Purdue Basketball: Jacob Lawson Has Emerged as the Future Star of Purdue

James EvensCorrespondent IDecember 23, 2011

As Purdue sets its sights on conference play after what was a somewhat disappointing non-conference season, the Boilermakers have an emerging talent on their hands that is improving every single game and is going to, one day, become one of the premier players in the country.

Jacob Lawson the 6'8" freshman from North Carolina, has played in every Purdue game this season. He is averaging 4.2 points and a little over a block a game, but he does and shows a lot more than that. The height of his jump is phenomenal! He has a vertical that has not been seen at Purdue since Glenn Robinson.

Lawson has one issue right now, and that is staying in the game. His fouls are a problem, as he averages over three per game. But he will learn to play tough defense from Matt Painter without fouling soon enough.

Last season, Purdue lost one of the program's greatest players of all-time in JaJuan Johnson. One can already see the similarities between the two Boilermakers, except Lawson will be better.

Johnson's freshman and sophomore years were full of struggle, to say the least. Johnson averaged almost the exact same numbers as Lawson so far.

With far superior body development already than Johnson had even his senior season, Lawson is one the path to greatness.

With a great coach known for getting a lot of players in Matt Painter, Jacob Lawson has the potential to be one of the most successful players in program history.  

This is a very bold statement, but all signs are pointing in the right direction for Lawson. With the addition of 2012 recruit A.J. Hammons, a true center in just a year, it will leave Lawson the ability to play a true power forward position.

So, Boilermaker fans, hold onto your hats, because, this season, you might shake your head at Lawson, but just remember: this kid is already better than Johnson was his freshman season, and everyone saw how he turned out.