The Beginning of the End for Vesa Toskala?

Mark RosalCorrespondent IJanuary 1, 2009

This decision by Wilson to start Cujo for two games, combined with the recent start of Pogge in net is clearly being orchestrated by our new GM Brian Burke. 

No matter how much Wilson goes on about how wonderful a goalie Toskala is, and how the goals on him are never his fault—Burke sees what most of us see. Toskala, is in a serious slump. The numbers speak for themselves. His save percentage and goals against are horrific—despite Wilson's rants about poor defensive coverage.

Toskala has faced the fourth fewest shots of any starting goalie, he looks awkward, and he is letting in extremely soft goals—that first one against Washington was such a flub that it was beyond scary, it almost looked as if Toskala was blind.

I'm not joking!

Something is rotten with this guy and the Leafs will continue to spin their wheels as long as he is in net. Giving the job to Joseph is the logical move. If he can win the second game, give him two more at least (and if he doesn't win, we should give Pogge a long look).

My gut tells me that though Joseph is near the end of his career, he has one more good run in him, but like an old racehorse you can't keep him in the barn and feed him oats all the time and then bring him out and expect him to set a record.

That is my obvious way of saying Joseph needs minutes and lots of them to sharpen those dulled reflexes and get back in the hunt—450 wins says it all about Joseph, he has the credentials and let's face it Toskala needs to sit.

This is not rocket science and I sure hope the Leaf brass does the right thing. It took them way way too long to deal with Raycroft when we all knew the guy had more than a few screws loose.

I have not given up on Toskala yet but I am getting close. If he is injured he should be a big boy and wait until he is healed, but if he is 100 percent, he just ain't good enough.

Let him sit and stew and maybe he will start to feel embarrassed by his sub par play.

Maybe a long stint on the bench will stir up his competitive juices and we will see the goaltender that we are paying four million big ones.