College Basketball Mascots: Power Ranking the Pac-12 Hoops Mascots

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IDecember 24, 2011

College Basketball Mascots: Power Ranking the Pac-12 Hoops Mascots

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    As the Pac-12 basketball conference schedule begins within the week, many teams that are quite familiar with each other will be matching up.

    We often forget that the mascots of these teams can also become quite familiar with each other, so it's necessary to break down which Pac-12 mascots are most powerful.

    Here are my power rankings of the Pac-12 basketball mascots.

No. 12: The Stanford Tree

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    As strongly as I feel that this spot cannot be disputed, I'm sure there are some who will disagree with my decision to dub the Stanford Tree the least powerful Pac-12 mascot.

    Luckily for the Cardinal, their team is looking to be much more powerful than their spruce this year.

    Cool fact about the Stanford Tree:

    Erin Lashnits, the Tree in February 2006, was observed drinking from a flask during a Stanford-Cal game and was cited for public drunkenness when her blood-alcohol level was found to be 0.157 (almost twice the legal driving limit in California).

No. 11: The Oregon Duck

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    Although the Oregon Duck is a cult favorite, there is little arguing the fact that ducks are generally powerless. That's why we eat them in our soup. In fact, they're probably only slightly more powerful than a pine tree.

    Cool Fact About the Oregon Duck:

    Oregon made an agreement with Disney to model their mascot after Donald Duck.

No. 10: Benny Beaver

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    Oregon State's Benny Beaver has teeth that can bring down great oaks, but I feel as though the beaver type may have less than average agility.

    With OSU at 10-2, Benny has something to smile about this season.

    Cool Fact About Benny Beaver:

    Benny won the 2011 Capital One Mascot of the Year Write-In Campaign.

No. 9: Joe Bruin

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    Joe Bruin seems to be just what his name implies, an average Joe. He doesn't have anything intimidating about him at all. At least they changed him from a smiling bear in 1996.

    Cool Fact About Joe Bruin:

    He has a partner named Josephine Bear that can often be found by his side at games.

No. 8: Oski

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    California's bear Oski at least has something moderately intimidating about him. He is terribly ugly. I would be afraid to get in a fight with him only because I wouldn't want any of the ugliness accidentally smeared on me.

    Cool Fact About Oski:

    His name makes an appearance in a number of California fight songs. They must love him or something.

No. 7: Harry the Husky

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    I am actually quite afraid of the Husky breed, but with a name like "Harry the Husky," I expect a fat old man sitting in a recliner.

    Cool Fact About Harry the Husky:

    Washington used to have actual sled dogs as their mascots. How cool is that?

No. 6: Wilbur and Wilma Wildcat

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    The cutesy Arizona couple may be fun to watch for a little, but as far as intimidation goes, they sit only right about in the middle of the pack.

    Cool Fact About Wilbur and Wilma Wildcat:

    They actually held a ceremony to wed these two. Come on.

No. 5: Chip

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    New to the Pac-12, Chip is Colorado's Buffalo. I love the idea of a buffalo, I just wish that Chip didn't look so stinkin' friendly.

    Cool Fact About Chip:

    There isn't any really. He could have sweeter horns.

No. 4: Butch T. Cougar

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    Washington State's Butch is widely considered one of the most spirited mascots in the country. If anything wins you a fight against another mascot, it's spirit.

    Cool Fact About Butch:

    Washington State kept a live cougar until 1978.

No. 3: The Trojan

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    It's really unfortunate that USC can't bring a horse inside to basketball games, because their Traveler and the Trojan pair for football is downright intimidating. However, the Trojan by himself still instills quite a scare in any opponent.

    Cool Fact About The Trojan:

    A likeness of him is standing in bronze (and nearly nude) on USC's campus.

No. 2: Swoop

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    Also new to the Pac-12, Utah's Swoop is only number two on my list because I can't bring myself to let the new guy rule the day. But this mascot is scary and scary awesome.

    Cool Fact About Swoop:

    Swoop is the name of the Philadelphia Eagles mascot as well.

No. 1: Sparky the Sun Devil

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    Not much needs to be said about this, I feel. Sparky looks crazy, is crazy, and because of that, is also crazy scary. Power seems to ooze from his eyes.

    Cool Fact About Sparky the Sun Devil:

    His trident has inspired the "Pitchfork" hand gesture, found here.