"Loving Eyes Can Never See"

Steven ResnickSenior Writer IDecember 31, 2008

My favorite team has always been the Golden State Warriors. There's a quote from a song that goes "loving eyes can never see." I will always be a fan and love the Golden State Warriors, but it's getting hard.

So, should I have been skeptical when Chris Mullin brought in Don Nelson as head coach of the Warriors? I was a little even when the season started, but as the Warriors started winning and were in the playoffs knocking out the Dallas Mavericks that skepticism went away.

The Warriors did win only 42 games to make the playoffs that year and it took an incredible run to even make the playoffs. Though the 42 wins were the best for the Warriors since 1993-1994 season when the Warriors won 50 games.

Even after the surprising trade of Jason Richardson that brought the Warriors Brandan Wright there was belief that the team could win and they did. Unfortunately, even though the Warriors won 48 games last year in the 2007-2008 season. They were unable to make the playoffs.

Then the dismantling of the Warriors happened after the season. The Warriors almost let Kelenna Azbuike sign with the Los Angeles Clippers, but since Maurice Evans wanted more money they match the offer sheet to Azubuike.

Baron Davis decided to opt out and test the waters. He was going to resign with the Warriors for 3 years and 39 million dollars, but owner Chris Cohan and team president Robert Rowell didn't approve the deal, which meant Davis signed with the Clippers for 5 years and 45 million dollars.

Matt Barnes and Mickael Pietrus weren't even given offers. Pietrus went to the Orlando Magic, but is now out for the Magic due to a broken wrist and Barnes ended up with the Phoenix Suns.

The Warriors did do a great job in resigning their best young players in Monta Ellis and Andris Biedrins. Unfortunately Monta Ellis was involved in a moped accident and he's been out the whole year and could quite possibly return.

Biedrins has been the most solid Warrior this year. Though it seems that he's missing easy shots that he normally makes. His field goal percentage is still high and he's rebounding better.

Another signing in the off season was that of Corey Maggette and before Maggette went out with an injury he was leading the team in scoring. His problem is that the injury has been lingering the whole year and he hasn't been the player the Warriors thought they got when they signed him.

One other transaction that happened in the off-season was bringing in Marcus Williams from the New Jersey Nets. The Warriors traded New Jersey a conditional first round draft pick.

So, far Williams hasn't done a thing to get off the bench. In fact Williams was outplayed by rookie free agent DeMarcus Nelson and the backup last year for the Warriors C.J. Watson.

The season began and the Warriors did play well but weren't able to finish ball games thanks to a lack of a point guard presence in the lineup. After the first few games of the season Al Harrington demanded a trade from the Warriors.

Harrington, then stated he had a lingering back injury from when the Warriors were in China. Harrington was put on the inactive list because of the injury and was eventually traded to the New York Knicks for Jamal Crawford.

Crawford can be best described as up and down since he has become a Warrior. He did score 50 points against the Charlotte Bobcats and in other games he just hasn't had his jumper going.

It's finally clear to me that these Golden State Warriors suck. There's no way around it all the hope for at least a respectable season that could be built upon is all but gone. The Warriors keep making the same defensive mistakes and it seems they haven't learned anything about how to rotate so a team doesn't get good open looks at the rim for a dunk or a layup.

I just didn't want to admit that there isn't any hope for this year. I wanted to hold onto it as much as possible even though the Warriors are now 10 games back again of the Suns, there's no way they'll be able to climb that slope.

I do know that there needs to be changes for the Warriors. It all starts at the point guard position. The Warriors do not need another big man or a shooting guard/small forward type. They need a point guard who can lead the team and set up open shooters.

There was an article written recently by Marcus Thompson II about a rumor started by Stephen Jackson about a possible return of Baron Davis, but that rumor was about as true as Warriors owner Chris Cohan selling the team to an owner who will actually put a great product on the floor.

Someone mentioned in a comment on an article that I wrote about Davis possibly returning stating that Nelson and Davis didn't have a healthy relationship because of Davis being put on the bench in the second to last game while the Warriors were bounced out of playoff contention.

That maybe true, but I don't think that Nelson doesn't want Davis around. I think Nelson was trying to teach Davis that it's important for him to be a team player and not be selfish. Why? Because apparently Davis was out partying to the wee hours of the morning celebrating his birthday.

Sure, it must have been embarrassing for Davis to be benched in the second half of an important game in a season, but there's more to life than just basketball. Nelson was trying to teach him that when you are selfish it's not just yourself you're letting down it's your teammates as well.

The Warriors may have not made the playoffs last year after winning 48 games, but I believe that Davis learned a valuable lesson about thinking of his teammates instead of  staying out late especially  considering the Warriors were fighting for that last playoff spot.

It's just that I tried hard to believe that the Warriors would be respectable this year, but again it just goes back to the quote "loving eyes can never see" I just didn't want to admit that the Warriors don't have much of a chance of being respectable.