Dallas Cowboys: A Lack of Team Concept

patsin09Contributor IDecember 31, 2008

America's team represented well again this year...wait, no, that stopped happening awhile ago, ESPN, when the Cowboys were "America's Team." Now, in the present day, they are a team struggling for an identity and a direction.

The team that is always said to go the distance because of the superstars on their team and the star on their helmet fell short again last Sunday, to a team it had no business losing to, or did it?

Once again you find the media messing around with public opinion. Assuming things with out looking deep into what really makes a team win a Super Bowl. That is chemistry. A team wins a Super Bowl, not a big signing in the offseason, or a predicted great season.

That gets you nowhere, and the Dallas Cowboys, I hope, are finally aware of this. Of course, I'm not talking to the players, I'm talking to Jerry Jones.

Mr. Jones, whether he knows it or not, is setting his team up for failure. Thinking that signing players like Terrell Owens and Adam Jones is going to take him to the Super Bowl is just as good as not thinking at all.

Distractions bring down teams; they kill hopes and dreams of all the fans because they bring the team apart. The further a team is apart, the further they are from being a real "team." And if they're not a "team," I mean a real team, then they will never be champions.

Dallas, yes, can be a very talented football team with T.O. and company. But not for a full football season. When it's all brought down by a man brought in that notoriously ruined teams, and you decide to give him another chance and another, then forget it. The media ignores this though.

The Patriots won three Super Bowls in five years, giving players one chance only. If I were the Cowboys, I would start changing up the strategy, because it's not going to get any better with the one they have now.