Ravens-Dolphins: The Most Ironic Playoff Matchup in Recent Memory

Aaron LiebmanAnalyst IJanuary 1, 2009

After last Sunday's games, I had to pinch myself to wake up from this crazy dream.  There are such surprising results as the Cowboys and Patriots missing the playoffs, as well as the Falcons winning 11 games and the Chargers clinching their division after a 5-8 start.

But the playoff matchup that brings the most thoughts is the wild-card matchup in Miami between the Dolphins and the Ravens.

Like most of the other games this weekend, this is a case of a team hosting the game simply because they won their division. Sure, unlike the Chargers and Cardinals, the Dolphins have the same record as their opponent, but the Ravens defeated them earlier in the season which would have gave them the tiebreaker. But with realignment comes such occurrences.

About this time last year these two teams prepared to face each other in Miami but under slightly difference circumstances. The Dolphins still had yet to win a game while the Ravens were one of the biggest disappointments in the league. Miami was able to inch out an overtime victory for their lone win of the season. 

Both teams fired their coaches and not much of anything was expected of them this season. Luckily for them, it was THIS season that nothing was thought of these teams.  Three last-place teams are in the playoffs and only one team repeated as division champs.

It wasn't too long ago that the Dolphins were consistently in the playoffs. Sure, they didn't too much of anything, but they were at least there. Their last playoff game was, you guessed it, a home matchup against the Baltimore Ravens. Nobody from that Miami team is still around to recount it, but pretty much everyone on the Ravens aging defense can.

The Ravens were coming off a Super Bowl championship in which they went on the road in the second round to defeat the No. 1 seeded Titans. If Baltimore does win this weekend, we can look forward to a week of reminiscing of that 2000 playoff matchup.