’s pulled off, there is plenty about Tebow’s game to question.

For one, he doesn’t complete even half of his passes. After a 13-for-30 showing Saturday, he’s at 48 percent for the season. Of the 32 quarterbacks in the NFL, only one quarterback hasn’t connected on at least half of his passes; it's Tebow. No less than half came into the weekend having hit on at least 60 percent.

Of course, completion percentage is only part of the equation. That’s why the stats guru came up with'quarterback rating' all those years ago. Tebow came into this week with a rating of 83.2, but after getting picked off four times Saturday, that number is going to take a major hit.

And that number was not all that hot to start with. There were 13 quarterbacks with a better rating coming into Saturday, and six of those were double digits ahead of Tebow.

The fact is that numbers don’t tell every bit of the story. Tebow has won over his teammates and coaches and has inspired fans in Denver and across the country.

But that doesn’t necessarily last. If Elway and Fox and the Broncos don’t want to spend 2012 hoping for another string of fourth-quarter comebacks, they may feel the need to go shopping for another quarterback come the draft.