Matt Ryan For President 2012

Joshua HammondsCorrespondent IJanuary 1, 2009

Before I get into why I believe Matt Ryan is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I just want to laugh in the face of all the boneheads who complained and advocated that the Falcons should have taken Glenn Dorsey instead of Matt Ryan.What has Dorsey done this year??I haven't heard his name on ESPN or NFL network once since the Draft. The Falcons were in such disarray from the Michael Vick scandal and then their coach walking out in mid-season last year, it was time to "clean house" and start over.You don't build your team with a star DT.A tackle is not going to change the season around for you. The teams success starts with the captain, the general, the man who orchestrates the momentum and drive of your team...the QUARTERBACK.

Matt Ryan will be one of the best QB's to ever play the game. I would have to say he reminds me of Tom Brady. Ryan rarely makes the same mistake twice. He will definitely bring championships to Atlanta.Nevermind the stats or the arm. Matt Ryan is a winner. He is a leader on and off the field. Unlike the great Dan Marino (who never won a SB), Ryan has an excellent supporting cast to help make him better.He has a dangerous weapon in Pro-Bowler Rowdy White, and  Michael Jenkins has now emerged as a excellent "go to" guy. Couple that with Michael "the burner" Turner toting the rock and you have all the elements on offense to take where you need to go in December and January.

Now the Falcons are staring the playoffs dead into the eyes. Unfortunately, my prediction is for the Falcons to go as far as the NFC championship game, because they lack the dominant defense to win a championship. GM Thomas Dimitroff will try and load up his defense with the '09 Draft (maybe a LB in Rey Maualuga or the huge 'Bama NT Terrence "Mount" Cody).Either way Dimitroff has proven that he knows what it takes to build a "system" of success. Look for the Atlanta Falcons to be your next big team "to beat" for the next couple of years. BANK ON IT.

And finally there are some nay sayers out there who want Vick back in Atlanta. Some who still sport their Vick jersey in and around Atlanta. Some who say, "No. 2 won't ever be what No. 7 was."Well I can't argue with that... Matt Ryan will never ever be the man, nor the football player Vick was..and thank the ALMIGHTY GOD for that. The day Arthur Blank made his historic phone call to Matt Ryan was the turning point for a team, a city, and its fans."

That day Matt Ryan, with just a smile and a thumbs up, brought HOPE and CHANGE to the city of Atlanta.