Mats Sundin Is a Maple Leaf...and Should Stay a Maple Leaf

Pucker IlesCorrespondent IFebruary 18, 2008

It is a disturbing trend to see and hear the many Leaf fans and media alike trying to toss captain Mats Sundin overboard as if this season's fiasco is his fault. 

This guy has been in the Leaf family for a long time and has poured his heart and soul into the Toronto franchise. Does he deserve this treatment?

Perhaps he is better off somewhere else, but that is up to him to decide. If you are married and have kids would you abandon them when the going got tough?

I doubt it...if you did you would be an asshole, or even worse, an Ottawa bandwagon-jumper, I mean Senators fan.

Leaf fans are loyal, maybe to a fault, but that is what being a part of Leaf Nation is all about. We know we haven’t won since 1967...we have been reminded of that a couple times over the last 40 years. But when

the team finally wins, all the years of staying loyal will pay off in a big way. As Mats said himself, it’s about the journey to the Cup, not just winning it.

To all those fans and media who think the grass is greener on the other side of the fence and think that the Leafs will all of a sudden be contenders if we trade him, take a look at the likes of Phoenix, LA, and other perennial bottom feeders. Sure they have great prospects in the organization but they have been saying that for years and it still hasn’t gotten them anywhere near the playoffs.

This guy deserves to retire a Leaf, as the all-time leader in goals and points and who knows what other records he might break in the next few years. With a couple young stars (like Stamkos) to help Mats carry the load, who knows? Maybe even a Cup a couple years down the road.

But to throw him overboard and treat him the way he is being treated right now is classless—which has become another disturbing trend in Leaf Nation.

Start to think for yourselves, Leaf Nation, and stop following the media and taking their word as gospel. This is the same media who always found something wrong with the Leafs when we were contenders in the conference.

It sells papers but it doesn’t mean it’s the right way to run a franchise.