Pro Wrestling: Bearded Wrestlers Who Don't Know the Meaning of Manscaping

Hands of Stone BlankenshipContributor IIIDecember 22, 2011

Pro Wrestling: Bearded Wrestlers Who Don't Know the Meaning of Manscaping

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    Don't shave December is coming to a close and Manuary is right around the corner.

    Daniel Bryan Danielson is right; there's too much manscaping going on.

    It's time to man up like a Briscoe brother and throw away the razors and wax.

    These 11 wrestlers have the rough and rugged right idea about how to be a man.

    This list is not ranked, and I know I left out a lot of bearded wrestlers, so be sure to comment with your favorite wrestler that I left off.

    So toss out the shaving cream and disposable Bics.

    Be a man and grow a beard!

The Roughnecks

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    The Littlest Lumberjack and the Big Rig are Chikara's manliest tag team.

    With two great beards, who would question the machoness of these men?


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    There's no one tougher than the mad man from the isle of Tonga.

    Ripping out eyes and choking Brutus Beefcake is part of a regular day for the bearded big man.

Necro Butcher

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    The Death match Champ has a hardcore beard to match.

    Check out his Ring of Honor work; he isn't just death matches.

Manos De Piedra (Hands of Stone)

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    Under this mask is a beard of Wild Samoans proportion. However, until I lose the mask, this beard will never be shown to the outside world.

Bruiser Brody

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    No-selling, nomadic legend.

    The myth is that his beard wouldn't sell for razors.

CM Punk

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    Punk had a beard and her name was Serena Deeb.

Daniel Bryan Danielson

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    Another best in the world with a beard.

    Kicking freakin' heads in and not shaving are what makes a man.

One Man Gang

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    Also known as Akeem the no-shaving Dream.

Mike Knox

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    Knox's beard had its own beard and that beard had its own Mike Knox.

The Macho Man Randy Savage

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    You don't get more macho than the Macho Man's beard.

    One of the greatest wrestlers of all time.

    Forget about Hogan. Forget about HHH. Don't even bring up Nash.

    Savage always had a beautiful woman by his side, gold around his waist and the manliest of macho beards on his face.

    Legends never die.


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