Mike Milbury: NBC Must Keep Analyst on NHL Coverage After Assault Case Dismissal

Nicholas GossCorrespondent IApril 4, 2017

16 Nov 1995:  New York Islanders general manager Mike Milbury looks on during a game against the Los Angeles Kings at the Great Western Forum in Inglewood, California.  The Kings won the game, 9-2. Mandatory Credit: Glenn Cratty  /Allsport
Glenn Cratty/Getty Images

NBC must get analyst Mike Milbury back on the air for the network's NHL coverage as soon as possible following the dismissal of his assault case.

"I am hoping this will absolve things, and I will get back to work in the next few days," Milbury said after Friday's hearing. "At this point, I am just thankful that the court ruled this way, and I am going to go home and get my voice ready to do some caroling."

Earlier this month, Milbury was accused of assault and battery on a child from an incident at one of his son's pee-wee hockey games.

Now that the former NHL player, coach, and general manager doesn't have to worry about these legal issues, NBC must get Milbury back on the air because he is one of the network's best hockey analysts.

No, I'm not kidding, he is one of NBC/Versus' better NHL voices.

Milbury says what's on his mind and while some people don't agree with him most of the time, his honesty and smart analysis of the sport is an important part of NBC/Versus telecasts.

He doesn't sugarcoat things and praise players even when they are performing poorly, he tells it like it is and that has to be respected.

Sure, sometimes he may cross the line with his opinions, but he is only speaking strongly about the sport he loves.

I wish more analysts would have the courage to call out players when they are not performing to expectations and speak on issues that the NHL needs to address to make the game better, such as player safety.

During an intermission break in the 2011 Stanley Cup Final, Milbury referred to Vancouver Canucks stars Daniel and Henrik Sedin as "Thelma and Louise," which was a controversial comment that had many Canucks fans feeling angry.

Milbury may have been out of line with that comment, but it was made out to be a bigger deal than it actually was.

While Milbury was a very poor general manager and really set back the New York Islanders franchise with some poor trades, his job as an analyst is done well.

NBC has to get Milbury back on the air for it's nationally televised games because he knows the game, and he's not afraid to have strong opinions.


Nicholas Goss is a Boston Bruins featured columnist for Bleacher Report and was the organization's on-site reporter for the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals in Boston.