WWE: Why Booker T Should Return to In-Ring Action

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistDecember 21, 2011

Booker as both WCW World and United States Champion
Booker as both WCW World and United States Champion

This past Sunday, Cody Rhodes successfully defended his Intercontinental Title against Booker T. The match itself was very good considering Booker probably had not had a match like that in months.

Booker was attacked twice that night before the match actually got started, and Cody could still only barely beat the former World Champion.

Booker has had some criticism of his announcing skills since he came to SmackDown and getting back in the ring for another run would be a great way to use him if they decide to replace him on commentary.

Booker is by no means young, but he is nowhere near needing to retire. He is in great shape, still looks good in the ring and can work a mic like no one else when he is wrestling.

I would support one last run for Booker, and I would even support him being World Champion for a time so he can help put someone else over by losing it to them.

There is a lot Booker can contribute inside the ring, and it is more than he can contribute outside the ring as an announcer.

There are several young stars who could benefit from a feud with the former six-time champion. He is at a point where he would rather put people over than steal the spotlight, and that is something WWE should capitalize on.

Guys like Ezekiel Jackson, Drew McIntyre and Hunico are all floundering without a program or direction for their character. Jackson is in need of a heel turn and Booker could be how he does it.

Once Booker is done with Rhodes, he could move into a feud with any one of these guys and help them get over with the audience. McIntyre would be especially interesting to see feud with Booker.

I have always been a fan of Booker T, going back to his days with Harlem Heat, and I think that if he were to come back full-time for a short period, he could be a huge benefit.

What do you think, would you like to see Booker back in the ring full-time?


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