My Top Ten All Time Quotes In Sports History!

John C. Sease, Jr.Correspondent IJanuary 1, 2009

Most of my previous articles have had a sort of "venting" edge to them as I have  expressed frustration over certain players or situations in all of sports.

However, this time, I decided to have a little fun.

As previously stated in other articles, I have been a sports fan forever and have witnessed many defining moments that have been etched in my memory.

That being said, I decided to create a list of my most memorable quotes from the world of sports.  To this point, I haven't seen such a list on Bleacher Report, therefore, let me offer my list to the readers.

There will probably be some disagreement as to the ranking order, however, keep in mind that this list represents how these quotes have been etched in "MY" mind over the years.

Here we top ten all time memorable sports quotes etched in my mind:

10. Joe Namath: "I want to kiss you!"

During a Monday Night Football game, Joe Namath was being interviewed by ESPN sideline reporter Suzie Kolber between plays.  Joe was obviously drunk and was slurring his words when Suzie asked him a question pertaining to Chad Pennington.  He started to answer the question and out of nowhere he changed gears and said to Suzie in a drunken slur..."I want to kiss you!"  Suzie handled the situation as gracefully as one could in an awkward situation as such.  Immediately after that telecast, Namath went back to rehab after catching much public flack over his drunken stupor.

9. Howard Cosell: "Miami has the oranges but Buffalo's got the juice!"

In the early 1970's, Miami was a powerhouse and O.J. Simpson was the premier running back in the NFL.  Howard Cosell was working the telecast of the Miami Dolphins versus Buffalo Bills game.  During the pre-game analysis, he was acknowledging the dominance of the Dolphins, however, he cautioned fans to be weary of an easy victory because of the presence of Simpson...nicknamed "The Juice."  Cosell then uttered his famous quote: "Miami has the oranges but Buffalo's got the juice!"

8. Larry Holmes: "You can all kiss me where the sun don't shine...!"

Larry Holmes was one of the best heavyweight boxers ever, however, he was greatly under-appreciated by fans since he succeeded the more charismatic Muhammad Ali.  After a post-fight interview, he was asked about his legacy as it related to Rocky Marciano.  This question obviously irritated Holmes as he went on to state how everyone ignores his accomplishments in the ring.  He also stated that Rocky Marciano couldn't hold his jock strap if they ever met in the ring.  At the end of the tirade, he provided one of the most colorful (no pun intended) quotes in sports history.  He said: "You can all kiss me where the sun don't shine...and since we are on HBO...that would be my big black behind!"

7. Mike Tyson: "I want your heart. I want to eat his children. Praise be to Allah!"

During a post fight interview, Tyson was asked about the possibility of fighting then heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis.  In an angry tone, Tyson stated: "Lennox Lewis, I'm coming for you man. My style is impetuous. My defense is impregnable, and I'm just ferocious. I want your heart. I want to eat his children. Praise be to Allah!"

6. Moses Malone: "Fo-Fo-Fo!"

During a post game interview prior to the 1983 playoffs, Moses was asked by a reporter how the Sixers would do in the playoffs.  He responded with his famous quote of a predicted sweep throughout the three playoff rounds by answering...Fo-Fo-Fo!  The Sixers eventually won the title by winning the playoff rounds in four-five-four.  This inspired a song by "Pieces of a Dream" entitled: Fo-Fi-Fo.

5. Muhammad Ali: "I'm A Baaad Man!"

Ali was a huge underdog when he fought Sonny Liston for the heavyweight title.  After the shocking defeat of Liston, Ali turned to the camera and stated he shocked the world.  He then yelled at the top of his lungs the famous quote: "I'm a Baaad Man!"

4. Howard Cosell: "Look at that little monkey run!"

Howard Cosell was calling the Monday Night Football game between the Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins.  Alvin Garrett (a "Black" wide receiver) for the Redskins broke free on his way to a sure touchdown when Cosell screams "Look at that little monkey run!"  Of course, Cosell received much pressure to resign for what was obviously perceived as a racist statement.  He went on to explain that it was not racial and that he referred to his grandson with the same term of endearment.  Although several athletes came to his defense, he ultimately resigned from the booth under pressure by the network.

3. Al Michaels: Do You Believe In Miracles?"

During the 1980 Winter Olympics, the U.S. Hockey Team was a huge underdog for medal contention.  The surprising upset of the mighty Soviet Union prompted one of the most famous quotes in sports history.  Al Michaels abruptly yells..."Do You Believe In Miracles?" as the final seconds melt from the clock.

2. Howard Cosell: "Down Goes Frazier...Down Goes Frazier...Down Goes Frazier!"

Howard Cosell was calling the fight between George Foreman and Joe Frazier.  Although Frazier was the champion, Foreman was an intimidating bruiser feared by everyone.  Foreman knocked Frazier to the canvas three times in one round and destroyed his will to fight.  However, it was the first knockdown whereas Cosell delivered his classic yell: "Down goes Frazier...Down Goes Frazier...Down Goes Frazier!"

1. Nancy Kerrigan: "Why....Why Me!"

If I based this list simply on my favorite quotes of all time, then the number two quote with Cosell would be number one.  However, the list is based upon the quotes that have had the most resounding impact on my psyche.  That being said, I have chosen this quote because of the sheer annoyance of the cry.  Nancy Kerrigan was the favorite to win the Olympic Gold in figure skating until Tonya Harding (and her ex-husband) devised a plot to smash Kerrigan's knees after a practice.  After Kerrigan was struck in the leg by her assailant, she let out a screeching and annoying cry that made me lose all sympathy for her at that moment.  The repetitious screeching cry of "Why...Why Me?" was enough for me to root for Harding in the Olympics.  If you have never heard that screeching, then go to YouTube and find the clip.  It will make you want to hit her in the other knee!


Well folks, that concludes my list.

If you have any favorite quotes that have been etched in your memory over the years please feel free to share them with me and the other readers.