Is Football Rigged?

Pat the rock pile CraigContributor IDecember 31, 2008

With the playoffs upon us and the Super Bowl not far away, it's time once again to try and figure out who is going to make it to the big game. There is a lot of speculation over who's better and more qualified. Some like the Titans, some like the Colts, and others want the Dolphins.

Over the past several years, there appears to be some coincidences that would make one think that football is rigged. Starting with the run of the New England Patriots after 9/11. If it were a patriotic thing, America's Team would have done the same except their colors aren't Red, White, and Blue.

Then you have the Steelers making it to the Super Bowl with some questionable officiating throughout the playoffs during Bettis' final year and the Super Bowl just happens to be in his hometown.

And don't forget two years ago with the first ever black head coach winning the Super Bowl and the media making a big deal of it all. The media is so biased. But that's another article.

If the NFL is rigged, they try and cover it up well by having teams fire coaches when their team doesn't perform well. The Lions lose a history making 16 games and they fire the coach. The Browns had such a great coach that they offered him a contract extension just a year ago. Now, they only win four games and can't beat the Steelers and he's gone. The list goes on and on.

Somebody has got to lose so the chosen few can make it to the playoffs. So, if it's rigged, why fire the coaches for doing their job? The refs don't get any punishment for making bad calls, do they?

This year there is talk about how great it would be to have brother against brother in the Super Bowl. I ,for one, don't care to see it. This would imply even more the NFL is fixed and is trying to use history making events to sell their product. 

There are arguments and facts for both sides of this coin. And speaking of coins, How do we know if the coin used in the toss isn't two-faced?

Is football rigged? Look at the facts and decide for yourself. After all, life is nothing but opinions. Or is it?