WWE 2012: Top 5 WWE Superstars to Watch out for Next Year

Justin Watry@@JustinWatrySenior WriterDecember 21, 2011

WWE 2012: Top 5 WWE Superstars to Watch out for Next Year

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    WWE had a great 2011. I really enjoyed a lot about the past year, and the future looks brighter than ever. With all things, it is now time to start looking towards the new year.

    Today, I am going to focus on five WWE talents that are set to make a big splash in the next 12 months. The only rule is that you can't be a former champion. If you held a title in the WWE, you don't qualify here.

    Let's get to the list!

5. Brodus Clay

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    I do not know when he is going to make an appearance on WWE TV. Honestly, I do not even care at this point. All I do know is that I am very interested in his future.

    His size is certainly something he benefits from. However, he also moves around very well for a big man. No matter what show he is on... No matter when he comes out... Brodus Clay is ready!

4. Seth Rollins

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    Watch that video!

    I am not big on FCW programming. I do not watch many "indy" companies. However. that video posted is the best thing I have seen "Non-WWE" all year.

    Seth Rollins is known to many as "Tyler Black," but he is now works for WWE, and he is another man ready for the main stage.

    He has a good look. He can go in the ring, and I believe he can make some noise on WWE programming in the next year.

3. Dean Ambrose

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    Again, I am not a big "indy" fan. You will rarely see me discuss anything other than WWE. Seth Rollins in FCW is one man I have been following the past few months.

    Another man? Dean Ambrose (formerly Jon Moxley)!

    Honestly, Dean gets the slight edge over him because of his much better mic skills. Those will always be more important than in-ring skills in this business. Always have been. Always will be.

    What Seth can do in the ring, Dean can do just as much. What Seth lacks in the personality department, Dean is just much better.

    I am a fan of both guys, but I think Dean is a little bit more entertaining.

2. Kharma

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    She has yet to even have a match in WWE, and I feel confident about her future. While her run in 2011 was disappointing, it was what it was.

    It happened, and we can all move on in a few months when she returns. I have long said that WrestleMania 28 will be Kharma vs. Beth Phoenix. Honestly, I still see that happening.

    It will be a close call on if Kharma is ready by then. Either way, this girl is going to have a "monster" 2012. My only question is if she comes back to being a heel or is a face...

    Now the No. 1 WWE Superstar to watch for in 2012!

1. Alex Riley

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    Right now, his future does not look very good. I am not going to lie. This man has had tons of ups and downs during the past year, and he is currently not on high on anybody's list.

    However, I know talent when I see it. This man has "it." Whether he shows it off in 2012, 2015 or 2018, the world will get to know Alex Riley.

    He has everything it takes to succeed in this industry, and it only a matter of time before he shows it.

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