Why The Jets Collapsed

Cole TesslerCorrespondent IJanuary 1, 2009

Lets go back to Nov. 24, the day after the Jets vs. Titans game. People were talking about a subway Super Bowl, that the Jets were the team to beat in the AFC, and Jets were even ranked third in the ESPN power rankings.

But little did the Jets fans know, it was all downhill from there. Jets then lost there last four of five and missed out in the playoffs. But why did this landslide occur? The answer is simple, a change of gamplan.

Lets look back when the Jets beat rival giants, such as the Titans and the Pats. Brett Favre was slinging the ball, going 25-33 and 25-32 in the two games. The Jets where also pounding the ball 36 times in the Pats game and 38 times in the Titans game. There game plan was simple pound the ball, short passes.

But the Jets oddly changed there game plan in the last five games.  Favre was throwing longer balls, and the Jets weren't running the ball as much. There gameplan seemed to be medium-long range passes and don't run the ball as much. Lets look at how many times the ran it.

Jets Vs. Patriots: Jets Ran It 36 Times 

Jets Vs. Titans: Jets Ran It 38 Times

Jets Vs. Broncos:  Jets Ran It 18 Times

Jets Vs. 49'ers: Jets Ran It 11 Times

Jets Vs. Bills: Jets Ran It 21 Times

Jets Vs. Seahawks: Jets Ran It 25 Times

Jets Vs. Dolphins: Jets Ran It 21 Times

Now lets look at the effects of this decrease in the run game on Favre opposed the games versus the Pats and the Titans

Jets Vs. Patriots: 26-33, 258 yds 2 TDs No Int. 

Jets Vs. Titans: 25-32, 224 yds 2 TDs 1 Int.

Jets Vs. Broncos: 23-43 247 yds 0 TDs 1 Int.

Jets Vs. 49'ers: 20-31 137 yds 0 TDs 1 Int.

Jets Vs. Bills: 17-30 207 yds 1 TD 2 Ints

Jets Vs. Seahawks: 18-31 187 yds 0 TDs 2 Ints

Jets Vs. Dolphins: 20-40  233 yds 1 TD 3 Ints

As you can see how many times the Jets ran it has a great effect on Favre's performance. So why the Jets stopped running as much? I guess you would have to ask the coaching staff that.